Page 2, 6th March 1959

6th March 1959
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Page 2, 6th March 1959 — APE DESCENT

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S'R._ The Catholic Truth

Society pamphlet " What Catholics Believe was first published in 1905. not 1957 as stated by your correspondent.

The author. Mother Mary Loyola, like your correspondent. was not writing as a scientist and she does not say that this was Darwin's theory. There is, however. no doubt that Darwin's "Origin of Species" started the "man from apes" controversy which was still raging when this pamphlet was written. Many atheists and rationalists at that time maintained that men were descended from apes and this was used to try and prove that Man had no immortal soul. There are many people today who still hold this view.

The following quotation from "The Life of Rt. Rev. Samuel Wilberforce". published in 1881. shows the feeling which was engendered by the publication of Darwin's "The Origin of Species": "As an example of the bitter controversy which ensued. it is said that Bishop Wilberforce. Bishop of Oxford. at the meeting of the British Association held there in 1860, publicly asked T. H. Huxley whether it was on his grandfather's or his grandmother's side that he was related to the apes! He also said that 'whatever certain people might believe, he would not look at the monkeys in the Zoological Gardens as connected with his ancestors'. A remark that drew from a certain professor the retort: 'I would rather be descended from an ape than froth a Bishop!'" The whole subject of Evolution and the Church's teaching is particularly well covered by the C.T.S. in the following pamphlets: "Evolution" by Professor Renotif, "The Catholic Church and Science" by Professor Hodgson, and. of course, Mgr. Knox's translation of Pope Pius Xll's encyclical "Humani Generis". We are also publishing very shortly a new pamphlet "Evolution Today". by the Rev. A. Pickering, M.A.

T. H. Rittner (General Secretary)

University's Thank You

SIR,-I would like to thank you for the space you gave to our appeal for books and pamphlets for our bookstall in the Union. and also to all those kind people who have so generously sent us books. pamphlets. and letters ot encouragement We are trying to acknowledge as many as possible ourselves, but a large number of our benefactors have preferred to remain anonymous.

John Nurse

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