Page 8, 6th July 1984

6th July 1984
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Page 8, 6th July 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: High School, Degrees Dernoate Centre, Archbishop's Council, Muswell School, Preston Catholic College, Baptist School, College of Consulters, Hills School, Ot Newman College, National Schoeds Pilgrimage Walsinenern Fader Society, Bishop Thomas Grant School, Friary Wootton Deanery Council, Ursuline School, Meditation Centre, Opens Pastoral Centre, Cl C.armiy.Grass Church, St Peter's Monastery and Ecumenical Centre, Primary School, Merlcourt High School, Fridsr St Thomas More Primary School, SI Austin's School, Wednesder Schools' Commission, Saints' School, Annual Service, patents_ Heethliakt House High School, Upholland Northern Institute, Pastoral council, Commission for Christien Unity, Usharr College, St Stephen* Guild, Barrow Hills School, Fatima School, Caviler School, Mender Cambridge Chaplaincy Board, Notre Dame Primary School, Ancillary Ion Liverpool Tussday Archbrshop's Council, Committee for Dialogue, St Ithyd's High School, U. St Anthony'S COmprionansive School, Vicailor Deanery Council, Lady and St Chad School


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Bishops Engagements

0 a Ordinotion. M fams V c Coehrmidlon.

Cardinal Home Archbishop of Westminster Sunday: Diaconate 0 Westminster Cathedral 10 00 am Choir School Prixegiving, St John's Smith Saaare 7.30 orn. Monday: Honngoy Associatron ol Head Terahers Service, West Green 10.30 am. Tuesday Golden Jubilee of St Stephan's School SI Albano 12 noon. Voice of Cathedral Appeal Concert 13 pm Thursday, Laity Forum, Dublin Archbishop Sowen ot Southwark Sunday: Southwark Catholic Handicapped Children's Fellowship M, Ayiesford Priory 12 neOn_ Molder C. Beckenham 730 pm. Tuesday: Owning. Benedictine House of Prayer Dulwich 13 pm Thursdiy. at to eereimale 25th anniversary of Bishop Thomas Grant School, Bishop Thomas Grant School 2 15 pro Saturday: Sovenoaks Deanery M, Baynam Alobey 3 Prin

Archoiehop Com de Mural% of eirmingram Synder. C. Mother of God. Castle BrOrnwrch 10 30 am C SI Writhe. Castle Bromwich 6 pm Maids,: Present alaon of oansh workers diplomas and M at Maryvale Tuesday: C, St Gregory. Langton 7 pm. Wednesday, NI for Vocation Pelreatanis at Maryvale 11 am M for Heads of P.O in Primary Schools Maryrole 3 orn. Friday C, St Gerard, Castle vats 730 pm Saturday: V and C. St TereSa. Perry Bair

Archtashop Ward ol Carla Sunday Annuli! Pilgrimage to Shrineof I31 Darrenic,C P Merseysdie and M aPM Tuesday: Annual M. Bishop Vaughan Scheel. Swansea 7 pm. Wednesday: 0, Bt Philip Smith, to the DOConate. BehnOnt. Tholiame f.4 tor St Attien's pony school leavers. St Davit's Cathedral 10 30 am Friday: Reception of Penne' Document. Archbishop's House, Percent, 2 pm C end opening of annexe, Ross-on-Wye 630 ern Seturclior 0, Peter C011ins, to priesthood, Drawlers 11 30 am.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool -Sunday V and C, chrlst the King, Childwell Tuesday: Archbishop's Council, Curial Offices AO arn. Mewling yells Priests, Upholland Northern Institute 4 30 pm. Wednesday: Meeting continued Meeting with Auxiliary Bishops. Archbiehop's House 4 pm Thender Informal meeting DI Church leaders with Dr Bitty Graham, Bishop's Lodge I pm Friary Wootton Deanery Council, Si Mary's School Nail 8 pret. Saturday. 0 ot Flea Francis Repplon to the priesthood. Si SwIthm, Caimans 2.30 pro Billy Graham Rally, Anliold Football Stadirmi 6.45 pm.

