Page 10, 6th April 1973

6th April 1973
Page 10
Page 10, 6th April 1973 — I BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Cardinar Heenan of Westminster Sundi. Receives report utr

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I BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS Cardinar Heenan of Westminster Sundi. Receives report utr

VucaliW S Work, Cathedral HAf, 1,45; offers Mass for Vocaf�ons Workers. Gafhedrel, 2.30. Man day Finance mne,ing, Archbishops House, 11 Tuesday: Reception for Irish priests on loan In Westminsrer, Archbishop's House. 12.45. Ordains Fr, M. O'Connell. Kilburn, 7. Wednesday. Steering Committee of Senate of Pnesis. Archbishop's House,, 3. Thursday: Receives Solingnn Choir. Archbishop's House. 11.30: curecelebratos Lenten Stafran Mass. Kingsbury. 8.

Biebop Butler, Awriliaty of Wsstrrtinatar Tuesday: Herts V Deanery mee i . Ffenford. Wednesday. Administrstinn. meetiny, Sr Edmunds Cnilege. 1 Incfuras on '"Todav'e Church You and Your Child," Boteham Woud. Thuredey. United Evangelism meeting, Diocesan House, St Albans. 10: Edmonton Lenten Station Mess,

Bishop Guazzellf, Auxiliary of Weet

minster Saf , day / Sunday. Visitation, Spanish Pldce, 8. Monday: Meeting, Archbishop s House 1 uesduy: Confirmation. Hayes, 7 Wednesday: Station Mass, Swiss Cotrage 8. Thursday: Station Mass. Poplar. B. Friday: Meeting pl Catholic Parents, Enfield 8 $ishop Mehoh, Auxilfary of Westminster Saturdey / Mnndey: Pastoral Visit. Ponders End. Tuesday: Clergy seminar, I. uvnlI Hall Stamhrrd Hill. Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass. Harrow Deanery, wealdstone. 8fnday: Clergy Seminar, ❑t. Josnph's Cnilege, Mill H{II.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Gonlirnralirrr, Si. Francis. Kenilworth. 12; Si. Marie. Ruyby, 4. Tuesday. Addresses Senior Wives Fellowship, Birmingham, 1 1.30. Vednesday. Concelebrates at Rlshnp Bright Schonl. Langton, B. Friday. Aston University Convocation. 7.30.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Bir

mingham Sunday: Mass ContirmaLon, St. B5ned,ct's, Atherstone. 12: Mass end CnnFlrinonirm. St. Francis. Hartdsworrh. 4. Monday: Choir Festival, SL. Chad's College, Wulverhampton, 7,30. Tuesday: Presides at meeting of 1.Adies of Charity. Dudley, 3. Wednesday: Visitation, SS. Mary and John, Gravelly Hill.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Mass arid Contirmaiion, St. Gregory. Oxford, 1 T.30; Mass and Cnnfirmation, Holy Trinity. Chipping Norton, 3 Tuesday: Function et St. Thomas More Sohant Sheldon. 7.15. Wednesday: Confirmation and Benediction, St. Joseph's. Banbury 7. Thursday: Meeting of Priests Consultalave Committee, Alton, 11.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Tunedey. at St.. Kevin, Kirkby, 7.30, Wednesday: Serra Meeting. pin. Friday: ALtends Catechetical cuwss. Cenacle,


Bishop Harrlt, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Visitation, parish of St. Patrick, Widnes. Monday: Council of Administration, 10.30. Tuesday: Meeting of new parishes and boundaries commission, 10.30; choral Concert. St Philips Hall. Mount Pleasant. 7 45 Wednrsday. Addresses Call to the Nmlh Campaign. Church of the Resurrection drill All Saints, Caldy, West Kirby, 7.30. 5anerday: Addresses annual conference of Catholic doctors, Liverpool.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Uverpool Sunday: Concelebrates Mass in the Carmelite Monastery, Upholland. 3.30: celebrates Mass and confers Confirmation, St. Dominic's, Huyton, 6,30. Monday: Meeting of Council of Administration at Curlal Offices. 11, Tuesday: Gives luncheon hour address at Livnrpoul Parish Church, 1.05. Wednesday: Conference for divinity leclurais at Notre Dame College for Education, Liverpool; consecrates altar an celebrates Mass in St. Joan s, Bootle. 7. Thursday: Attends conlerence on Religious Education at the Cenacle Convent, Liverpool, Friday: Cuncelebrates Mass in St. Edmund's School. Skelmersdafe, 2.30,

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Sunday: Mass and Confirmation at Rrrrhklay 3 Monday: Meeting at Si, John's Seminary, Wunersh,

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of

Southworle Sunday: Mass in the C:irhndrat Monday Meeting at Sr. John's Suminery. Wonersh. Tuesday: Mass, Visitation and C ntirrnalion at Hayes, 7.30. Wednesday: Mass at St. Thomas More s Primary School, Bexley Heath, 10.30. Thursday. Mass and Confirmation at West Croydon. 7.30.

Bishop Worfock of Portsmouth Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Stubbinglari, it m.: visitation and Confirmation. Lee-on-Solent, p.m. Monday: Bishops I staff meeting, St. John's Saminary, Wonersh, 11,30.

