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6th July 2007
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Page 14, 6th July 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Notre Dame Framing College, Archbishop's Council, St Edmund's School, Fromm Office, Cardinal Newman High School, Justice Forum, Venerable English College, Service of Dedication, Neuman College Board of Governors, Finanm Committee, Department of Christian Responsibility, St Josoplo's School, Conference Standing Committee, Emmaus School, Mount Primary School, Ushaw College, Diocesan Council of Priests, St Joseph's High School, Bishops' Coaference Standing Committee, Nosh Church, Holy Cross Church, Great Primary School, Curial Office, Bishops' Conference Standing Committee, Investment SubCOmmittee, Archhothop's Council, Catholic Students' National Chaplaincy Fund, Pastoral Centre, Mort Violas St Mary's Primary School, Ficeisham, Great School, Assisi Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Service of Opening, Priest Retirement Fund, St Joseph's Convent School, Archbishop Isley School, Maryvale Council, Oscon College, RC Primary School, Royal College of Nursing, KHS Garden Party, Meryvale Institute, Oscan College, Rompion Hospital, Archbohois's Council, Diocesan Fiamce Board, Education Commission, St Dyfrig's Church, St Joseph's School, Bohop's Council, Stock Parish Council, Oscott College


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July 8 to July 13

Cardinal Morphy431Connor (Westminster) Sun: Celebrating Orchnaton to Priesthood of Br Alemoider Bevan „ Ealiag Abbey. London. 2.30pm. Mon; Attends Mending Cononittee of Bithops Colderme of England and Wales. Archbishop's House. 1030am, Celebrotes Mass and attends reception thr Cattsollc Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. Westmnster Cathedral. 3pm.

Archbishop Kek (Liverpool) Mon: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee. Westmuuter. 120pm, Bishops' Conference Mass nod Reception. Wmtminster. 3pm Tut: Mass of Thanksgiving for the Miser Intake of Rev Philip Inch, Our Lady and St Philornena. Lverpool. 7.30pm Wed, Tantur meeting. London. I 1 an Tho; Merse)yside Church Leniirts' Reception. Archbishop's House. 7_30pro Fri: Visits Nugent Care IDS Pmject, Liverpool. 930ano visits God and Hitchen Court Nursing Homes, Liverpool, I I 30ano vi Sits St Joseph's Residential Home, Liverpool, 1pm; 'Celebrating Vocatiasf Servim, Our Lady. Queen a Martyrs. Liverpool. 730prn. Sat Mass of Thooksgising for the 20th Anniversary of Beginntng Experience, Our Lady of Victories. Hie:town. 2 pro; Visitation Mass. St Chrissopter,Spe, 7pm.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Sun. Confirmations. Folkestone. Dam. Mon: Standing Commuter Mass. Westminster Cathedral, 'par Reception, Anhhotiop's House. Westminster, 4.15pm Toe: Archbishop's CounciLArchbothop's House, Ithani: Vocations Retreat, Woldingham. Wed Oa-Going Formation, Ayksfonl, 10.3()am.

Meetings. Archbishop's HMS!, pm: Confirmations. Chearn, 7.30pm. Fri: Maas for Silver Jubilee of Ordination of Mgr. Richard Moth. Si George's Cathedral. 7pm. Sat Reenseecni Diaconate Interviews, Archbishop's House Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun. Confirmatious, Malvern. 10.30am. Mon, Stand. ing Comtnitue. Westminster Toe: Confirmations, Our Lady of the Angels. Nuneaton. 7.30pm. Wed: Regeneration Showcase , Birmingham Council House, 930aru: Neuman College Board of Governors meeting, 2 30prn: Dedhotion of Holy Cross Church. We Bromsvich, 7pm. Thu: Osamu Ttustees meeting. Oscan College, 1030am: Maryvale Council meeting. Meryvale Institute. 3_45pm. Fri: Mass of Thanksgiving to mark Golden Jubilee of Archbishop Isley School. Birmmgham, 7pm. Sat Ordination to the Priesthood.Andrew McCann, Small Heath, 12pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxilian Bishop of Westminster; Sun: Confirmation. Kingsbury Green, 3.30pro Fri: Archhothop's Council. Archbishop's House, 9.30am. Sat Confirmation, Whetstone. 12pm.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun: Celebration of Mass for the Syrc-Malabar Catholics. Our Lady of Lourdes, Famworth. 11 urn. Mom Caritas Social Amon AGM. Loodoto 12pm: Bishops' Receptum Wcorninsier,4prn_ Wed: Meeting of the Churches Criminal Justice Forum. Salvation Array HQ. London, I lam. Thu, Diocesan Hospital Utopians-' meeting. %Yardley Hall. 7pm Fri, Private appointments. Woolley Hall Bishop Bums (1-IM Forces) Sun. Mass for Sea Sunday, Westminster Cothedral. 10.30am. Mon Mass. Westminster Cathedral', 3pm. Thu: Amy Chaplains Conference, Ammon House. Amport. Fri-Sat Cork for Wedding krvioe.