B ishop Aleunder of Clifton Sunday: Presides and preaches at M. Wiltshire youth Day at Si JosePhis Schaal. Swindon 4 pm Tuaday: Sacrament of C. Holy Family, Patchway 7 30 pro Wednesday: Meeting 01 Callon Catholic Oroceoen Trustees Reelslered al SI Ambrose, Leigh Woods 11 am_ Throaty: Visas Seminarians from Coro el St Peters Grange. Prinknash 12 45 pm Sacrament of C at St Brendan's_ AvanmOuth 730 pm Fridsr St Thomas More Primary School. Cheltenham 10 30 am Sacrament of C. Si Elememenlure's, Bisbooalon 7 30 pm Silderdstc Ordains Dom Nicholas Willie, 0013 to Sacred Poesthood at Downed* Abbey V. St Thomas More Parish Cheltenham Preaches at all M 11 am

B ishop John Smarr (Computer of Lancaster) Sunday: V and C. Mater Andahs, Roll:Heade. Tuesday, Meeting of College at Consuttors. Lancaster Wednealey. C. Sr Joseoh's. Lancaster 7 dar Thursday Concelebrates retrrernent M of Rev Richard Wren. Si, annclpal Ot Newman College at Si Worrrd's. Preston 7 30 pm. Frldsy: C. St Clare's. Preiston 7 15 pm Saturday:On:loins lo priesthood Rev Emmanuel Gribben. Sacred Heart Courcn, Barrow-in. Furriest, 3 Pm

B ishop Clerk of Sag Anglia Sunday V. Our Lady of Pity Swaltham Toreador C U for Cambridge Parishes Our Lacy and English Martyrs 7 30 Pm. Wedne•day: Presides at National Schoeds Pilgrimage Walsinenern Fader Society dinner, St Edmund's House. Cambridge 7 pm. Saturday: Opens Diocesan Youth Weekend. Notre Dame Norwich Bishop Cheery. Auxillory for Birmingham Soniday Colanten Dinner. Four Oaks. W•dnesday: Concelebrated. Al. Our Lady and St Chad School. Wolverhampton 9 30 am Friday, M benelaclore.

Bishop Foley (Lancaster) Sunday: V and C. Si G regory's, Workington 10.30 am Toads,: College of Consulters. Cathedral tl am_ Presides al Silver Jubilee ol Fr Kaye, SI Bernard's Preston 7 pm Wednesday: Offers First 1,4 in new Monasit Chapel. Hyning Monastery li) am Thursday: AA Cl Thanksgiving tor Fr Wren, SJ, SI Wittriers, Preston 7.30 pm. Friday: lbsIts scrical and housebound. Si Gregory's, Workington 1 30 pm.

Bishop Gray (Shrewsbury) Sunder V and C, SI martin's. Runcorn am C Our Lac10. Rancorn 3 Pm C. Si Edward's. Runcorn 13.30 pm. Monday: C. Si Vincent's. Kn utsf on] 7 30 prn. Tueedey: M. Shrewebury Cathedral 2 pm. Thursday-. C. SS John A Thomas. Benchdi 7 30 pm. Friday: C, SI Mary's, Duk.nlield 7 30 pro Warder Ordains to priesth000 Sc, Peter Dutton. Si Albano, LlaCartl 3 Pm.

B ishop Vicar Gueualli Sunday: C. Outs Road 12 noon litondey. Tower Hamlet schools pm Tuesday: Easl London Churan leaders meeting. F.Je 11 am T H. deanery social evening. Commercial Road 8 pm Wsdnesder Day Conterence 10r Schools 10 en, Meeting. Islington schools per Thorsder Closing talk ol confereoCe. The local Church. Damascus House 4 15 pm Friday: Hackney deanery party. Area battle 13 pm

B ishop aUdiniese of enee. Sunday: V and C Maim Tuesday: Chapter meeting Wednesday: Preach Cl C.armiy.Grass Church, Wrexham 7 30 Pm Thursday C S C Sub-Wartime. rneeong London 12 noon

