Page 7, 6th March 1964

6th March 1964
Page 7
Page 7, 6th March 1964 — " PI e es . 4 4 , by

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" PI e es . 4 4 , by


IRIS COMA% THE challoner Club, for the first time in its history, put on an exhibition tef paintings and sculpture at week which was so well attended on the opening night that the exhibits were pretty well obliterated by the crush of people who came to see them.

Sir John Rothertstein, who opened the exhibition. took the opportunity to criticise the churches we are building today. It was something that was needed to be said and it couldn't have come from anyone better_

'1 am peinfully aware". he said, "of the comparison between our churches and those of other denominations.Anglicans were in possession of the is istorical churches: Nonconformists had turned their backs on beauty. hut Catholics. the inheritors of a great artistic tradition, had built many churches since the war, which resoundingly denied any love se beauty whatsoever.

He went on to stly that he hoped that the Guild of Catholic Artists would do something to remedy the situation. Much opportunity had already hese lost although "at this time a considerable proportion ot goad artists happen to be Catholics" he added hopefully. The Challoner exhibition, planned for mernbers to show their work, WWI largely amateur in status, although it was elven professional stiffening by work from mensbers of the Guild of Catholic Artists and C.reftsmen.

Steven Sykes ikon-like 'Madonna and Child' in concrete and glass. end Margaret Payne's formalised 'Last Supper' in beautiful, spidery, embroidered stitches were among the few works shown which might have encouraged Sir John to see a dawning of Christian church art.

The exhibition closed op Wednesday. Ii is hard to see why the Club went to such trouble to stage it for so short a time. Why not hang a few pictures all the time on the club premises and change them often?

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