Bishop Comm (Arundel St Brighton) SUIL Mass. St Joseph's, Epsom; Ordination:to the Permanent Diaconate of Russell Young, St Dunstans. Woking. More Diaconate Ordinations. Venerable English College. Rome.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sum Visitanon. St Peter's, Biggleswade. MOD: Catholic Students' National Chaplaincy Fund meeting Eccleston Square. London, I lam: C.ATEW AGM, Archbiahops House , Westminster. I 30pm: Hierarchy Mass and Reception ,Viesoninsies. 3pm. Tue, Meetings, Bishop's blouse, am: Confirmation. Sacred Bean, Flitwick. 7.30pm. Wed: Meetings. Bishop's House, ono Confirmation. St Margaret's Luton. 7.30pm_ Thu Confinnation.St Teresa's, Beasmnsfield, 7 30pm. Fri Bucks Church Leaders. Great Misseoden, 10am; MORES Lmtuie. Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes. pm, Sat Youth Weekend. London Colony. 10am.

Bishop Duna Iliexham and Newcasde) Sun, Youth Mission Team sponsored walk to raise funds for World Youth Day 2008 followed by Mass at Bishop's Honor. Toe: Mass, Ushaw College, for East Durham Schools. I loot North East Christian Churches Together meeting, Bishop's House 7.3(pm. Wed; Mass, St Josoplo's School. High

field. 9emo Thu, WO!, Si Mary's Cathedral for Newcastle Catholic Schools Year 6 Leavers, 130pm: Confirmations, St Joseph's, Jarrow. 7pmFrir Mass. St Cudihen's, North Shields. 10am, Sat: Ordinutions to the Permanent Disomate, St Marr's Cathedral I lam. Bishop Hendrick! (Auxiliary in Southwark)

Sun: Confumations. Kingston Hill, 5.30pm. Mon: Finanm Committee meeting, Fromm Office, 11 am. Tue: Archbohois's Council, Archbishop's House, 10am. Wed: Amigo Hall meeting. London. 10.30am: visit Vocations Event, Wolilingharn. 4pin. Thu: Head Teecher Retirement Moo .Wimbledon. Ilam. Fri: Deaf Chaplaincy meeting, West Wickham. 10.30ain; Mgr. Richard Moth Silver Jubilee Mass,St George's Cathedral, 7pm.Sat: CTS Mass and Conference. London, 2pmo Confirmotions. New Addiegton, 630pm. Wallop Him (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark" Caffirmation, Corpus Cloosti, Tonbridge, 3.30pm. Mon: Attends Launch of document to Catholic Social Justice, Westminster, 6.30

• 1130pm. The Anithishop's Council rneetinmArch bishop's House, Mani. Wed. Opens Business arid roomprise Centre, St Edmund's School, Dover, Man; Celebrates Most for 40th Anniversary of Medway Marriage Care. St Thomas of Canterbury, Rainham, 7pm. Fri: Concelebrates Mass for Monsignor Richard Moth's Silver Jubilee, Southwark Cathedral. 7pm. Bishop Hails (Portsmouth) Sun, MUSS, St Andrew . North Badde slam 9 .15am. Moo: Bishops Conference Standing Committee meeting, London. 10 30am; Boshops' Conference Mass, London. Spat, followed by Reception. Toe Conroeniatioo for Lotion Valley Pastoral Area,St Joseph's Convent School. Reading. 7pm. Wed: Mass, St Joseph. Niton. Opm. Thu: Diocesan Trustees:Finanee meeting Bishop's House. Portsmouth, 1.030arn: Priest Retirement Fund meeting. Bishop's House. Portsmouth. pm: Confirmation for Southampton East Pastoral Area. St Patrick's, Wool:non, 7pm Fri: Confirmotion for South Berkshire Pastoral Area, Corpus Christi. Wokingham, 7pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Confirma tions. Our Lady of Perpetuid Help. Stephendale Road Mono presides at 'Bright Lightsgathering, Landon Coiney.430pm. Mort. Engagements,Arch. bishop's House; Mass, Westminster Cathedral. 3pm. followed by Hicerarchy's Reception. Tee, Ealing Deanery meeting, II Longfield Road, Ealing. am. Fri: Archbishop's Council,Anchbithop's House, engagements. Archbishop's HOUSC. pm. Confirmations , St Francis de Sales, Hampton Hill. 7pm, Sao Confirmations. St Michael's, Ashford, 2.30pm: presides at Mau, St David's, Stanarli 5.30pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Mon: Caritas Social Action Trustees meeting, London. I 2pm; Bishops' Reception, Westminster. 4pm: Caritas Social Ammo Book Launch. London, 630pm_

