Page 14, 6th July 1935

6th July 1935
Page 14
Page 14, 6th July 1935 — THE CLINK OF ICE

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July is her with the sun and our pores working overtime! The sun is doing ie best to give us health reseryes for surdeo days next winter. Our ports are (Joie their best to remove through our sk:t last winter's acid deposits accuinulated ii our bodies while we hugged fires eel .stayed put instead of inceing. Mo I doctors to-day advocate drinking muct and often—preferably between meals— order to help the body to eliminate ac f poisons: long drinks are part of the rottine treatment of most of the "rheumaticy' group of illnesses, while plenty of liques I-elp to ward these off when they has not yet appeared. And. apart frori *width. what is better on a tropic did than sitting indoors in a cool room. o' out or doors in the shade, and drinking lone. long. ice-cold drink?

ler.teisid leutiches If you have no appetite in the Ilea., me out lunch and substitute a drink wit. milk or eggs in its composition—you vv. find recipes in my article today—and tato no solids. This will be nun:ties enoug. to give you energy, but not hea‘y enouel to make big demands on your digestion You will come to your dinner in the cod of the evening with all the better append Remembee, too, that there is not to d the slightest CXCuS:.! for serving tend eummer drinks. lhere are eedellent refrigeratras on the market at moderate price;; more than moderate de.derred terms: and infinitesimally low running costs. You will see in our illustration an ice tray from such a refrigerator with the cubes all ready to put the zero touch to your long Minks. So serve these at the appropriate arctic temperature!

Let us begin with the simplest summer drink and incidentally one of the most cool and energy-making--iced tea. Make a pot of good China tea (abeut a dessertspoon of tea to raiher II ;Wel a pint o water) aed let it -stand for five minutes. Then stratn, while still hot, into a jug over half a cupful of cruehed ice end the juic.s of half a lemon. [nave in the refrigerator. Just before serving add slicce of fresh lemon. Some people will prefer iced

Indian tea, milked arid sugai cd. In this case. only leave th tel to stand on the leaves about two minute's.

Two Cold Coffees

Iced coffee is pleasant served through the day or at the eveuing meal's conclusion. Use three tablespoons of coffee to

e pint of waNter and add a pinch of salt to the dry coffee before wetting. If you do not use a percolator. stir well ant, leave for grounds to settle. Strain into a jug, with or without milk and sugar, and put in refrigerator or roe in ice.

Here is a coffee "eup"--very good— from Vienna. To a pint of strong black coffee. add half a teaspoon of essence of almonds. Put, well strained, into .a double cooker and bring to the boil. Mix tvva tablespoans of castor sugar with four of cream. Thoroughly beat two freeh eggs and add. Add the thoroughly blended result to the black coffee and go on cooking and stirring until it th:ckens. Remove from heat and beat well. Let cool in the refrigerator, and, just before sonata, edd a cup ofsweetened whipped cream, a pint of crushed ice, and a quart of soda water. Serve with a blob of cream on each glass.

Barley water. served by itself or with fruity additions, is a health-gieing and cool summer drink, and can be made either with pearl barley or with the patent powdered variety-. Here is a fruit punch to which you can either add iced barley or plain water. Boil a cup of water with two cups or white sugar for

ten minutes. Add to this sugar syrup a cup of strong unmilked tea, the juice of two lemons. two oranges (three if the fruit ere small). a tin of grated pineapple, and two cups of strawberry syrup. Leave the mixture in refrigerator for half an hour. Strain, add four pints of iced barley or plain water. Put in punch bowl with an •ice cube and add a large bottle of ginger ale, this last just before serving.

Cups and " Cobblers"

Sherry cobbler is a good hot-weather drink. Mix in the proportion or a gill of sherry, a teaspoon of sugar syrup (directions above for this), a teaspoon of Curaco. Mix well in a shaker. Pour into a glass over a little brushed ice. Add a teaspoon of pineapple syrup and a tea-ipoon of I ort.

Another good cobbler is made with claret. Half-fill a tumbler with iced water. Add a dessertspoonful of lemon juice, a tablespoonful of sugar. a half teaspoonful of Angostura Bitters, and a half glass of claret. Let some or raseberries float in the cobbler. This. quantity is for one person.

Cider cup is thirst-quenching, and easy

to muke. Rub three lumps of sugar with lemon peel and put in a glass jug with two very thin slices of lemon, together with a sprig of borage or verbena. Pour in a wineglassful of pale sherry, a half wineglass of Curacao, and the same quantity or brandy. Add a quart of cider with two ice cubes. Stir well and serve.

Another very good cup is made with Sauterne. You steep a sprig of borage in a bottle of the wine for an hour. Remove. add a dessertspoonful of Maraschino, the juice of a lemon, and a bottle of soda water. Serve very cold with a few stoned cherries floating in it.

Several of the plain fruit drinks without alcohol make splendid summer beserages. There is Orange Honey Squash. To crushed ice in a shaker add two glasses of orange juice, one of lemon, and one of clear honey. • Shake well, and add iced plain or soda water 1.0 taste.

Another good drink is raspberry .therbet. For this squeeze the juice of a lemon over a pound of fresh raspberries sprinkled with four ounces of castor sugar. Add a pint and a half of boiling water and !cave all to stand for some hours. Strain. Add two lightly beaten eggs to the fruit juice and half fill glass with this. Fill up with iced soda water and sprinkle a little nutmeg on top.

Lemon and Grapefruit

If you want to make a Lemon Kali that the children will like and that will keep. add forty drops of essence of lemon to half a paund of icing sugar. Mix and blend thoroughly with this mixture, four ounces of telluric acid and four ounces of bicarbonate of soda. Pass all through a hair sieve twice. Keep in tightly corked wide-necked bottles. Never use a damp spoon in the mixture. Add rather over • teaspoontul to a tumbler of water, Grapefruit Squash is made by filling a tumbler one-third crushed ice, one-third cold water, and then adding the juice (strained) of half a large grapefruit. sugar to taste, and a few slices of orange. Egg lemonade is a drink that is nourishing as well as refreshing. Add a cupful of sugar to the grater.' rind of two heinous and pour over a pint of boiling water. Add the juice of four lemons, a tablespoonful of ginger syrup, and a dessertspoonful of finely-shredded preserved ginger. leave in the refrieerator to cool. Just before serving whisk separately, and then together, the whites of three eggs and then the yolks. Pour the fruit mixture teem the beaten eggs. Add a cupful of cruehed oe and serve.

Coconut Punch

Coconut punch is an original summer drink. Add to the grated flesh of a coconut the juice of two lemons, two oranges, a saltspoonful of mixed spice. a half glass of brandy, four tumblers of water and sugar to iiaSie. Let all stand on ice tor two hours. Then strain and serve.

Mint julep is another subtly-flavoured drink. Cut as finely as possible nine tablespoonfuls of fresh mint and pour over a cup of boiling water. Let cool and add the juke of four lemons and four tablespoonfuls of sugar. When all is well mixed. strain. and add two glasses of sherry. Serve iced with sprigs of mint and two Marasehino cherries in eech glass.

Now, however long the heat-wave lasts. you have enough recipes to-day to keep your long drink menu varied and pleasing. With most of the cups provide drinking straws, and put all drinks in glasses of pleasing shape and colour to

fit the contents. There is plenty of attractive gli.•ss on the market. The difficulty is in making a choice.

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