Page 8, 6th April 1984

6th April 1984
Page 8
Page 8, 6th April 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Church Centre, Kingston Deanery Station Service, Standing Committee, Bishops Cr:inference Standing Committee, St Albans Penitential Service, Blessed Sacrament Church, St Phillip Howard School, Lenten Service, St Dayld's Church, Schoes Commission, Sacred Heart Church, Si Illyes Church, Catholic High School, Parish Club, Nottingham University, Priests Upholland Northern Institute, Methodist Church Mens Supper Club, St Charles Church, C.athollc Police Guild, Alt Saints Pastoral Centre, Committee on Evangelism, Slowrnarket Pastoral Liturgy Centre, Ecumenical Service, St Edmund's College, Mere High School, Rornualds Church, St Philip Howard School, Mortlake Deanery Station Service, Catholic Nurses' Guild Meeting, St John and St Elizabeth's Hospital, Schools' Commission, St France Society Council, St SharYS College, Synrtisy Youth Service, Brshop's Standing Committee, St David's School


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Bishops Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

OrdinehOrk. M Mass. v Visitation. C Confirmation.

Cardinal Nome, ArChblehop Of Westminlier, Friday•Setioday Ecumenical Retreat. Canterbury,

ArchbIshop Bowen of Southwark. Frieley: C, Margate. 7.30 pot. Monday: Bishops Cr:inference Standing Committee meeting, Archbishop's House, Westrninaler, 12 noon. Tuesday: Mortlake Deanery Station Service, Wimbledon Common, 730 pm. Wednesday: Kingston Deanery Station Service. SurbiArcthb°nishlopp.mC. owe de Murrill* of BirrilIngham,

FOrkillrinkVnTssuhndaLhiney!dsTuereildrea8yt: of Maim, Sheriff, West midlands County, 7 p.m.

Archbishop Ward 01 Cardiff. Friday: Station M, Pentnewydd. 7.30 pm. Saturday: Visits Senior Citizens' Afternoon with Evening M. Grit Whatnots'', 4 p.m, Simday: V, Trenegar, am. MOnday: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee Westminster. Tuesday: Station M, St Francis Xavier, Hereford, 730 P.m. Wednesday: M, for Golden Jubilee of St David's School, St Dayld's Church, Newport, P p.m. Thursday: Station M, St Patrick's. Newport, 7.30 P.m.

Archbishop Warlock at Liverpool.

Financial Secretaries Archbishop's House, Westminster, Frklayeillonday: Ecumenical Retreat, Canterbury MOnday: BiShop's Conference Standing C:chtimIgtholleees HAcurc:biSB:ties

Tuesday: Warrington Ciergy Meal ing,

House, .tWi geost7m.301 n Wednesday: Visite BAT °nice, Liverpoal, 11 am. Meeting ol Priests Upholland Northern Institute, 4 p.m. Thursday: Meeting of Pries le con I nued.

B ishop Alexander of Clifton. Friday: 0 Dom. Nicholas White to the Diaconate Downside„ 10 am. Sunday: V S C, St MiChael'S SheptOn Mallet. PreaCheS at all M and confers the Sacrament of Confirmation at 10.30 a.m. Tuesday.Saturday: Accompanies Youth Pignmage to Rome.

Bishop Brewer, Coadjutor of Lancsalor Tuesday: Station M. The Cathedral, Lancaster Wednesday: Chnicireos Society Centtet Committee Steeiing, Preston, 2 p.m. M of Reconciliation, Preston Deaneries, 7.30 pm_ Thursday: M for school leavers. St Thomas Mere High School, Futwood, Prestan, Station M. St Kenligorn's Deanery, Blackpool.

Bishop Burka Auxiliary lor Sallord. Friday: Veen scnool and sick. St PaInck, Oldham. Sunday: V, S1 Patrick, Oldham, 11 am. C, St Patrick, Oldham, 3 p.m. Turidday Wrath Commission. 2,15 pm, Lenten Station, Sacred Heart, Accrington, 8 p m. Thunder Schoes Commission, 10.30 a.m.

