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6th January 1989
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to our Members, and others interested (2)

Remember that Birth precedes Baptism; that Creation

Crecedes Redemption; that within the Trinity of the Roman atholic Church, wherein the Bishops and Clergy are truly the Church Redemptive under Christ Himself, it is Catholic Parents who are the Church Creative under God the Father Himself within the New Generation of Jesus Christ. (Hence the sanctity of the act ofgeneration.) As Bishops and Clergy have their Sacrament of Holy Order, so too we Parents Kaye our's of Holy Matrimony; each of these being separate and distinct from the other, yet both marvellously harmonised by the Holy Spirit into the miraculous Unity of the Universal Church when both are obedient to their proper functions, and not interfering with the other. The Hierarchical, Ministerial part of the Church nobly fulfil their duties, but what about us Parents? What is our Duty to God? What penalties do we risk if we neglect its clear implications in our daily life? Our Lord utters dread words about those who cry, "Lord, Lord", but fail to do the Will of His Father. We do well to be a little fearful, and our message is mainly to the Men, ourselves included.

Assuming we perform faithfully the religious duties enjoined on us by our Pastors, does this fulfil our duty to God? Indeed no. These are the essential preliminaries, — the honouring of God through Christ in His Holy Place. But on rising from our knees after Mass and leaving the Church, is it to face the Challenge that God presents to us? On resuming contact with the world" in which He is either ignored or even repudiated by the vast majority of otherwise decent citizens, what is our response? We need not wonder, since during the Mass we recited it. Following the Great Doxology came the Great Reciprocation of the Laity in the words Our Saviour taught us. Our urgent concern then is to bring down into our homes and among our neighbours the hallowing of the Name of God, the establishment of His Kingdom, and the abiding zeal that His Will be done in our earthly sphere with the same loving alacrity as it is in Heaven. This is not mere pious injunction; — it is what we shall be judged on when our time comes.

Our parental duties, then, become manifest. Firstly to adequately carry on the process of human procreation in God's name; secondly to render perfect our Home-life, and thirdly, to seek to overcome Evil in the world by continuous insistence on the fulfillment of God's Moral Laws expressed within the Charity of Christ.

The College Clerk

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