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6th June 2008
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Page 14, 6th June 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: ECUMentall Commission, Fn Dosoemo Commission for Schools and Colleges, Cathedral Church of St John, Archbishop's Council, Mom Finance Committee, Bishop's Council, Or Sick and Retired Pans' Fund, Holy Souls School, Schools Commission, Eslaation Office, Fn Bede College, Liompool Centre for Evangelisation, Primary School, Council of Deaos, Virgo Frain Church, Arehhishop's Council, Scone College, Patrimony Committee, Bthle School, Liverpool Mission, Vain St Modwen's Primary School, Ss George and Martin Primary School, Vine St Ftharena's Primary School, Van English Martyrs School, Larmeruer School, St CnIumba's Church, Scotus College, WedSpirituality Committee of the Bishops, St Columba 's High School, Laserpool Hope University, Bhhop Daltrey iTiliddlepbmugh Tor Bishop's Council, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisatiem, High School, St John's Association, St Mary's Printery School, Toe School, 1M= Award CcreMony.11olyrood High School, CES Mansgernent Committee, Curial Office, Council of Dem, National Project Steering Committee, Amami Finance Board, Youth Service, Ecumenical Service, St Joseph's Primary School, Learn Catalyst Board, Church of Christ, St Edmund's College, Council of Deans, Catholic Children's Society, &Anthony's Primary School, Diocesan Youth Council, Department for Christian Responsibilmy and Citizenship, St Ignatius Primary School, OsCOrt College, Liverpool Hope University, Catalan Association, House of Commons, Macclesfield Leisure Centre, Cathotic Education Service


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June 8 to June 13

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster> Sum Celehmes Mass for the SOda Mammary of the Parish of Si Mary Magdalen, Wharton. London, Mem. Mon: Interviern and Engagements, Archbishop's House. Tut: Meeting with Bishops from Turin.ArthisishophHouse,Spm. Wed: Calderon Mass. St Hugh of Lincoln, Letchworth Gorden City, Hertfrodshice. 730pm. Thu: Celebrates Benefactors Mass for the Sick end Reared Priests' Fund Westminster Cathedral, 530pn: attends Reception fa the Sick ad Rented Pikers' Pand.Archhahop's House, 630pm Pti Meets with AnabishopsCcamal,Ardabishop's House,9am: meets with Council of Deans. Aschashops House. 1 lam Sat: Celebrates Diaconate Ordination of Arrthony Clarke, St Edward the Confessor. Golden Green, London. 230pm.

Archbishop Kelly 'Liverpool) Sun: Mass of lliankagx ving on the Ruby Jubilee of Rev Prawn Few.. All Saints, Anfield. noon: Mars of Thanksgiving an the Ruby Jubilee ci Rev Brian Creme, Chat the Song. Childwth, Opt. Mon: Chain Lecture by Mon Rev John Seaman Archbishop of York. Laserpool Hope University, Sam: Integrity in Public Life krinn, Liverpool Hope University. 1030am: amends Lecture by Sir Stepan waLiverpol Hope Unsersin. then rue: Mends Lance by Professor Stanley Wells Liverpool Hope University. 9ara Ethical Economics Forum, Liverpool Hope University, 10.30am. Wed: Attends Book Launch, Eldonian Village, Liverpool. t lam: Mass followed by Lecture *The Enchorist and Social Justice'. Christ the King. Childvrdl,7pm. Tat Athathishop a Ceara. Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisatiem, 10.15= Chain Together in the Merseyside Region Maio emen Commaree.Quaker Meetng House, Liverpool. 330pm. Pri: Visits Alder Hey ilOildren a Hospital, Liverpool, 1030m. Sat: PM Group nee-Ong, Liverpool Archdioceses Cenoe fur Evengelimion, 1033am. visrmion Mau, S, Mathew, Liverpool. 630prn.

Archbishop What amnesia, Sim Maas. Ss Mary and John, Wolvedaampton, 10am. Mere Birrn• Ingham Churches Together. Harborer. 630pm. The, Confirmations, Our Lady Queen of Peace, athecester, 7pm. We CES Mansgernent Committee meeting. London: Birmingham Faith Leaders meethm,7300-n. The Centimetres. Our Lady of the Angels, Stoke. 7pm. Err Mass for Headrachers, Colatull, 1130am. Sat: Diaconate Ortheiations,Osoott. noon.

