Page 4, 6th January 1995

6th January 1995
Page 4
Page 4, 6th January 1995 — The Church needs motoring theology

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Organisations: Christian Church
People: Antony Pettier
Locations: London


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The Church needs motoring theology

IT STILL AMAZES ME that a major area of modern life, namely motorisation, remains ignored by the Christian Church.

The whole oppressive area of ever-increasing car manufacture and road building, with all the attendant threats to human and animal health and well-being, cries out for intervention by Christians concerned with peace and justice.

Yet the Church seems deaf to these cries, apparently because road deaths are labelled "unintentional" whereas abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, suicide and other ethical concerns are considered "intentional".

Motorisation ethics as a topic of public concern has'yet to be taken seriously by the Church and neither the Catholics nor the Anglicans have watchdog groups. Antony Pettier, London.

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