Page 3, 6th March 1942

6th March 1942
Page 3
Page 3, 6th March 1942 — YOUTH

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Locations: Stockport, London


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Asks For What It Wants


" Maud "—Wants to Lead MISS Silvers is vehement, comes from Stockport, wants to be a Youth Leader, now works at a grocer's in Ealing, and was the first to 'phone me when the paper with my first article on Youth appeared on Friday. She told me moreover that she is 19, that her Christian name is Maud, that her boy is in the R.A.F., and that she can have a photograph taken of herself if I want one. All in one breath!

Maud being in a hurry to ring off, she didn't give me a chance to tell her all about Youth Leaders—but, oh, Maud ! you certainly appear to have sonic of the qualities needed ! Spirit is-one—your quick-fire talk showed that—and ii bubbled out of the receiver into my ear. You would make a firebrand orator, Maud, and a hail-fellow-wellmet sort of girl you very likely arc already. That's fine is Write me, Maud. I haven't your address.

" Donbos"—Wants Co-ordination

"Donbas " has written me suggesting a scheme for the co-ordination of parochial Youth activities. Inter-parochial committees contiguous with Borough Councils should be set up, he thinks. Through affiliation with the Borough Youth Committees they would deal with applications for grants on behalf of the parishes. Further co-ordination could be achieved through diocesan councils, and lastly through a national council.

"Most of the Religious Orders," he adds, " have given much time and thought to the Youth Movement. All this knowledge would be most invaluable if it could be summarised and a wilted scheme could be agreed upon." Representatives front the C.Y.M.S., .Squires, Scotus, S.V.P., C.O.M., Guides, and other organisations working for youth " would form the basis of a national council which would guide and advise through their own organisations and through the diocesan councils the United Catholic Youth Movement throughout the country."

" M. C."—Wants Something " Utopia!"

M.C., who is 19 (from Highgate), writes to say she is glad " tkis newspaper has skyrocketed one of its many valuable corners to youth level." She belongs to nothing in her parish, which has only the C.O.M., but longs for something which she fears is too

Litopial." She says:

" What I should really appreciate would be a varled club or centre open to all Catholics between, say, 16 and 26 at which we could meet—not io do the same humdrum things week after week, but varied events such as debates on current happenings, films, doctrine, and any variety of subjects. There could be discussions headed by a priest or a knowledgeable Catholic, and maybe a ' Brains Trust, but a little more ' earthbound' than Joad or Huxley. Fairly often, of course, games and dancing would be very much welcomed, and in the summer, rambles and picnics could be planned."

THIS is of interest for Youth in the London

area, particularly those interested in scouting. You will be welcome at a meeting of all Catholic Scouters op Saturday, March 14, at 3, in the Westminster Cathedral Choir School Hall, so please go. The Catholic Scout Guild 'recently circularised the parish twin n in the London area to suggest the formation of area troops, and 47 parishes have already responded. Many helpful suggestions have been forwarded, I'm told. This proves that interest is alive !

Let me hear from you—those of you who are between 16 and 20, and please send a photograph.

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