Bishop Arnold (Ansthery Bishop of V. ninon') Sun Confirmation, Edgware, noon; Confirmation, Kmgsbury. 3 30prn, Cathedral mass. 'pm. Thu: Bishops Conference Media meeting, &demo Square. 2pm: Rola lohmcio's o Reaptin fo BhConfeeoce.

thn Achbahops Canal. Arhpop's thn Achbahops Canal. Arhpop's

House, 9.30am: Council of Dem, I I ant. Set Confirmation. Wironnee. norm: Confarnanaa Muswell Hifi 630pm.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Son: Celebration of Mass, Commemorating Bishop Holland', 101kh Binhday. Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist. Salton!, 530pm. Mon • Fri: Clap Retreat, Llandudno Fri: Mass to alebrate the Episcopal Ordination of &ship Terry Drairey, Bishop of Middlesbrough, Cathedral Church of St John the Evangelist. Salford, 7pm Bishop Campbell (Cadjuter Lancaster) MonAppointments m the Dream (Atha. Sired: Augustinian alethatien. Birmingham. Thu. Presentation of the Final Fit for Mission Proposals. on: Confirmation. St Andrew's. Comm pm.

Bishop Corry ( Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Mass foe New Mayor, Gregory Szetho.Our Laity 3Ransom Earbourre, 10.30am, Crawley Deanery. Confirnia• dons. WOrth Abbe), 3pm. Mon: Appointments Tar, Secondary Heads meeting, St Wilfrid's, Crawley. 9.30am: Talk "Justice and Peace" to the Post Alpha Group. St John's Chumh Hall, Femme:the. 7.30pm. Wed, Appointments: Bishops*Sal meeting St John's Scroinary, Wonersh,Ipm.Fri, Van English Martyrs School, Goring: Appointments: Woking Deanery Confmnations, Fernley, 7 30pm. Sat. Woking Deanery Confirmations, Woking. II 30am aad 3pm.

Bishop Doyle (Noithrunpoth Sun: Ecumenical Service Caroline Chisholm at school. pro. Mon: No official engagements. Tut: Visiting St Paula, Milton Keynes. 11130ann Milton Keynes Presidents' AGM acrd retain& Well at Willenalien Mission Partnership AGM. Church of Christ the Cimostone. Milton Keynes, 7.30pm. Wed, Bishop Peter's 40th Anniversary Mass, Cathedral, noon. Thu Meeting. Bishop's Hone, noon: Confirmation.Ora lady of Peace. Bumhorn. Slough. 730pm. Fri: Annual Lams CommisSinn Day; Conthmetion.St Baniadine dgiena, Butinghon, 7.30pm. Sat, Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsmgharn.

Bhhop Daltrey iTiliddlepbmugh Tor Bishop's Council. Curial Office. Ilan Wed: Meeting with Youth Service. I tam sekbrate Confirmation, St Francis of Anima 6pm; ielehrate Confirmation. Cathedral. 7 30pm Thu: Gives Talk. Canerick Garrison, noon; attends RCIA Meeting, St Admit's. York. 7pn, Fri: Celebrates Mass, Salford Cathedral,

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: ' Warnecke, 10.15ain; Carers' Week Sonar, Cadman: caster Parish Clinch. 3prn Most Sat Vaiit to East Anglia of Bishop Kiks from 13 earphone. Cambodia. Tue, Diocesan Youth Council meting with Map Kike. 7pm Wed: Men area visit St John's Fur Sdnd Norwich with Bishop Fake, 9.30am. Thu: Luncah with Bishop Like and all Parish Priests twimed with Cambodia Poringland, 12.30pm Fri • Sat Committee fot Christian Liars., Lads_

Bishop Hendricks (Arabia y' in Southwark) Star Conti on ethos, Balham, II 3Garn; Confirmation, Battersea Park. 3pm. Mom Finance Committee meeting London, 11 am. TUC' Arehhishop's Council, London, I I am Bea-anion ffitecurive meeting, London, 1311pm. Wed Bishops-Staff meeting. Worersh. 3pn. alm. St John's Association meeting, Woonsh. 9am: Confsmation, Seledon. 730pm.