Bishop Hawn (North London) Sunder C. Si lenalius. Stamford Hill 6 pm. Tuesday: Conference ol headteacners, odcondary schools, North London area 10 am Wednesdapt a g.m . Crusade of Rescued pm, Thursday U. Daughters of Charily cd St Vincent 'de Paul. The Priory. tali HIS 030 pm. Friday: H. Our Lady of Muswell School, Muswell Hill 9.30 am St Stephen* Guild, Whetstone 13 Pm

B ishop Henderson. Auxiliary tor Southwark Sunday Pastoral V. Deptford 8 arri-7pm Piktodey: Finence meeting 11 am Continuation ol Pastoral V. Deptford 1 15-930 pm Tuesday: Meeting of Committee for Dialogue with other Faith 11 am-4 30 pro Operung of St Peter's Prayer and Meditation Centre, Dul wi ch13 pm. Theodor Area Deans meeting IS am_ OA for Headmaster's retirement. Widthern 7.30 pm Friday: Visit to Notre Dame Primary School, Shooters Hilt Saturday: Opens Si John Rigby School Form. Wear Wickham noon. Pa at SI Austin's School, Charlton 7.30 Pm

Bishop Hitchen. Ancillary Ion Liverpool Tussday Archbrshop's Council. Corral Of Com 10 am Adrolnislralrve meeting, Formby 7 30 pm a..0,,,,,way; meeting with Bishops, A rchbishOP's House 4 pm Thursday: Meeting. Dr Billy Graham. Bishops Lodge 4 on Friday. Vicailor Deanery Council, St Mary's School Hill 8 pm Saturday: Billy Graham Ratty. !infield Stadium 6 45 on

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday: V. WeSleate parish Turndor C. Foikesione 7 30 pm. Fridayldralurder V. Hartley parish B ishop Kelly of Salford Sunday C and V. St Alphonsus. Old Trafford Tuesday: Begins V. Si Mary's, Levenshulme Wedn•sder Board ol Administration 11 30 am Thursday: Preston Catholic College 12 noon Fraley Bishop's Comradee for the Deaf. Greenkeys 2.15 pm Saturday: 0 ol Rev Michael Haworth. Newchurth 3 pm

B ishop Konstant, Auxiliary lur WredmInsler Sunday: M. Gueensway 11 30 am Mender Cambridge Chaplaincy Board, Carntondge 12 noon Providence Row AGM. Cathedral Conference Centre 6 or Tueader Deans' meeting. Kingsway 3 pm Perish Renewal. Vuesinunster 8 lom WedneSdayr C D'elarY 6 30 pm F,lday-Seurday: C. Fornarn 8 pro and 11 an,

Bishop Lindsay of Fairborn end Newcastle Sunder Hatiwhistre 11 am C M, Haydon Bridge 3.30 Pm Tuesday: Bishop Cunningham's Anniversary 1.1, Si Andrew's Newcaslie 1295 pm Wednesday: Finance Committee meeting. Bishop's House, Newcastle 10 am_ B ishop MeAnla Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday: NI lot Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Meryvele 10 30 am Annual Service at Birmingham Crematorium 3 pm Tuesday V and C, Si George, Worcester 7 30 pm lemidn•sd•yr National Youth Pilgrimage lo warsinenern Thursday: Ecumenical meelme. Oxford 11 am C. Our Lady aro St Hugh. Witney 7 30 orn. Friday. V. Si Augustine, Spiral!! Seturder M, Our Lady of Fatima School, 'Quinton

B ishop Moduinnesa of Nottingham Sunder C. SkegneSS 3 om Friday: M. SI Primp Her ChurCh, Mansfield 7 Pr" Sunder Inlerdlocesan Plignmage to Polley Aa 3 Pnr

althea McMahon of Breathrtood Wmtriesdey: Meeting with Heade of RE.. Ursuline School, Brentwood 2.30 pm, Concelebrates Silver Jubilee M. Si Sabine. Brrghtlinesee 7 pm Thursday: Concelebrates M with Sayer Jublian Ins, Bishop's HOuSe 12 noon Concelebrates Id and dediCates Allan Holy Name ChelmslOrd 8 pm Selorday: Portsmouth Choir Concert. Cathedral 7 30 p.m. Bishop Omsk' Mahon. Bishop In Was London Sunday C. Sunbury 4 pm Monday: Deans meeting. Whitehall Gardens 10 33 am Wednesday Meeting at Primary School Hee:ileac/Mrs of Western Area Helton 10.30 am. Thursday: Meeting oil Secondary SchoOl Headleachers of Western Area. whitener! Gardens 10 30 ern