Bishop Grant of Northempton $aturday % Sunday: Visitstlon and Confirma tine, Sheffard. Monday: Consecration new altar at Our Lady and English Martyrs, Cambridge, p.m. Tuesday: Meeting et recently ordained priests, Clapham Park. Biahop clack, Auxiliary of Northempton SundayVrsitation, St. Dominic, Onwnham Market Monday: Consecration of new altar, English Martyrs, Cambridge Wednesday: Ordination. Clare Priory, Clare, Suffolk, 11.30; Walsingham dinner in Len' don. Saturday: Ecumenical Conference, Hirngrave Half. Suffolk.

Biahop Ellis of Nottingham Sunday Visitatlon and Confirmation, Mickleover. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Nottingham. Wedne :day: Mass for Teachers' Assor:mtion. Chesterfield. Thursday: Lenten Station Mass, Aspley. Friday: Becket School govarnors' meering. Nottingham.

Bishop Mcaul Coedjutor of

Nottingham Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Peter's, Hinckley. Tuesday: Meeting M Chanter 1 a• I anren Srerinn Mass, English Martyrs, Derby. 8. Wednesday: Visit to Sr. Joseph's School, Market Harborough; Lenten Station Mass, St. Patrick's. Leicester, 8.

Blehop McClean of Middlesbrough Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Holy Name of Mary, Middlesbrough. Tuesday: Confers Knighthood of Sr. Gregory. St. Mary's School, Grengetown. 7.15. Wednesday: Celebrates Mass, St. Mary's Church Grangatown. 9; Visitatlon and Connmation, All Saints, Thirsk, 7.30 Bishop I.engttsn rot of Menevie -Monday / Friday: Attends Anglican I Catholic Joint Working Group on Mixed Marriages.

firmatign 3. Monday: Huime Spring Festival. St. Ignatius Girls' School. Manchester, 2.30. Wednesday: Finance board. 10.30; Lenten Station Mass, Holy Name, Manchester, 8. Thursday: Diocesan Liturgical Commission. 3; Lenten Starinn. St, Mary's, Burnley. 8. Friday: Visitatlon, Nazareth House. Blackburn. 3: Lenten Station, Sacred Heart, Accrington. 8

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary 01 Salford Surlday; Concetebrates Mass, H.MPrison, Manchester, 10. Wednesday: Finance Board, 10.30; Youth Commission, 3.30. Thursdayy: Lenten Station. St. Gregory. Farnworlh, 8. Friday: Lenten Station. St. Anne's, Blackburn,


Bishop Aleksnder of Cliften Sunday: South West Ecumenical Congress. Wednesday 1 Friday: Mission, St. Mary's. Beth, Saturday: Day of Recollection for

Young Peopple, Burnham-on-Sea.

Biahop Rsetieaux of Plymouth Sunday: Chelston, Mass arid visitation 10.30, .Confirmation 3. Monday: Meeting of Plymouth Priests' Society. Excter, 7.30. Tunsday: Day of Recollection for Catholic Women-s League, Bideford Convent, Wednesday: Concert and presentation, St. Joseph's School, Devonport, 3.

Bishop Ceery of Brentwood Morrdey: Staff meeting, SL Joiti's Seminary. Wonersh. 1 1.30.

Bfshop Cunninghsm of Hexham end Newcastie Sunday: Mass. visit and Confirmation. Winlatnn, 3.30. Wednesday: Finance Committee meeting, Bishop s House. 2.30.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexhem end Newcastle Sunday: Mass, visit and Confirmation, Ponteland, 3.30. Tueedey; Diocesan titurgicel Commission. 66 Wednesday: Finance Cnmmbtee meeting. Bishop's House. 2-30. Friday: Meeting of N.E. Ecumenical Gruup, 2.30. Saturday Y.C.W. Study Weekend, Minsterecres, 12: Catenian Circle No 5 annual dinner. Civic Centre, Newcastle. 7.30.

Blehop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday I Tuesday: Ad Limina visit, Rome. Friday: Radie Leeds, 7.15.

Bishop Peerion, Auxiliary of Lanceeter Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady's. Carlisle. Wednesday: Confirmation, St. Bernadetle's. Bisp ham, 7. Blehopp Greser of Bhrwvsbury Sunday U.C.M. meeting, Malpas, 2.30. Tuesday: Church student interviews, St. Anselm's, Birkenhead, 11. Thursday: Meeting of Administration Board. Crews, Friday: Concelebrates Mass, St. Hughes. 'West TimAerley, 7.30. Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrrwsbw'y I uesday' C;nurcn student interviews, St. Anselm's, Birkenhead, 11, Thursday: Board of Administration meeting, Crewe. Friday' Inaugural lecture of Catholic Child Welfare Council Conference, York

Blehop Bowrn of Arundel end

Brighton Monday: Meeting, St. John's Seminary. Wonersh, Tuesday: Records message for Holy Weak. B.B.C. Radio. Brighton. Wednesday: Celebrates Mass at cathedral. Arundel: attends A.G.M. of U.C.M„ Arundel. Thursday: Meeting of Anglican Catholic Marriage Commission at the Priory, Haywerds Heath. Friday: Visitation and Confirmation, Ruetington

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