Bishop Hine (Amaliary Bishop of Southwark) Sum Mends Marriage Enrichment event. Aylesford Priory lore: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishops Home, I lano Education Eamtive Cannata meeting. Archbishop's House. 1.30pm: Confirmation. OUR Lady 's, Nortliflret. 7.30pm. Wed: Meeting with Director of Schools Commission and LEA Officers, West Malting. lt>xm noon: Marriage and Foray Life Conon= meeting. Salami Square, 2pm • 4pm. Thu: Bishops' Conference Deprotmat oretion,Ealeraon Square: nom 4pm; steeds &rennin forte Bishops 'Truth in the Future Campaign", Apostolic Nunciatures slim • apm. Fri, Celebrates Maas for St Man's Primary' School (Deal, St Jana Martha= Loam. and afterwards blesses new thusrooms et the school. Sat: Attends Annual Meeting of Marriage and Family. Life representatives, Ecoleston Square. I 1 _30am 3pm.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Parish visitation Mass, St Michael and All Angels. Leigh Park, I nom_ Tar Mass Jersey. pm Wed. Confirmation for Jersey Pastoral Area. ler,-y, pm Fri: Berkshire Briar Lunch, Windsor. fpm Sat: Study Day.Cetalic Bthle School. 1020am.

Bishop Hopes (west:mincer) Sun, Celebrates: Confirmation nen, St Anseltn, Southall, I lam; celebrates Confirmation Mass, Our Lady of Victoriea, Kommecon.630pm, Mon: Celebrates School Maas on Toth annorray,St Thome' of Canterbury, Fulham. a than; «kbrates Confirmation Man. St Thomas of Canaan. Fulham, Opt, The: Anends Hillingdon Dronersowning. Yeading, am; engagements, Archlaship's house. pm Celebrates Collimation Mass. London Orator, School, 6pm. Thu: Attends FIhnic Chaplains' mretnig. Italian Chunth. 10 Vern • 2pm, engagement, Archbishop's House, pm: conceletemes Most for Patrons of Or Sick and Retired Pans' Fund. Westminster Cathedra, ithan. followed by Reception. Fri: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 9.100 a Conned of Deans, Archbishop's Heave, I I ant engagementsakrchbishop Have, pm, celebrates Confirmation Mass. St Francis of Assisi, Notting Hill. 7pm Sat Celebrates Co nfinuaroon Mass, St Matthew, Northwood, 11 am: eelehrota

tion Mass. St Raphael. Yearling, 4prn.

Bishop Kenney 1Biming,ham) Sun: Confirmations, Our Lady of the Assumption. Coventry. I I am; Ecumenical Sanaa , St Walston. Long lichingtoo, tiona Toe School visit. St Mary's Printery School, Southern 2pm. Wed Regional Conference of Religious Superiors, Begbroke, I lam; Confirmations, Corpus Christi. Coventry., 7pm. Thu, Co.firmanon, St Joseph's. Carterton. 7pm. Fri: Headmasters' Moo. Co teshill, I I .30 ern . Sat: Mass with the Filipino Community, Oxford. I 1 30am.

Bishop Lang (Clifton> Mon, Launch of Fire

Gold?,Clifton Cathedral, Bristol:7pm. Tue: Bishop's Council. Bristol, I lam; Confurnation. St John the Baptist, Trowbridge. 7 30prn. Wed: Staff meeting.

Vast, oli. 2pm. Thu: Confmnstion, St Mary's, Soon dor, 730pm. Fri: Man to celebrate Canon Michael English Golden Jubilee, St Alpine, Bath. ?pm. Sat Visitation. St George. Taunton Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sim Kid stn of St Columba, Southern Provinces Annual Pilgrimage to aniesford, noon_ Tut Churches Together in