B ishop triweekly of Hallam Sunday: All Saints' School garden party 3 pin 0010 anniveraary hi at Berehton 6.30 pm Meeider Formal ciosrng of the scrical It Haitheraws 730 on' Thursdsr G at Bahl PaloCk'O, Shalliekl 7 pm Saturday: Readers' clay at Drnningion. M and commissioning 3 30 cart Bishop Daniel J MeRle.. &so Sishop in Swansea moodier Meenng pareets. Archbishop Moshe, High School Caroni 730 pm Tuesday: Meeting parents. Bishop Pittman Hrgh Schoor. Cardiff 730 Pm Wednesday Meeting parents. St Ithyd's High School. Cordial 7 30 pm Thursday. Meeting patents_ Heethliakt House High School. Cardiff 7 30 pm pricier Meeting parents. Lady Mary High School Can3111 7 30 pm

d ished fermay O'Connor -Sunday: M and blesses new Hall, Si Thomas More, Sealord 10 30 n,n Wednesday: Speaks to VI Forrn, SI John the Caviler School. Woieng pm Opens Pastoral Centre, St John the Baptist School. Woktng pm Thursday: Presents prizes. Barrow Hills School. Wilily pm Friday: Attends rrearung of Commission for Christien Unity. London am Meet! Cathedral Alter Servers. Storringlion pm Saturday Prelims prizes to First and That years. Sacred Heart Convent. WOklithehern 11 30 am Oroaint Rev Mark Faulkner, NFU. to the Priesthood St Mary's, Ryde's Hill, Guodford A pm

Mehoy K O'Brien, Aukillary In 1111ddiesbrough Solider. 0, Ampleforth 1030 am Monday, C Si Thomas Mom, Middlesbrough 7 30 pro Tuesday C. St Augustine's Fielder 7 pm Wednesday: C. Holy Name, Hull 7 pm, Thursdey: M. Si Richard's School. Hull 10 am Friday: U. St Anthony'S COmprionansive School. MiddleabrOugh 11 am C, St Plus Middlesbrough 7 on

tishopO'Coener, Auxiliary kw Liver0001 klanday: or parents. Merlcourt High School. Megholl 730 pm Wednesday: C, Si Patrick'S. SOuthpon 730 pm.

ihanop Bowethorne. Auxiliary lor Marmot Tuesday: Archbishop's Council meeting, Cartel °dices 10 am. Wednesder Schools' Commission rneetine 10 15 am

IlishopSwinclishurst Sunday: V and C. St Anne's Darlington Monday-Friday Clergy retreat, Usharr College, Durham.

Bishop Thome of Northampton Sunday V. Metering Monday: Milton Keynes meeting 11 arn Conlernient 01 Degrees Dernoate Centre. Northampton 3 pm Wednesday AdoptiOo Panel meeting, Btshoo's House pm. C. Si Joseph's, Luton Thereary Chaplains meeting. London pro C. Hedy Ghost. Luton Friday V. Our Lady of Lourdes. Aylesbury Saturday 0, Rev JON, Woe Bishop Tripp. Auditory In Southmark Sunder Catholic Handicapped Chttclren's Fellowship Pilgrimage at Ardesford. Molder Induction of Fr Laindy as parish odes,. Kew 8 cm Tuesday :Opening of St Peter's Monastery and Ecumenical Centre, Dutwtch 8 oM Wednesday Commlnee meedng of Joint stalling 10.30 sm. Fritter , Mahwah 6 pin, Bishop Watmehry (14M Fates? Wednesday: Pastoral council standing committee meeting. Farnborough 3 pm in-wader USCA M and AGM_ Westminster Cathedral 11 45 am

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