B ishop Clerk of East AngliaFriday: Ecumenical Retreat at Canterbury. Salsoday: Ecumenical Retreat at Canterbury. Sunday Concludes Ecumenical Retreat at Canterbury. Monday: Brshop's Standing Committee. Archbishop's House, Westminster, 12 noon. Wednesdry: Chairs Joint Meeting ot East Anglia's 8 Enemy/Qt.:es Drixesan Liturgicai Ccomissron, Slowrnarket Pastoral Liturgy Centre, 6 p.m. Thursday: Commissions Eucharistic Ministers tor Peterborough Comhined ParisheS, St Oswald& Peterborough, 7 p.m.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary for Birminghsm. Friday. Concelebrates Requiem M tor the late Sir High Fraser, MP, St Austin, Stafford. 12 noon. NI P C. St Philip. Smethwick. 7.30 p.m. Monday: M P C, St Anna's, Birmingham, 7.30 p.m. Tuesday: St John's Methodist Church Mens Supper Club. Wednesday M S C. Erding Ion Abbey. 7.30 p.m.

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth. Friday: Jersey Deanery M. Sunday: Si Margaret Clitherow. Bracknell . parish V. Tuesday: Our Lady of Lourdes. New Milton

• New Forest Deanery M, 7.30 p.m. Wednesday: St Baritone, Shirley, Southampton • Confirmation M, 7 p.m. Thursday: St Georges Schaal. Seulharnpion • visit to school and celebrate M. ml a m. Corpus Christi. Bournemouth Deanery M, 7 p

B ishop Gray Of Shrewsbury. Saturday: Ecumenical Retreat. Canterbury. Sunday: Retreat continues. Monday: C, St Monica's, Stockton Heath. 7 p.rty Tuesday: Meets with clergy of St Anselms Deanery. P p.m. Station M. St Christi:cry:WSROmiley, 7.30 p.m. Wednesday: Meets with clergy of St Thomas More Deanery, e am_ Station M, St Augustine's, Letchford. 7.30 p.m. Thursday Meets with clergy ot St

AlphorrauS Deanery. 6 p.m. Station M, St Catherine's 8 Si Martina's, Hoylake, 7.30 pro.

Bishop Ginn:tale, Auxilisry for Westminster. Friday: C.athollc Police Guild annual dinner, 7 p.m. Sunday: Preaches at all M. Poplar. Monday: Meeting with Secondary school heads. St Philip Howard School, 5 a.m. Tuesday Trtrwer Hamlets Deanery Meeting, Wapping, Ii am. CDA, Archbishop's House, 5 p.m. Wednesday: CDA Archbiahop's House, 10 a.m. Thursday: Ecumenical Meeting, St Joseph's Hospice, 5.30 p.m.

Bishop Hannigan at Mineola. Fdday: Lenten M, Llandrindod Wells. Saturday UCH M, caltleerai. 2 p.m. Sunday: V S C, Caernerfrin, Wednesday: Lenten M. Llanelli, 7 pm. Thursday: Lenten M, Haverfordwest

Blehop Nerds Of Middlasbolugh. Sundry: Presides and preaches Golden Jubilee Thanksgiving M, Fr Michael Lynan St Mary 8 Rornualds Church, Yarm. MOndey: hierarchy Standing Committee Meeting, Thursday: Official Opening Radio Cleveland.

Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary tar Westminster, Sunday: Ecumenical Service, Mill Hill, 6.30 p.m. Mender Catholic Nurses' Guild Meeting, St John and St Elizabeth's Hospital. 5.30 p.m. Tuesday: PA, Finchley Catholic High School, 11,15 am, COP. 5 P.m. Wednesday: CDA. 10 a.m. C. St Luke. Pinner. 8 pm.

B ishop Hendersco, Auxiliary for Southwark. Friday: All Churches Retreat, Canterbury. Sundry: continuation of Retreat. Wonder. Retreat ends. Tuesday: M S C, Brockley, 7.30 p.m. Thursday: Stand: ng Committee on Evangelism Meeting, Eaton Gale 10 • 1 Ceislehurst Deanery Lenten Steen. p.m.

