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6th April 2001
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Page 12, 6th April 2001 — Bishops' diaries

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Bishops' diaries

April 8 to 15

Cardinal Murphy-O'Cormor (Westminraery Sun: Solemn Pmeession & Blessing of Palms, M. Cathedral, I Own. Mon: Interv'w & Engagls. Arrhbp's Hie. The: Chrism M. Cattledial, Noon. Wed: Interv'w & Engagls, Archbp's [Ise. Maundy Thu: M of the Lind's Supper, Cathedral. Opm. Good Fri: Office of Readings,. Cathednd. 10ant Solemn Liturgy of the I ores Passion. Cathedral, 3pm. Sat: Readings, Cathedral, 10am. Erste] Vigil, Cathedral, 8.30pm. Archbbhop Nichols (Bimangturto. Sum Palm Sunday M. Cathedoil, 1 I am. Wed: Chrism M. Cathedral, 11.30am. Thu: M of the Lord's Supper. Callas-hal, 7.30pm. Fri: Liturgy of the Passion. Cathedral. ipm. Sat: Easter Vigil. Cathedral. 8.30 pm, Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: Pmcesskin with Palms & Solemn M of Palm Sunday. (athedral. 1 lam. Solemn Evening Prayer, Cathedral. 3pm. Mon: M. Blessed Sacouttent Shrine. Uproot 12.10pm. Merseyside & Region Church Leaders Holy Week Reflection, Archly He. 2pm, Tue: M. Blessed Sacrament Shrine, L'puol. 12,10pm & 1. 1 Opm. V. "Local Solutions". Mt Vernon. L'pool, 3pm. Way of thc Cross. Cathedral. 7.30prn, Wed z M, Blessed Sacrament Shrine. L'pool, 12.10 & 1.10pm. Thu: M of Chrism: Cathedral. Ham. M of the Lord's Supper & Washing tif the Feet. Cathedral, 7,30pm. Fri: Office of Readings & Morning Prayer, 10am. Stations of the Cross, Cathedral. 11.30ant. Celebration Of the Lord's Passion. Cathedral. 3prit. Sat: Office of Readings & Morning Prayer, Cathedral, Mutt 'File Easter Vigil & First M of Easter. Cathednd.9pm.

Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Sun: Palm Sunday M. Cathedral, 11.30am. Morn Area Bre:' Mtg. Andibp's Ilse. 5.30pm. Thu: M of Chnsm. Cathedral, 11.15am. Fri: Solemn Liturgy Good Fri. Cathedral. 3pm. Sat: Easter Vigil M Cathedral, 13.30pni.

Bishop P Pargeter (Frham aural), Wed: Christi) M. Cathedral. 11.30am. Thu: Maundy Thursday M. King, Heath. lipm. Fri: Good Friday Liturgy, Halesower, 3pm. Sat: Easter Vigil, Shirley, 7pm

Bishop T McMahon (lhentwoody Sun:

inc of Palms & M. Stock 9am. Blessing of Palms & M. Cathedral, 11.30am. Tue: Penitential S. cathedral. Rpm. Wed: M of Chrism, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Thu: M of tile Imes Supper. Cathedral, Rpm. Hi. Wink of Witness, Colchester. l2ssi. Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral. 3pm Sat: EfINICT Vigil. Cathedral. Bishop P Smith (bast Anglia): Sun:Palm Sunday M, Cathedral, Ilium Mon: Reconciliation S si Cathedral, 7.30pnt Wed: C'hrism M. Cathedral. 7.30pm. Thu: Maundy Thursday M of the Lord's Sower, Cathedral. 7.30pm. Fri: Good Friday Celebration of thc Lord's Passion, Cathednd, 3pm. ES, Norwich Cathedral. 6pm. Sat: Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil. Cathedral. 9pm.