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Sun: Attends Conse

cration of Greek Orthodox Church. Cheluahun. 945ant Moo: Conversation with leaders event. Bristol, 245pm. The: Celebrates Mass, St Patrick's Flea:nary School, Corsham. 10am: Confirmation, St Patrick's Cotsham, 730pm, Wed: Ccedimiation for Stroud Deanery. The Immaculate Conception, Stroud. 7 30mi Thu: Bishop's Council Bristol. 1 1 arm Confirmation, St Patrick's. Brockworth, Mapro Fri, Celebrates Mass for dOth anniversary of oafish. F nylish Martyr's. Tuffiey. Gloucester. 730prn. Sat Ordains Malcolm Ferrier, Philip Joseph and Kevin Stapleton to the dinconate. Clifton Cathedral. Bristol, I tarts.

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Mon, Bishops' Coaference Standing Committee meeting, Archbishop's House, 10.30am; Bishops' Conferenm Mass. Weatminster Cathedral 3.12‘.1 Summer Reception, Archbishop's House. pm Toe, Islington Deanery meeting, St Mellitus, Tollington Park. 'pro. Wed London Catalyst AGM. Royal College of Nursing, 20 Cavendish Sq, 4pm. Thu. Cole. brutes Moos, St Albert the Great Primary School. Hemel Hempstead, 6pm_ Fri: Arcithithop's Como aid. Archbishop's House, 9.30am: Silver Jubilee MUSS for Mgr Richard Moth. St George's Cathedral, Southwark. 7pm. Sat: Westminster Diocese Deaf Service Voricra and Values Day 2007. Vaughan House, 10am, Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Soudiwuk) Sun, Confirmations. Our Lady ot Loonies. Lee. I lam. Toe, Archbishop's Council. Aschbishop House Bishop McGottgit (Birmingbanio Sun: Confirmation,. St Austin s. Stafford. 1030am. Mort Violas St Mary's Primary School, Woh ethiunpron. 2pm: Confirmations. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Wolverhampton. 7pm. Toe: Visas MOlool, Abbey Milian, 2pm. Confirrnations.Abbey Maas,

7pm. St Mary the Mount Primary School, Wilson.. 2pm: Confumauons. St Mary the Mount. Walsall, 7pm. Poo Oscoa College Trustees meeting, Oscott College. loam; visits School. Sunnily. 2pm: Conftrmationa. Steamily. 7poi. Fri Celebrates Mass o oh Local School Leaven, Hesinestord. 7ron.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Pastoral Visitation and confirmation. Backlog, St Mary and St Ethelharga Mon: Attend; Bisbops' Sommer Mass and Remotion. Westminster. 3.6pm. 111, Mectingsainterviews, Cathedral House: Chaos. Stock Parish Council, pm. NVed: Attends Mernoriel Servim.Cheltrusford Cathoiral. Thu. Presides at Mass and Commissioning of Pastoral Assismnts, Cothedral.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun, Visitation. Sr Thomas of Canterbury, Gainsbmough. Mon: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee. Archbishop's House. Weeminster, 10am: CaTEW AGM, 1 30pen: attends Mao and Reception, West. minster Cathedral. Wed: Diocesan Trustees meeting. Willson House, 1030am; Confirmation. English Martyrs. A1vmten. Thu, Sr Catherine's Society Tharium meeting. Bishop's House, 230pm: Confirmation. St Anne's. Bunion, 7pm. Fri, Diamond Jubilee of Ordination to the Presdiend of Canon Roger Mater, St Mary's, Brigo.6 30pen. Sat Diamond Jubilee Mass. St Phdorarna's Covent. Derby. 12pm.

Bishop Malone (Liocipooli Mon: Coafumation. SI Joseph. Wrightington.7.30pm. Tue. Mass of Thankspving for the Silver Jubilee of Rev Philip Inch. Our Lady and Si Pholomena, Liverpool. 7.30pni. Wed: Mass of Thanksgising for the Notre Dame Framing College 'Class of 57'. Menopolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, 1 lam. Thu: Meneysak Quota Leaden' Reception,Amlo bishop Home. 7.30mm Sat Centenary Mass in Honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Carmelite Monastery. Liverpool. 2pm.