Bishop Hitchen, Auxiliary for Liverpool. SA, Sixth Form. St SharYS College, Crosby, 11_40 a_m. St Albans Penitential Service. Warrington. 7.30 p.m. Sunday: V, St Albans, Warrington. Monday: til , for 50th Anniversary pi SUP, St Charles, Aleburth. Wednesday: Management Meeting Catholic Social ServIcea, 2 p_rn

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwark. Sunday: Ecumenical "Days of Recollection" for Bishops al Canterbury. Tuesday: Gravesend Deanery meeting_ Wadneaday: SLIM Annual Meeting, 5.45 p.m.

81slissur Kelly a? Salford Alder Wes V. Lvrieside, 2.15 p.m Sunday: V. Holy Family, Limeside, 11 am. C, Holy Family. Limeade, 3 am. Wednesday: Lenten Station, St Mary, Burnley, 7.30 pm. Thursday: House. Schools Commission, 10.30 a.m. Bishop Konstant, Auxiliary tor Southwark. Friday: Talk, St Patrick's, Soho, 12 noon. Sunday: H. Parsons Green, 10 arm_ NiOndey: Blehops' Conference Standing COrninittee. ArchtastsOp's House. 11 a.m. Lenten M. Our Lady ot \non:idea, 7 p.m. Tuesday: Marylebone Deanery Meeting, 11 a.m. CCA Meeting, Archbishop's CDA Meeting. Archorshop's Bishop Lindsey at Hexhism and Newcastle. FridaylMonday: Attends "Days or Recollection", Canterbury Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, St. Joseph's Home, Newcastle upon Tyne. 11.30 a.m. Wednesday: Finance Committee Meeting, Bishop's House. Newcastle upon Tyne. 2.30 p.m.

Bishop McCann', Awialery for Birmingham. FridayiSuncley: Days at Recollection, Canterbury. Monday: Standing Committee, BishQpd' COnterenne, Westminster. 12 noon Tuesday: Ecumenical Meeting, Coventry. 7 pm. Wednesday: ki & C. St Mary, Studley. 7.30 A.m. TheradaY Biattop Ullathorne School, Coventry. 1_45 p.m.

Dished McGuinness at Nottingham. Friday. Sunday: "NettIngham Response'. Nottingham University. Monday: School V. Stapenh:ll Primary. 1Burton on Trent, 10.30 am. Station M, SI Albert's, Derby, 8 p.m. Tuesday: Station hi, Oadby, B p.m. Wednesday: StatiOn IA, St Mary, Orimeby, B Pm. Thursday: Station M, Warsop.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood. Folday-Sunday: Day Of Recellerction tor Church Leedom, St AugustIne's Coileee, Canterbury. Tuesday: Meeting with Southend Deanery, Cathedral House. +2 noon. Meeting with Diocesan ConaultOre, Cathedral House, Brentwood, 3 p.m. Wednesday: Meeting of Newham SuppOn Group, Newham, 10 am. Meeting at Fast AngliaBrenlwoOd uUnttuirgY1Junia97mistrion,Slowrnarket,6 p.m. Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westminster. Away Bishop Moverley of Holism. Friday Attends Better World Retreat at Mexborough, 7 • 10 p.m. Saturday: AGM of UCM at Wayland. 2 p.m. Sunder C, at SI Mary's, Worksop. II a rt. Mandept Meeting Of Firttnc e Bas.rd, 10.45 son. Penitential Service for Saint Peters Deanery. Sheffield. Tuebday: Deanery M al Rettord, 7.30 p.m. Thursday: Penitential Service at Sem Peter's, Doncaster, 7,30 p.m.

B ishop Mullins., Area Bishop in Swansea Friday. Monday: Ecumenical Conference, Canterbury. Wednesday Station M, Blessed Sacrament Church, Gorseinem, 730 pm Station ii at Si Illyes Church, Dowlais, 7.30 p.m.

Bishop Murphy•O'Cannor ot Arundel and Brighton.

eridepSunday: makes retreat with Church leaders Canterbury. Tuesdsy: Chapter meeting, Arundel, arn. Wednesday: Celebrates M for UCM, Arundel Cathedral. It aril. Thursday: M for St Phillip Howard School. Arundel Cathedral, 10.45 am. Speaks at Inter-church course. The Church Centre, Horsham, p.m.