Bishop J Itawsthorne (Hallam): Sun: Morning Prayer & M, Cathedral. 10am. Mon: North Derbyshire Church Leaders, Matlock. lOurn. Sheffield Church Action on Poverty, St Wilfrid's Centre. 7pm. Wed: Chrism M. Cathedral, 11 am. Thu: M of the 1 ord's Supper, Cathedral. 8pm. Hi: Celebration of the Lord's Passion, Cathedral. 3pm. Sat: ()llice of Readings & Morning Prayer, Cathedral, 1011m. The Easter Vigil. Cathedral, 9pm.

Bishop A Griffiths (Hexham & Newcastle): Sun: Blessing & Distribution of Palms followed by Celebration of M, Cathedral, 11.30uni Maundy Thu: Cltrism M, Cathedral. Ne WC:11, tie upon Tyne. I lam. Evening M of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne. 730pm. Fri: Commemoration oldie Passim of Our Loa Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne, 3pro. Sat Easter Vigil. Cathedral, Newcastleupon Tyne, 8pm.

Bishop D Knnstant (Leeds): Sun. Procession with Palms 81 M, Cuthednil, 10,45am. Tue: Mtg with Vicars General, Hinsley Hall, 10.30am. Wed: M of Chrism, Cathedral. 730pm. Thu: M of the Lord's Supper. Cathe dral, 7.30pm. Conunent of the Lord's Passion, Cathedral. 3ran, Sat: Faster Vigil, Cathedral, 8.45pm.

Bishop V Malone (Upool assail): Sun: V M, St Mary, Castletown. Isle of Man, 9arn. V M. St Columba. Port Erin & Pon St Mary, Isle of Man, 11 ant Moo C, 01., Star of the Sea & Si Maughold Rwnsey. Isle of Man, t, Tue: M of Chuism. St Mary of doe Isle, Douglas. Isle of Man, 7pm. luLl. M of the Chrism, Cathedral 1 lam. M of the Lord's Supper, Convent of Notre Dame. Wootton, 530pm. Fri: Cekbrution blithe Lord's Passion, Convent or Notre Dame. Wootton, 3prn. Sat: Easter Vigil & First M of Easter, Convent of Notre Dame, Wootton. flpin. Bishop .1 Crowley 1Middleshmugh I: Sun: M of Palm Sunday. Cathedral. Ilkun. Tuc: Chrism M. L'athedral. Noon. Wed: lip's Council, am/pm. Thu: M of Last Supper, Cathedral, fmni. Fri: Liturgy of Good Friday, Cathedral, 3pm. Sat: Easter Vigil. Cathedral. 8pm Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: Palm Sunday, Cathedral, 11 .15ant Choosing Lite, The Diocesan ("entre, Mackworth. Derby. 7.30pm. Mon: Notts & Derbys Church Leaders' Mtg, Matlock, Derbys, 10.1 5um. Tue: Lenten Station M. St Mary's Derby, 7.10pm. Wed: M of Chrism, Cathedral, 11.30am. Thu: Maundy Thursday. M of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral, 7.30pm. Fri: Good Friday, Liturgy of the Passion, 3pm. San Holy Saturday. Easter Vigil, 7.30pm.

Bishop C llollis (Portsmouth): Sun: Palm Sunday M. Catheolnd, Portsmouth, M. 10.3Cram. Tue: NI of the Oils. Cathedral, I lam. Thu: M of the Lord's Supper. Cathedral, 7.30pm, Fri: Stations of the Cross, 9.30am. Solemn Liturgy of the Passion, Cathedral 3pin. Sat: Easter Vigil. Easter Vigil Cathedzul, 8.30pni.

