Page 2, 6th March 1959

6th March 1959
Page 2
Page 2, 6th March 1959 — Central Library

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Central Library

SIR,-Ntay I draw the attention of your readers to the wonderful work done for the Catholic Central Library by Miss Enid Broughton? As a qualified librarian. over a period of 10 years, she literally slaved to maintain its efficiency and smooth running. as all the subscribers will testify. The only ritrecompense that can he made to her, and to all those who have given their services so generously in the past. is to insure that, come what may, the library shall not only survive but taken on a new and vigorous lease of life.

Winifred M. Charller

Gloucester House (4th floor) W.C.2.

Sthe past I have been grateful for and delighted in the Catholic Central Library. Nevertheless. I should like to point out to 1.1.0C. that the public libraries will order any hook' Here, in Reading. we have an excellent Catholic library embodied in the Pree Library. Recently I wanted the Allison Peers complete works of St. Teresa. The three volumes were borrowed for me from Twickenham Library for two months; I expect I could have extended it further. Total cost to me; ls.

(Mrs.) M. M. Jackson 18 Granville Road, Reading.

The special merit of the Catholic Central Library Is the availability of hooks out of print or difficult to obtain.-EDITOR C.H.

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