Page 14, 6th January 1939

6th January 1939
Page 14
Page 14, 6th January 1939 — A LEAGUE OF PRAYER FOR YOUTH

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Locations: Birmingham


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From a gS'pecial Correspondimi

The Catholic Church has many anxieties to-day, but surely none can be greater than for her Youth. The older boys and girls at school, but particularly those who have left school and have started life in the world, MT faced with countless dangers and temptations. The leakage is a real and grave danger.

As is well known, in certain countries abroad the enemies of Christianity have cast aside all disguise and come out into the open. It is publicly and shamelessly declared that youth belongs wholly to the State, and must be taken come pletely front the influence of the Church..

Hence in these lands Christian schools and colleges have been closed; hundreds of thousands of young folk have been deprived of all religious education, and forced into godless and anti-Christian State schools where the faith is mocked and ridiculed, and Christ our Lord held up as a weakling, as a leader unworthy of the strong young man or woman of to-day.

CONTACT WITH rnrEsT IMPOSSIBLE Personal contact with the priest is made well nigh impossible. Obstacles are put deliberately in the way of active religion; Sunday Mass and the Sacraments are made difficult and almost Impossible. Christian Associations of Youth are made illegal, while membership of State Youth Movements Is practically compulsory. Advancement in profession or business Is thus almost impossible to loyal Christian youth; one must belong to the State Movement to get on in life. To be a practising boy or girl means persecution and probably ruin.


What can we do to help them? We can do much if we go about it the right way. We must pray, and pray earnestly, and intensely for them.

A League of Prayer for Christian Youth has been started with the consent of His Grace the Archbishop of Birmingham. There is only one rule: members promise to say at least one Mystery of the Rosary each day for Christian youth to Mary, Help of Chris


Of course, members are urged to do more than that; to hear Mass, visit the Blessed Sacrament, say the whole Rosary, make the Stations of the Cross, do works of charity. all for the same purpose.

The League will thus support by the daily earnest prayer of it is hoped many thousands of members, the various works for Christian youth, our achools and colleges. vocations for the priesthood and religious life, Christian Scouts and Guides, Clubs and Guilds, such as the C.Y.M.S., and the Children of Mary, and the Apostolate of the Sea.

The League strikes at the heart of the Communist appeal and class rivalry; in fact, wherever work is being done for Christian youth or wherever youth is in danger, there the prayers of the League strive to help by fervently and persistently begging the assistance of God's mercy and grace.

Those interested should send their name and address for a form of membership to " The League of Prayer," St. Teresa's, Sambourne, Redditeh, Worcs.

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