Page 8, 6th February 1981

6th February 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 6th February 1981 — Bishops' Engagements

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Bishops' Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbiehop of Westmlneter: Saturday: Meets young people at Archbishop's Housh, 6om Sunday-Friday: Attends minatry to priests programme. All Saints. London Comet Archbi•hop Bowen of Southwark: Tuesday: Silver JutaHee Mass, Oigby Stuart College 5.30pm. Wedneedery: Joint opening Hummingbird prolect, with Bishop of Southwark. Southwark, 12 noon Arehbistsop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Mass end confirmation St Mary's, Harborne. 2_30pm. Tuesday: Visitation, SI Anne. Coventry, I 0.30am

Archbi•hop Worlock of Liverpool: Sondes,: Visitation and Confirmation, St Richard's, Atherton Monday: Visit to St Richard's Primary school, Athenon Tuesday: Attends Clergy Fraternal meeting. Whitley Methodist Church. Spencer Road Wigan 10.30am Mass and erecting St John's Deanery. Sacred Heart. Leigh, 7.150m. Wednesday: Meeting of Archbishop's Council. Curial Offices. 10arn Mass in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, Metropolitan Cathedral, Flprn Thursday: Meeting to discuss Voluntary Service Overseas, Archbishops House, Liverpool. Rpm.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Sunday: Mass. eristot University Catholic Chaplaincy, 8.30prn Monday: Attends Catenien Dinner, Bristol, 8prn Tuesday: Mass and confirmation, Christ the King Church. Knowle West 7 30prn Wednesday: National Litrugy Committee meeting, London. Thursday: Mess and confirmation, Lechler* Manor school. lechlede 2_30prn. Mass and confirmation. Holy Rood Church, Swindon. 7 30Pm

Bishop Brewer, Aindlieny erf Shnnersbury: Friday: Meeting of Deans. St Joseph's, VVinsford, 3pm Sunday-Monday: Visitation and confirnation, St Luke's. Fordsharn Townley: Governing committee, Youth centre, Ledsharn. Wednesday: Visits Blessed Robert Johnson School. Wellington. and continues visitation of St Patrick 5, Wellington Thursday: Northern Bishops' Review Committee_ Hazlewood Castle_

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Safford: Thursday: Clergy recollection. Cenacle Convent. Manchester, 10 45arn

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Tuesday: Mass and confirmation. St Charts Sedgley. 7.30prn Wednesday: Annual Lourdes Pilgrimage Mass. St Chad s Cathedral. 7.30Pm Thursday: Maas. St Thomas More schoot, VVillenhall. pm Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Saturday: Farewell Mass for Nazareth House Sisters St Swithun's. Sou-Mute, am Sundey: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Maidenhead. Wednesday: Abingdon and Kennet Valley Deanery meeting. Thursday: Mass and consecrates Altar. Sr Joseph s Convent. Bournemouth.

Bishop Foley of Lana ttttt : Sunday: Presides at Annual Lourdes Service, Sr Augustine s. Preston. 3pm Tuesday: Deanery Mass any meeting, Our Lady of Lourdes. Carnfonh 7pm, Thursday: Deanery mass and meeting, Sacred Heart. Preston. 7prn.

Bishop Grant of Northampton: SerturcleySunday: Vocations weekend at Princes Risborough Wednesday' Meeting of Senate of Priests Bishop Gray, of Shrewebury: Friday: Meeting of Deans. St Joseph s. Winsford 3Pre Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Sacred Heart Stockport. Tusaday-Wednesday, Meeting of National Liturgical Commission Damascus House

Bishop Gusisselli, 'lollop in Emit London: Sunday: Visitaticn Eden Grove Monday: Meeting, Pope John House. 6pm. Tuesday: Justice and Peace Conference all day Meeting with confirmandi, Islington. 8pm. 1Nedneeday: Clergy Day. St Thomas More Centre. 10.30. Thursday: Group Leaders' Briefing, Sornerstovvn. 8pm Bishop Harvey, Bishop is North London: Friday: Clergy retreat. London Colony, SaturdaySunday, Pastoral Visit Our Lady of Walsingharn and the English Martyrs. Holtwnites Hilt Enfield Monday: Meeting of Area Education Committee. 7 1Sprn. Tweeds", Barnet Deanery meeting. llam Wednewley: Mass Cardinal HinsleY High School, Willesden. 9.30am

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Mass and visitation St Columba s

School. Welling. 9.30am. Satunfayi Afternoon of Prayer, with mass and exposition, tor Family Life. Christ Church. Eltham, 2pm to 4.30prn. Sunday: Mass and confirmation. Dockheacl Bermondsey. 11am. Tuesday: South West and South East Ecumenical Sponsoring body meeting. Blackheath. 11am-4pm Mass and confirmation. Mellor Street. Bermondsey. 7 30pm Thursday: Mass and visitation of Holy Trinity school, Bromley. S.30 am to 3pm Mass and confirmation. VVelworth, 7.30prn.

