Page 5, 6th February 1942

6th February 1942
Page 5
Page 5, 6th February 1942 — The Rest of the News

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Locations: New York, Paris, St. Louis


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The Rest of the News

Co-operative Leader DiesI The Rev. George A. McDonald, Si.. Associate Editor of The Queens Work and Associate National Director of the Sodality of Our Lady, died recently at St. John's Hospital, St. Louis, from a heart attack. He was 44 years old. Fr. McDonald was an internationally recognised authority on consumer co-operatives and credit unions. He was Chairman of the Co-operative Committee of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.

Archbishop's Blood: Mgr. Spellman, Archbishop of New York, has given a pint of his blood for the use of some injured soldier or sailor, in order to set an example to his fellow-citizens and encourage this wartime social service. Archbishop Spellman is Vicar Delegate of the Army and Navy Diocese and head of the Catholic chaplains with the United States Armed Forces.

Religious Jewellery Exempt: Amended regulations issued by the U.S.A. Bureau of Internal Revenue with reference to the retail tax on jewellery provide that articles usable for non-religious as well as religious purposes may be sold exempt from tax, but that the retailer must have in his posseasion a statement from the consumer certifying that the article was purchased solely for religious purposes " If the article is of such nature 49 to be usable only for religious purposes, for example, a crucifix, rosary, chalice, etc., a statement from the purchaser or consumer will not be required to establish the tax exemption." i• is stated.

Catholic Mexican Youth: Two hundred Mexican youth leaders from all parts of Southern California participated in the thirty-second convention of the Asociacon de la Juventud Mexicana held in Colton under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Candles for the Pope: The rope requested that candles presented to him last Monday in the traditional Candlemas ceremonial held in the Consistorial Hall should not exceed this year the usual altar-candle size, and should be devoid of the characteristic sumptuous decorations. At the function, canons from the various Roman chapters, clergy of the national Churches, seminarians, members of the Order of Malta, and other privileged people, filed past the Supreme Pontiff and offered him their candles.

Church Students In Prison Camps: Mgr. Antoniutti, Delegate Aposteilic to Canada, who has completed a visit to eight prisoner of war camps in the Dominion, has obtained the release of 24 Church students of alien nationality who are now able to continue with their studies.

Cardinal's Blessing: Cardinal Baudrillart recently blessed the French Anti-Bolshevik Legion. saying that " these legionaries are the orusaders of the twentieth century. May their arms be blessed 1" He had previously stated that "the consequences of any alliance with Bolshevism endangers the whole of Christendom." His ^views are exploited in Paris, but are not echoed in the Unoccupied Zone.

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