Bishop 'T Brain (Salford): Sun: M, Cathedral, Safford, I lam. Tire: Board of Administration, 2poi. Wed: !IMF' Appointments &sant Cleland Ilse, London. Itkun. 'Mr Maundy Thuralay M of the Sw;rest Clu is] ri, Cathedral. 1030am. Si of the Lord's Supper. Call lethal 8pm. Fri: Celebration of the Lord's Passion, Cathedral, 3pm. Sat Office of Readings & Confessions. Holy Name. Oxford Road, 10 10mn. Faster Vigil. Cathedral, Salford, 830pm.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Son: Palm Sunday EuchwisL Cathedral, 10.30am. Wed: Chrism M. St Columbus, Chester. 7.30pm. 'Thu: Evening M of the Lord's Supper. Cathedral, 7.30pm Fri: Celebratiurt at the Lord's Passion, Cathedral. lpm. Sat Paschal Cathedral. 9pm.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Mon: Diocesan Bps' Mtg, SEL 530pm. Tue Rod of Term Sell M. Si Mary Magdalen, Brockley, 9.10atn. M & C. St Joseph's, St May Cray, 8pm. liar Solemn M or the Chrism. Cathedral, 1 1.15am M of the Lord's Supper. Cathedral. 730pm. Hi Good Fri 1 iturgy. Sat: Easter Liturgy.

Bishop I toward Tripp (SVIArk Auxil): Sun. M fur Tamil Pilgrimage, Aylested Noon. Sat: Easter Vigil M. Purley, Spun.

Bishop J O'Brien (Wminster, Hens area): Good Friday: St Martin de Wares, Carney, 3pm.

Bishop P O'Donoghtle (W'minstcr, W urea): Sun: Palm Sunday. SS Peter & Paul. Northliekls, Run Mon: Giunley House Convent M. 7unt. Tue: Westminster Cathedral Chrism M. Noun,. Wed: OL & Si Bridget's Church. Isle. worth. Penitential 5, 730pm. Thu: Wormwood Scrubs Prison. Maundy Thursday Liturgy, 1.30pm OL. of Grace Church. Chiswick, Evening M of the Lord's Supper.. 8pm. Fri: OL & St Bridget's Church, hileworth, Good Friday Liturgy -Celebration of the Lord's Passion 3pm. Sat: St David's Stanwell: Holy Saturday. 'Ihe Easter Vigil , Bishop F Walmslcy (Forces): Sun/Mon: V Supreme Allied Head Quarters Europe Belgium. Wed: The M of Chrism, Cathedral Church 401. & St Philip Howard, Arundel & Brighton, hpm. Thu: Liturgy of the Lord's Supper, Holy Family Church. RAF 13rize Norton, 7prn, Fri: Good Friday Liturgy, St Benedict's Church, HMS Sultan, Gosport, 3pm. Sat: M of the Easter Vigil, St Michael & St George, Aldershot, 8pm.

WALES Bishop I) Mullins (Meneviag Sun: Blessing and Distribution of put ms followed by M. Cathedral, 10.45am Thu: Chrism M,C'athedrul. I 1.30am. Fri: Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral, 3pm. Sat: Easter Vigil. Cathedral, 9pm. Bishop M Jabale(CoadjutorMenevia): Sun: Blessing & Disti i [anion of Palms followed by M. St David's Cathedral, Candiff. I tam. Tue: Partners for Wales. E gathering. Abergaeenny. Thu: Concelebrating Chrism M, Cathedral, Cardiff. 11,30am M of the Lord's Supper, Cathedral. Cardiff. 7.30pm. Fri: Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral, Cardiff. 3pm.Sat Easter Vigil, Cathedral, Cardiff, 9pm.

Bishop F. Regan (Wrexham): Sun: N4, Cathedral, Wrexham, 9am, Wed: M of the Oils, Wrexham Cathedral, 7pm. Thu: M of the Oils, Cardiff Cathedral, I1.30am. M of the Lord's Slipper. Cathedral, Wrexham. 7.30pm Fri: Celebration at the Lord's Passion. Wrexham Cathedral. 3pm, Sal: Fastet Vigil, Wrexham Cathedral. 9.30pm.

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmntion.

don. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch. School. ES-Ecumenical Service, We regret that we cannot guarantee the inclusion of Bishops' engagements received later than midday on the Monday prior to publication.

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