Page 14, 6th January 1939

6th January 1939
Page 14
Page 14, 6th January 1939 — News Of The Guilds And Societies

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News Of The Guilds And Societies

Shop Assistants and Clerks' Guild

GRAND CHRISTMAS PARTY ANNOUNCED On Thursday, January 12. a Grand Christmas Party will be held at the Interval Club, Dean Street, Soho, London, W.1., commencing at 8 p.m. sharp.

All members are asked to bring their friends and join in the fun.

Tickets can be obtained from the secretary or any member of the Guild.

Members are asked to note that the annual general meeting will be held in St. Patrick's club rooms, Soho Square. W.1,, on Monday, January 23, at 8 p.m.

New members of both sexes are invited to join the Guild, particulars of which can be had on application from the hon. secretary, Mr A. Clark, 100, Halley-road, Forest Gate, E.7.

The University Extension Society, Northampton

INTERESTING SERIES OF LECTURES The programme for the Spring Session of the Northampton University Extension Society contains many subjects of particular interest to Catholics.

Fr. Vincent, 0.P., Miss Barbara Ward and Mr H. D. C. Pepler are among the prominent Catholics who appear on the list of speakers.

The full programme is given below:

January 17: N. Scarlyn Wilson, Esq., M.A., " Return to Victor Hugo." January 24: Debate between Fr. Vincent MeNa5b. cane and Councillor Frank Lee, B.A., B Sc., on the Econcralc and Political Theories of G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belioc.

J'anuai31: Capt. Talbot Reny, M.Sc., " Bird Flight,"

February 7: Frederic E. Courtney, Esq., A.T.D., " The Art of Engraving on Woad,"

February 14: Miss Barbara Ward. B.A., " The Colonial Problem."

February 21: H. D. C. Pepler, Esq., " Masque and Mime." February 28: F. R. Pfaff, Esq., WA., Mus.B., " The Development of English Song with Vocal Illustrations."

The Grail

TO START IN BIRMINGHAM THIS MONTH At the request of Mgr. Thomas Williams, Archbishop of Birmingham, the Grail is starting in the Birmingham Diocese.

The opening course will be held at Harborne Hall, Birmingham, on January 14 and January 15. The cost, Including meals and lodging, will be 5s.

All details of this course and further particulars about the Grail may be obtained from Miss H. Worral, Bitham Hall, Avon Dasset, Warwickshire.

International Union Catholic Women's Leagues

CONGRESS OF GIRL YOUTH IN ROME An International Congress of Girl Youth will take place in Rome at Easter under the auspices of the Youth Section of the International Union of Catholic Women's Leagues.

Some twenty-two nations have already signified their intention of taking part in the Congress, which

will be opened on Tuesday, April 11, by Cardinal Dolci.

The Holy Father will grant a special audience to the congressists on Thursday, April 13 and there will be a Conference Address by Cardinal Pizzardo, the head of Catholic Action, The Hierarchy of England and Wales at their October meeting approved and blessed the proposal of an English delegation to the Congress.

It is hoped that this delegation, which is being organised by "The Catholic Action Organisation for Girls " (1, Gloucester-road, Regents Park, London, N.W.1) and which will be under the leadership of the Very Rev. Mgr. T. Adamson, will be worthy of the occasion. All Catholic girls are invited to take part.

Enquiries should be made to the address mentioned above or to the Pilgrimage Secretary, Miss W. Doyle, Cathedral Buildings, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool.

Pax Romana


The eighteenth Congress of the Fax Romana--the International Confederation of Catholic University Students and Graduates— will, in 1939, he held in Washington, D.C. and in New York by invitation of the American Fax Romana Committee.

It will be the first Congress to be held on the American Continent, and every effort will be made to ensure that it will be an outstanding success.

Through the generosity of the Catholic Universities at Washington and Fordham University, New York, the Americaa Committee is able to offer free board and lodgings during the period of the Congress to all taking part.

Thus the cost of the Congress will mainly be confined to the steamship passage.

It is felt, however, that those who are visiting America for the first time would desire to stay an extra week at least, and a pre-Congress tour is being arranged by the British Federation.

The "chewing are the provisional arrangements:— August 10: Depart Liverpool by 8.5. American Importer, approximate time, 13 p.m. August 11: Call at 13elfast at 11 a.m. August 12: Call at Glasgow at about 6 p.m. August 20: Arrive Boston. During the stay In Boston, visits will be made to Boston and the Cambridge (Harvard) University. Also excursion to Contest.

Attgast 23: Depart for New Raven and visit the Yids University. August 24 Dense for Philsdelohia, August 25 Sight-seeing in Philadelphia. August 26: Depart for Washington, D.C. Opening of the Pax Romano Congress at the elatholle University of America. August 27: Meetings of the Congress. August 28, 29, 30, and 31: Visits to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis, and other places of interest in Maryland and Virginia. September 1: Depart for New York. Meeting of the Congress at Fordham University. September 2, 3, 4, 5. and 61 Sightseeing in Continued at foot of next column.

New York, visits to Columbia and Princetown Universities, etc. September 7: close of the Congress.

September 8: Depart from New York on S.s. American Shipper at about 5 p.m. September 10: Arrive Cobh (Queenstown) early morning.

September 17: Arrive Liverpool.

The total inclusive fare, allowing for Cabin class accommodation, for the whole tour of thirty-eight days is £5.

The party, organised by the University Catholic Federation of Great Britain, Ig open to all past and present University Students. It is also open to priests and a limited number of friends of members, but non-members of the Federation would be required to pay an additional fee of £1. The party is also open, without additional fee, to all members of the National Delegations affiliated to the Pax Romano.

Provisional accommodation has been reserved on the outward and homeward steamers, but some of the berths are slightly higher in cost than others, and passengers wishing to take minimum rate berths should necessarily apply at the very earliest moment.

Plans of the steamer oabin accommodation can be obtained on application to the U.C.F., Travel Secretary, Catholic Travel Bureau, 7, James Street, Liverpool, 2, or any Federation Secretary.

Catholic Social Guild

The London Council of the Catholic Social Guild are attending Benediction at St. Anselm's and St. Cecilia's Kingsway, at 8.30 p.m. on Friday, January 13. Fr. Vernon Johnson, of the Catholic Missionary Society, is to preach a special sermon for members of the Guild.

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