Bishop J O'Brien, Auxiliary tor Weshnineler. friday: Commission Ministers at holy Road Chureh Wallord, 7.30 p.m. Saturday: Witnesses Final Vows ci Sr Marian at Pin Green, 230 pm. Sunday: M, with Handicapped at St Edmund's College. Ware. 11.45 am. M. with those attending -Doan Doors' course at Alt Saints Pastoral Centre, 3.30 p.m. Moodily: Hierarchy standing committee Arehbiahop'S House, 12 noon. Tuesday; Lea Valley priests Deanery Meeting. It ant ACrDcAibatshAorpch.hHisouhosp.'s1H00.1.i,,StS, 5 p.m. Wadnesdry: CDA eishap IS O'Brien, Auxilhiry for Middlesbrough. Friday: Open Si Charles, Hull, Sale of Work, 7 p.m. Open Mallet, Hull, new Parish Club, 8_30 P.m.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary Per Liverpool. Friday Mewling Upholland, 2 p.m. C, Sacred Heart, Leigh, 7.30 p.m. Sunday: V, St Robert Bel larmine. Eiontle_ Covenant M. Metropolitan Cathedral, 330 p.m.-4.30 p.m Monday V. continued, St Robert Bellarmlne, Bootie. Tuesday Bootle Deanery Meeting, a p.m. Wadossday•Thursday. Meeting at ciph011and.

Bishop Rawethoma, Auxiliary for Liverpool.

C. St .Colttott's. 300 m. San.'

St Judas. VVigan. Monday V continued. St .110e0, Wigan. C. Sacred Heart, Huolley Green, 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday: b CentInued, St Edwarda, Wigan. C, SI Benedict's, H Indley. Wednesday: Schools'

Commission Meeting, Curial Offices, 10.15 am. V

continued, Sr Edwarea, Wigan, 2.30 pro. C. Holy Platt Bridge, 7.30 pen. Thursday; C. St. Wiliam's, I rice, 7.30 p.m.

B ialsOp Restieux 01 Plymouth. Saturday: If & M, Presentation Sisters. Penzarce. Sunday: V Ps M. St Mary, Helsion. 11 am C. 3 p.m Monday: M 8 Religious Profesaion. Solerder Abbey, Loon, 7_30 p m_ Bishop SwIndlahurst, Auxiliary for Hexham and Nowimille.Sunday V S C Hoiy FCwlly. Sunderland Wednesday: Ernance Committee Meetrng. Bishop's House, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2.30 p.m. Sunday: C. at Sacred Heart Church. Huli, 11 am_ Lenten Service, St Charles Church, Hull. 3 p.m.

BlehOp ThOoMS OP NOrthrompton. Synrtisy Youth Service, contacts day Wednesday St France Society

Council Meeting at Bishop's House. B p.m Slough Deanery Talk on Reconciliation Thursday Fr Peter Hocken meets clergy Bullet lunch, Bishcres House, 11 am.

Bhhop Tripp. Auxiliary far Southwark. Sunder, Vmpircsiiir,ilis,y0DrviocriLensan Festival of Yooth at St George's Cathedral, Southwark, Monday: First closure of Teachers Meeting. 10 a.m. V to Earislield. Thursday. -Third Closure of Richmond Lent Course. Bishop Walmsloy, Bishop ol the Forces. FridayiSaiordaytiSuCfundarry7:1::Hmuaidgooloy:yeaVire7nrfor:laronanan'l Rome. MOndayTTuasslayntriatinasday Second International Conterence°1 Milriary Onnaries. Rome.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds. Friday. Station M. Cottingloy Manor. 7.30 p.m. &sturdily M for CWL SI Patrick's, Huddersfield, 12.15 p.m Sunday V 8 C Hebden Bridge. Monday: Station M at St Bernard's. Haillao, 7.30 p.m Tuesday: Slalom M. St Jamea Huddersfleid, 730 p.m Wednesday lunch civic Has, Leeds, 12,33 lam_ Station M, St Anne's, Karghley, 7.30 p.m. Thursday: Broadcast. Radisa leedS. 7.30 p.m

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