meeting, Maley Hall. Lade. 1030am. Thu B Conference. Department for Christian Responsibilmy and Citizenship meeting. Facleston Squen, noon' Learn Catalyst Board, Peabody Offices, Wesairmer Bridge Road. 4pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council, Archthshop's House, 9am; Council of Deaos. Archbishop's House. I lam; Confirmation. Sacred Hearn Parish Kilburn 7pm. Sat Confirmation, Immacuise Heart of Mary. West Kilburn, I I 30ana: Confirmation, Our Lady of the Rosen'. Mary kbone, Opm Bishop Lana (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirm:man, St Joseph's. St Mary and St Paola Cray, I lain. Tor Archbishop's Council meeting. IlamtEducatket Executive rooming. I 30prn: Cademations, St Augustine's, Beckenham Hill, 730pm Wed: Maas to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Knights of Columba. West Norwood, St Margaret Chtherow's, Dulwich Wood Park. noon South-East Permanent Deacons meeting, Hayes. Spm. mach LadenEintaktasi . Si John's. Waterloo, then. Pei: Senriar, Si John's Seminary, %mash. Sat Oathaation to the Priesthood of Revd. Con Boyle. Virgo Frain Church. Upper Norwood. nom; Coofmnalions. Forest Hill, 6pm.

Bishop McGough (Bimungharn) Sun Confin mations. Holy Cron, iachfield, 2pm. Mon Vine St Ftharena's Primary School, Caverswall. 2pm; Confirmanors. Cavaswall. 7pm Tun Diocese of Salford Clergy In-Service. Wed: Mass to celebrate 70th Anniversary of St Mary's Primary Sdiool, Holy Trinay. Newcastle, 10am: visits Ss George and Martin Primary School. Birches Head, 2prnt Confirmation. Birches Head, 7pm Thu: Visits &Anthony's Primary School, Wolverhampton. 2pm: Confermattoos. St Anthony of Padua. Wolverhampton. 7pm. Fri: Vain St Modwen's Primary School. Bortomon-Tran 2pm: Confirmations Burton 7pm_

Bishop McMahon fBremwood 1 Star Celebrates Choral Mn,,. Cathedral. 11.30am. Toe Wed: Meetingsiinteovievo, Cathedral House. me. Meeting a Patrimony Committee. London. 1230pm. Fri: Celebrates50th Anniversary of pariah of St Edmund of Canterbury, Loughtio, Sao Celebrates Annual Mass, Brentwood Catholic Children's Society and Retirement of Director, Cathedral, 4pm.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Celebrates Mau as the occasion of the 96th Birthday after John Feeley, Our Lady of Victories. Lone:worth, 10.13am. Mon, Mass and Blessing of New Extension, St Joseph's Primary School. New 011erton, Ilam. Toe • Fn Bede College. Rome. Sat: Pax Christi AGM, York.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool' Sun: Mass of Thanksgiving on de Ruby Jubilee of Rev Brian Cora. Christ the ffing.Claildwall, 6pm. Wed Omni& Ceremony of 'The Big Hope'. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. 1030am; Mass of Thanksgiving on the Rubs Jubilee of Rev John Joyce, All Shints, Golborne. 7 10pm Thu Archbishop's Council, Liompool Centre for Evangelisation. 10. ISam.

Bishop Noble (Shronbury) Sin: Cnnfirma cam. Macclesfield Leisure Centre. 230pro. Mon Tar Education Team. Llandudno, WedSpirituality Committee of the Bishops' Conference. Milton Keynes. Thu: Confirmation. Chnst Chunt. Heald Green with St Ann's, Cheadle. 7pm Fn Dosoemo Commission for Schools and Colleges. Eslaation Office, Birkenhead. l0®; Craighead Presentation. Wanton Hall, 7pm. Sat interviews with those to he wailed Deacon in July this y can Labwrium Cottage,