Bishop Molten, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Cathedral Advisory Committee, 2 30pm Mass and deanery congress meeting. Newton-leWillows. 7 15prn Sundeyi Pastoral visitation. Our Lady sr Portico Tuesday: Meeting and lunch with Lloyds Bank directors. Wedneeday: Archbehop Council meeting. Curial offices. 10am Mass. Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Metropolitan Cathedral. 8Pet Thursday: Bishops Review Carrel-line°. Hazlet...Noe Castle, Yorkshire. Mass and Deanery Corydrese meeting, Formby 7 15om Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Link Society Golden Jubileef40eDrd 7 inner 03aonp, s ce. Leurincads.hyire: Cricket Club. ttoClub. 0id T Visitation. 1 lam Confirmation. 3pm, St James, Is

Tuesday: St Gebriel's Management Committee. Victoria Park. Barn Palen Hall Management Committee. Fallowfield. 4 40pm Wednesday: Visits St Luke. Hams 0th' Height Thursday: Clergy recollection. Cenacle convent Mahthesler, 10 45arn.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Soudwireit: Frid•y-flunday: Parish visitation. Nonhfleet Monday: Attends Chatham Education Deanery meeting, John Fisher LIPP., school. ChathamTuesday: Meeting of officiating chaplains West Mailing. Confirmation, Dartford_ Brim. WedreesdaYt Confirmation, Cornbe Bank School, Sevenoaks 2pm Thundery: Confirmation, Dover

Bishop Bowden, Bishop in Centre/ London: Friday: Visits Aden Hall. Sunday: Mass Catholic Chaplaincy Oxford University Monday-Friday: Retreat All Saints Pastoral centre.

Bishop McCord', Auxiliary of Birmingham:

Saturday: Meeting with Church Leaders, Bishop 5 HOPSa Coventry. I lam. Sunder: -Conermations, Sr Ambrose. Kidderminster, 3.30pm. Monday: Mass for the Handicapped Children's Fellowship Worcester, Bpm_ Thundayi Mass tor Birmiegharn Racial Justice Group B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday; Mass -Church Caring Week' De Lisle School Loughborough, Saturday: Visits site of row Polish

Church, Nottingham 11 am_ Visits sick end housebound. East Leake, 4pm B ishop Mchl•hon of Brentwood: Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. St Stephen's Manor Park Monday: Gives talk at Liturey Course, Cathedral. Brentwood. 8pm. Tusedsyt Mass. Our Lady of Lourdes. Wanstead, 8prn. Wednesday: Preaches at annual service in honour of Our Laaht. Westminster Cathedral, 7.30prn. Thureday: Mass and Confirmation. St Anthony 5, Forest Gate.

B ishop Moverley, of Hallam:Friday: Steering Committee of Diocesan Pastoral Council. Saturday: Inaugural meeting of diocesan CWL. 2.30pm. Caternan dinner. Doncaster. 2-30Prn Sunder Confirmation, Thrybergh Monday: Deaner meeting. Wednesday: Schoni Mass and visitation. Hoyland Thursday: meeting of church musicians at Cathedral. Elprn B ishop 0 O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Mass and meeting. St Edmund ArrowSmith Deanery, St Oswald's. Ashton-,o-Makerfield. 7.15pm Tuesday: Mass and confirmation, St Sylvester's Liverpool, 7 30pm. INedniesday: Meeding of Archbishop's Council. Curial Offices. 10am. Mess end meeting. St John Rigby Deanery vole:eland, 7 15pm Thursday: MOSS for the Walsinghein Association at St Margaret Clitheroe School, Liverpool, 7 30pm.

B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and BrigMorj: -Saturday-Sunday, Visitation St John the Baptist's Parish, Brighton. Ttraaday,'Y isits Brighton Deanery Confemnce, Wednesday: Vists Redhill Deanery Conference. Thursday: Visas Epsom Deanery Conference.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Menton:Whim: Visits to Mozambique and Tanzania on behalf of CAEOD. until Tuesday 17 February. Oahe, Pearson, Deno, in Cumbrhat Sunday: Gentler-nation St Edmund s Church.

Fleetwood, 3.30prn Tuseday: Easter People Deanery meeting and Mass. St Marys, Barrow, 7pm Thursday: Easter People Deanery Mass and meeting. Windemere. 7pm

Eliefrop Nestiesux of Ptyrnouth: Sunday: Visitation and mess at St Alphonsusl,guoe Church. Chudengh 10.30. Mass and confirmation Church of St Gender,. Ugbrooke. 3.30prn. Tuescley: Attends meeting of Diocesan Vocations Directors at Vescourt. Plymouth, 3 301am

Bishop Walmeley, Bishop of the Forces: Saturday-Sunday: Visitation Eicester Garrison. Tuesday: Visitation Hongkong.

Bishop Ward, Coadjutor Bishop of Menevia: -Saturday: Meeting of District Parish Councils. on Adua education Bangor_ Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southeverki Friday: Commences visitation at South Norwood. 35rr Opening of Life offices. Croydon. ElattudayMonday; Visitation, South Norwood. Tuesday: Via! Christ's School, Richmond. Wednesday: Visit Thomas More school, Purley Thursday: Mass for pied of Our Lady and St Joseph at Corpus Domini Convent. SW I, 3pm Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Attends Sacred Heart Leeds Deanery meeting. Saturday: Beeman Pantornne with Rescue Society chidren. 2.30pm Sunday' Visitation and confirmation. Stann Sangho. Wednesday: Visits Holy Name Deenery. Leeds. Lourdes Mass. Cardigan Road, Leeds. 7.30pm Thursday: ViS■tS lh,loy Deanery

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