Page 7, 6th April 2007

6th April 2007
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Page 7, 6th April 2007 — Dear Catholic Herald reader,

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Locations: Nottingham, London


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Dear Catholic Herald reader,

I am writing you this urgent letter today because I hope that you will help me sustain and expand a unique, groundbreaking lifeline of truth, love and compassion to vulnerable young people across this country and beyond. Let me explain.....

Society today teaches our young people the raw mechanics of sex and sexuality. But love, commitment, chastity and selfrespect are rarely mentioned; also ignored are the tragic results of early sexual activity disease. infertility, crisis pregnancy and abortion.

Our young people, children and grandchildren are so bombarded with immoral 'politically correct' teaching that, it is difficult for even the most-loved teenager to fully understand its long-term physical, mental and spiritual implications.

Young women and men left feeling isolated and confused.

We live in the information age, yet genuine information is difficult to find amongst the humanist propaganda and anti-Christian spin polluting our schools, media and youth culture. Is it any wonder the UK has one of the world's highest teenage abortion rate, with places like Dundee recording 51%, and London 40%, of all pregnancies ending in abortion?

In Nottingham, chlamydia. a sexually transmitted disease causing infertility, is now reaching epidemic levels amongst girls under 16. It is truly shameful that in Great Britain, over 700 defenceless precious babies are destroyed in their mothers' wombs each and every day. At least a further 20 Irish babies are also slaughtered in English `abortuaries' every day.

I'm sure you agree that this is a national tragedy. I simply must try and extend Christ's message of love, hope and compassion to these poor lost young people. I need your financial help to make this happen.

We must put our faith into action.

Today. across Britain and Ireland. 700 scared. vulnerable women are destroying their unborn babies by abortion. This is a tragedy, a holocaust with eternal consequences for everybody.

It is also tragic that we, as Catholics, could and should have, done more to stop these sorrowful girls making the biggest mistake of their lives.

I am often told by these girls that if only they had had someone to talk to, things might have been different we should have been there. Just consider the joy you would experience knowing that your decision to help me meant the difference

between life and death Experience the warmth of being a bearer of Christ's love to these anguished and socially marginalized girls, Understand, reassure and comfort those in need!

Sometimes I feel so ashamed for failing to fulfil Jesus' request. I. like many other Catholics, always thought it was someone else's responsibility to reach out in love to rescue these girls and their babies from misery and death — Well, no more! I cannot ignore their pleas any longer and that's why I launched Pro-Life Care Online, a Christian solution to the despair and misery of promiscuity, disease and abortion. This unique facility is still Britain and Ireland's only online counselling service.

Christ's message in the 21st century.

Cyber technology is an integral part of modern life. Very few young people bother going to their bank and even fewer would actually consider booking cinema tickets at a box office. No, today this is done almost entirely online. This modern challenge must be embraced by Catholics, and indeed harnessed to promote Christ's message of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Just think. we stand at a crossroads in history today you can go forward in faith, serving those who are in need just as Our Lord told us to do or we can turn back in apathy and coldness. We must not

allow this moment to pass us by.

Crisis pregnancy care... we need a new approach!

Did you know that BPAS and Marie Stapes. this country's main private abortion providers, recently stated that nearly 40% of their 'business — abortions comes via their websites? (i.e. women 'logging on' to book their 'termination' online). This equates to over 35,000 dead British and Irish babies every year!

Traditional crisis pregnancy centres have, for many years, provided marvellous support for thousands of women. However, nationally, client figures are diminishing dramatically! Unfortunately, the abortion rate continues to rise relentlessly. We need a fresh approach, and that's why I am asking you to contribute financially to help me secure and expand Europe's first online pregnancy care centre.

Modern technology harnessed for good.

Today I implore you to be part of this amazing initiative. This bold project allows women, girls, parents (even fathers),to access free advice and information 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. It provides discreet and confidential Christ-centred advice and compassion to all whom need our support. All this is only the click of a button away, any time. day or night.

Quite simply, this cyber-service really does provide a more comprehensive approach than could ever be achieved in a traditional crisis pregnancy centre, and I should know, having had nearly 15 years' expertise in this field.

Imagine how that feels knowing you have impacted those lives in such a powerful and positive way. But I need your help to make this work. Without your support, it will be difficult to keep this dream alive. But I simply must! How could I possibly let more babies be destroyed!

"Faith without works is dead".

(James Ch. 2v20) By putting faith into action, by giving what you can, you will be my partner reaching out to these vulnerable women. These girls are counting on us, we can't let them down.

It's time to take up our cross,

Right now you and I have the opportunity to develop a project that is a lifeline to thousands of young women/men/parents. We have the chance

to expand this haven of truth, love and compassion. We must not allow this life-saving opportunity to slip by, To develop and expand the Pro-Life Care Online,

I need...

• £9,300 to produce and distribute innovative material to young people, which will raise the profile of our service.' Our counsellors have a tremendous success rate with

women seeking abortion: The other morning, we were paid a special visit by baby Jessica and her proud mum and dad. This beautiful little girl was a breath away from being destroyed by abortion — until her mum logged on to Pro-Life Care Online. Her parents couldn't wait to tell me Jessica is now their "heart's best treasure!" I am grateful that many who contact us turn away from abortion to give their baby a chance.

• £3,800 to promote and update our website counselling services. Things change fast these days, and with technology, such changes are quick. So I really need to update our I.T. facilities. I'm very careful with money, but when babies' lives are at stake, there can be no compromising. It's too important for second best.

• 113,100 stands between life and death HELP ME!

This ambitious undertaking fills me with joy. I can't think of a more worthwhile cause than to preserve God's greatest gift --LIFE!

Dear friend. this is your time to speak. All it takes for evil to prevail is for decent people to remain silent. I pray that you will not allow the silence to continue. I really need you to help me. I simply have no-one else to turn to.

I know that you receive appeals from many other charities but I urge you to sacrifice for this project. I have been praying so long for the chance to reach these desperate girls. Now, finally, it is within our grasp. That's why I need to ask for your urgent financial support. I am praying earnestly that Our Lord Jesus will touch your heart and you will make the biggest Lenten sacrifice you can.

Would you consider a gift of £750, if not, a blessing of £400?

I know that you will make the largest gift you can. I am really depending on a few large gifts, but I am also relying on lots of gifts of £25, £40, £70, or £100. Please send whatever you can straight away. I humbly ask for your forgiveness if this letter seems urgent or pushy. But -please. you must understand that I cannot bear to contemplate the fate that would have befallen Jessica or other precious children like her through lack of money.

An incredible opportunity lies before us let us do everything possible to give children, mothers and babies a real and lasting chance in life. We have a sacred and solemn duty before Our Lord to do all we can to protect even one more soul from a lifetime of misery and regret.

I am counting on you for an urgent response. Every day lost means more lives ruined, or worse. Please respond today. I am relying on you to help make this happen, please send a sacrificial gift this Lent, your gift could make a huge difference to a tiny life.

God Bless You and may you have a Holy Easter.


Miriam Nixon (Marion) FOUNDER P.S. Please don't set this letter aside. We could let the opportunity of a lifetime slip away. Please send your gift as a token of love and compassion right away.

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