Bishop O'Donsiganie (Lancaster) Star Confirmation Kendal. 6pm. Mon: Conformation. St Bernard, Preston, 7pm. Tor: Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Bartow, 7pm. Wen Confimation. St Mary. Fleetwood. 7pm. Thu, Fit 1or Mission Core Group present the Fool Proposals. Fri: Visit St Ignatius Primary School, Preston. gam: Confirmation. St Maths Lea Town, 7pm. Sat Mau for Camaror , Carmel Priory. I .45pm: visitation. Our lady and %Hama winderMere_ Bishop Papier (Birmingham) Sum Institut= of LeCOXS, OsCOrt College, 1130arn. Moir Visits Holy Souls School. Acan Green, 2pm: Confirtnahow, Acocks Cheen.7pen. The Visas Schools. Kings Heath. 10am; Confirrnatioro, Aeocks Gran, 7pm. Wed: Pastoral Forum Meeting. Colcshill, 1030am: visits School. Gravely Hill, 2pm.; Confirmations, Oramils Hal. 7pm. Thu Visits School. Boldmere. 2pm: Confirmations, Balancer 7pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Mon: Mass. Ruby Jubilee of Rev Philip FitegeraktBrighouse,7pn011se: Capri meeting, Leeds Cathedral, Ham Coofinnation, SS Peter and Paul, Wakefield. 630pm; Confirmation. S Austin's, Wakefield, Ppm Wed: Came and See Art Competition Presentation, Mt St Joseph's. Leeds. 1030am; mating with Amami Finance Board and Trustee Directors, Nasky Hall. 4pm. This: VGs' meeting. Bishop's House. I Own Cunfimaion, St Joseph's, CasOeford, 7pm. Pri: Mass. St Anthony 's School. Clayton Dam; Confornaoort Intraacriate Conception and Si John's. Scarthingwell. 7pm.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Confirmation. The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph. Hertford, 1030am: Confirmation Our Lady of Lourdes Harpenden. Hats, 4pm Inc: Attends Lea Valley Deanery, St Edmund's College, I1 arn. Wed: Moriing,Cathotic Education Service. 12.30pm: Catholic Education Service Reception. House of Commons. 4pro, Thu: Blessing of Garden, Larmeruer School, Hammersmith I lam. Fri: Archbishop's Council, 9.30am. followed by Council of Deans, Archbishop's House; Confirmation, St Brae's, Crony Green, 730pm. Sat: Celebrates Mass for Camaro in Lady Chapel, Westminster Cathedral. Corn.

Bishop WlWaatn (1-iscepool) lax: Conference on the Parrood Care of Retired Clergy NEC Birno ingham.9am. Wed Heahhare Reference Group meeting. Wesmainstior. I l run. mu: Department far Christian Responsibility meeting, Bishops' Conference, Eccleston Square. London. noon. Fri • Liverpool Mission to Seafarers marang. Liverpool Archrbocesaa Cease for Evaneelisation. 2pm.

WALES &shop Jahlie IMenevial Son: Llanelli Parish Confirmations, 10am. Mon ECUMentall Commission meeting. am Thu: Engagement, Curial Office. am, Fri: Aberystwyth Parish. 7pm.

RIShoP Regan (Wrexham) Mon: Provincial Ecumenical meeting, 1030am; Confirmations, Connah's QuayQuems ferry. 7pm Toe: National Project Steering Committee, London. Wed: CES Management meeting, London: CES Parliamentary Reception, 4pm Spar. Thu: Bangor, Ipm; Caratmations. Rhyl. 7pm. Fat Diocesan Trustees' meeting, 1030am; Deacons Social gathering . Sao COPCA Roadshow, Loreto, Llandudno. 1.3111pm 331thro: Visitation, Colwyn Bay


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's A Edinburgh-1M= Award CcreMony.11olyrood High School, Edinburgh, 730pm. Tue, Meeting of I:Maws of SCLAF, Scone College, 2pm: meeting of Bishops' Conference of Scotland. Scotus College, 4pm and overnight Wed: Golden hake MP. Of Father last Laimenson OFM. Abbotsford House. Mehose .530pm. Thu: Feast Day Mass, St Columba 's High School, Dunfermline 10.30am 50th Amaversary celebrations of St Paul's. Glenmthes, 7pm. Fri: Meeting et Vicars General, St Bennet's, I lam; Re-launch of Scottish Catholic Observer, Balmoral HoteL Ediasugh, I prn.Sat Gems nary Dinner with Catalan Association. Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, Edinburgh, 7pm.

Bishop Logan (3unkeldiDundee) Mon: St Columba's Primary School Mass of Thanksgiving, St CnIumba's Church, Dundee. 2pm. Tae Wed Bishops' Conference. Scotus College. Glasgow. Thu: St John's High School Prim Giving, Dundee. 7pm. Sat: Scottish Cetera= Association, Centenary Celebration. Edinburgh

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