Bishop Noble (Shremsbury) Sue: Eucharist with Parish APP (Amociation for the Propagation tilde Faith/ Volunteers, Sc Michael and All Angels. Woodchurch, 2pm. Mons Bishops' Conference Mass and Reception. Westminster. 3pm. Tee: Diocesan Trustees. Curial Offices. 9am. Wed: Confirmation, Holy Spirit. Marple, with Our Lady and St Christopher's, Romley. 7pm.Thu. Eucharist to mark 50th Anniversary of the Building of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. Pertington, 7pm. Sat: Eucharist with Gift Aidllanned Giving Parish Helpers. Sr Columba's. Chester. 2.30pm Bishop 011onoghtle (Lancaster) Sun Mon: Visitation, St Margaret Mary. Carlisle. Tue. Laocaster Homeless Action meeting, 6pna. Thu: Moss for Dl. Edward Bomber. Sr Winefride's. Bispham, 7pm_ Fri: Bohop's Council meeting, 10.45arn: Mass and Blessing ofoow school btildlugs. Pilling. 230pm Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun. Comicconnotes. Harrington. 10.311am. Mon Mn... Westminster Cathedral: 3pro. Toe: Visits Schools. ICinghtam, 130pro Confirrnations.Kinshurst.7pm. Wed, Visits St Joseph's School. Ner.hells. lOarn: Confomations. Kingshurst, 7pm. Thu: Oscon Trustees meeting, Oscon College. 1030un: Maryvale Genera,' Council meeting.Marmak Institute. 3.45pm. Fri: Muss. Sc Anthony,. Kingshurst. 730pan. Set Presentation of Papal Awsrda, Cathedral, 12pm Bishop Raorsthorne (Hallam) Sun: Faith and Light meeting. Garforth. 3.1 5pm Mon: Emmaus School, Sheffield. 9am; Bishops' Conference, London. 12-30pm. Toe: Confirmation. Blessed Samament,Atheoley, 7pm. Wed, Diocesan Fiamce Board.Pastoral Centre, 1045eno Investment SubCOmmittee. Pastoral Centre. 2pm, Faith Leaders meeting. Sheffield. 7pm. Thu: Diocesan Schools Pilgrimage, Padloy. I I 30am: Caused for Liturgy: Bishop's Hamm, 2-30pox Confirnotioo, Holy Rood. Barnsley. 7pm. Sat Mass,Rompion Hospital, 2pm; Confirmation. SI Thomas More, Sheffield , 5pm.

Bishop Roche (Leedst Sun Fri Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Confirm, non, London Colors, 5pm_ Mon, Bishops Confercore Remotion, 3pm, Toe: Ceiebratim Jubilee Mass. St Thereto',. Borehamwood, 1 lam. Wed: Chairs Education Commission, 10.30am: Preside at the Opening of the Disabled Access to the Tyburn Shrine. 3pm. Thu: Celebrates Mass, St Albert the Great School, Herne! Hempstead. 6pm. Fri, Arch. bishop's Council roma/. 930am: Confirmation, St Hugs. Leochworth , .30pm. Sat: Vigil Moss, Our Lady and St %Meat, Potters Bar. dpm.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sun; Childrens Liturgy of the World Celebration, 2pm. Mon: Department of Christian Responsibility meeting. Bishops' Conference, Ecelemon Square. London. 10am: Bishops' Conference Mass and Reception, wennunster, 3pm. Tine: Service of Dedication. St Francis of Assisi RC Primary School, Skelmendate. I pm: Confirmation, St /dory Immaculate. Black. brook, St Helens.7pm. Wed: Service of Opening. St Benedict's RC Primary School. Netherton, lOarm visits St Mary's (Much Wootton) RC Primary School, 1.15pm. Thu: Visits Sr Gerard's RC Primary School, Widnes, 9.15atm visits St Ambrose RC Primary School. Spoke. 1.30pm: Merseyside Church Leaders' Recepnon,Arehhishop's House. 7 30pm. Fri: Visits Sr Christopher's RC Primary School, Spoke, 930ani; Celebnates Mass. Nosh Church of Our Lady and St Nicholas. Liverpool, 1.05pno Sat: KHS Garden Party, Ficeisham. 12pm.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Mon. Bishops' Conference Standing Committee, Westminster. 1030amr Bishops' Mass and Summer Reception. Ipoo. Toe: Silver Jubilee Moos for Fr David O'Donnell, St Dyfrig's Church: Treforest, 6.30pm. Wed: School Leavers Mass. Cardinal Newman High School, Pontypridd. Mam. Thu: Diocesan Council of Priests. Pastoral Timmins. Centre, Slain. Fri: School LCaseTS Mass, St Joseph's High School. Newport, 7.301xn. Sat: Ordination to the Diaconate for Maurice Manion, Sr Francts of Assisi Church, Cardiff. 12pm.

Bishop labale (Menevia) Mon, Headteachers meeting. Curial Office, lOato; appointment. Curial Office. I tam, Tue. Interview.s, Curial Office, ampre. Wed: Interviews, Curial Office. am/pm.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun, Family Life Day, Panramph Mon CFOS meeting, London. I pm: Bishops' Macs. 3pm; followed by Receptom. 4.15pm, Toe, Chapter Mass, 12pm Wed Diocesan Education Team meeting. Thu Sat, Annual Holiday.

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