Page 1, 6th January 1939

6th January 1939
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Page 1, 6th January 1939 — " THE NEXT POPE "

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People: Heard
Locations: Rome


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Keywords: Papal Conclave

Vatican Radio Broadcasts Solemn Warning

Within a few days of a broadcast from the Vatican Radio Station of a warning to listeners against forecasts about the Holy Father's successor a well-known English daily paper published an article on this very subject.


Among the prognostications in this article were the creation of six new Cardinals, " whose votes may swing the next Papal election in the direction which his Holiness would desire," the creation of possibly two new English Cardinals, and the publication of a new Encyclical on the general European situation in the light of the Church's teaching.

Among the likely names for an English Cardinal in Curia, the writer mentioned " the rector of an English Catholic institution in Rome " and an ecclesiastic " attached to the Supreme Ecclesiastical Law Courts of the Holy See." The first reference is probably to Mgr. Duchemin, rector of the Beda, and the second to Mgr. Heard, an Auditor of the Rota. Mgr. Heard, who is a convert, is an old Oxford Rowing Blue.


A Vatican broadcaster has recently made the following comments regarding the selection of pavabiles:

" Rome correspondents of secular

journals," said the speaker, " now and then indulge in a forecast of the result of the next conclave. Such forecasts are, and must be, entirely without foundation.

No one—not even the Cardinals—can know beforehand what the conclave will bring forth. . . . and Catholics are forbidde., under heavy penalties to discuss the matter."

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