Page 8, 6th March 1981

6th March 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 6th March 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Senate of Priests lOarn, High School, St Katherine's College, Stella Marls Club, Laity Commission, Ushow College, Senate of Clergy, gout Thurethry Church, AGM University Chaplaincy Fund, St Patrick's Church, CAFOO, Justice and Peace Commission, Diocesan senate, York School, Park College, Ushaw College, Stacie Welfare Commission, Executive committee, CAFOD Committee, Sociel Welfare Commission, Guild of Catholic DoCtore, Ministry of Readers, Westminster Dioteeen Priest's Senate, S. Katheriee's College, Thee/Weer Senate of Priests, Institute of Higher Education, Senate, Pastoral Centre, Meeting Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Essex Churches Consultative Council, Congress, Governors Standing Committee, Social Welfare Commission, Westminster Ecumenical Commission, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Patrick's Church, Senate of Priests, Bishops Review Committee, Schoos commission, Lady and St Joseph's School, Clergy Senate, Northern Church, Knights Club, Preparatory school, Priests' Council, College of Higher Education, Commission of Special, Tuseday/VVedneadayi St John's School for the Dead Boston Spa, Notre Dame School, Southport Catholic Society, Catholta Guild, Notre


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Mess, for Cataniaas. Maryleeone. 5.45 pm. Setordiry: Laity Commisslon. Knights Club, Sunday: Celebrates Mess and meets parishioners, Bushey, 10 am end 11.30 am_ Monday: Cordirmation mass, Pimlico, 6 pm. Tuesday: Mess with Italen Priests, Clerkenwell, 11 em. Reception Woburn House by Board of Deputies of British Jews. 5.30 pm. Wednesday: Mass for staff Catholta Guild, GLC Ceonty Hal, 6./5 pm. Thursday: Meets Diocesan senate release's, Archbishop's House. 10.30 arn. Mass for Friends re Wiarniroter Cathedral, recapton. Archbishop's House. 5_30 pm.

Archbishop Bowen of firTruthwark: Friday: Lenten Station moss. Balham, 8 pm. Sunday: Deanery Lenten Station Mass, Croydon. Monday: Chairs Churahes rnaln committee meeting. 2.15 pm. Wednesday: Senate, 11 am. Diocesan Bishop's Meeting. 3 pm.

Archblehop Dwyer ot girmingham: Smiley: Mess fpr Civic Sunday. St Chsd's Cathedral. 10.30 am. Mess end Confirmation, St Mary's, Una:Ater. 3 pm Tuesday: Newman C.ollege Governors Meet Mg 2.30 pm. Wednesday: Visitation. St Joseph's Perish. Wolverhampton.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: Frkley: Meeting of Governing Body, Institute of Higher Education, S. Katheriee's College. Liverpool, 4_30 pm Sunday: Visitation end Confirmation. Our Lady's Wavertree. Tueeley: CAFOD Meettng DI Trustees. London. 12,46 pm. Mess end meeting, Southport Catholic Society, Notre Dame Convent. Southport, 8 pm. Wirshowdey: Governing Cornmottee, Ushaw College. Durham. 12 noon, Thursday: Consultation of Northern Church Lee:tars, Scargill House, Yorkshire,

Blahop Alexander eft-Clifton: Fridey: Social Welfare Commission. meeting, London Selordayt 'Open Day' at Price Pare Preparatory school. Cricklede. 4 pm. Mass_ Clifton Cathedra. B pm. Sundry: Visitettoo Sacred Heart parish Wootton Bassett. Mass. 8_30 ern and 6_30 pm. Mass end confirmation, 3 pm. Wedn••dey: Preaches at Trowbridge Danner, Lenten Statlon Mass. St Anthony Church. Melksham, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Mees. Conference of Diocesan Directors of Vocations. Emmaus House. Le Retraire, Clifton, 12 noon. Preaches. Bristol east Denaery Lenten Station Mess. St Patrick's Church, Redfield. B pro.

Biehop Branner, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Friday/Saturday: Social Welfare Commis:eon, Mill Hill Sunday: Mass. Elmo Tuesday: Chapter meeting. Shrewsbury. Presides at committee for Deaf. Manchester. Wednesday: Conference of Diocesan Directors of Vocatioas Bristol.

Wallop Burk., Auxiliary of Salford: -Friday: St Ansaire, Weitwonh Sunday: Visitation, 11 am. Confirmation. 3 pm. St Anselm. Whitworth. Tuesday: Clergy Senate, Stella Marls Club, Salford, 10.45 are. Wadnesdey: Chapter Mass, Salford Cathedral. 12 noon. Lenten Station St Teresa's. Firswood, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Lenten Station, St John's, Rochdale, 8 pm Biddy Clerk of East Anglia: Tuesday: Senate. Mangrove Hell.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Blerningham: Sunday: Mass and confirmation St Michael's West Bromwich, 9.30 am. Turreday: Meeting. CAFOO, London, 12 noon. Thursday Mass and contio melee, Hely Crose, West Bromwich. 7.30 tom

Bishop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Day conference on Catechetics. College of Higher Education. Southaraptort, Papal Award TO Mr Jahn Bird end blesses shrine of Our Lisey. The Annunciation. Netey. Saturday: 'Aid to Church in Need One Day Open Conference, Perk Place Pastoral Centre. Velckhern. Sunday: Confirmation, St Edmund. elorredeare 10ern Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Borden, 5.30 pm. Wedneeday: Lenten Station mass. St Bananas, Southampton. 7.30 pm. Tharadalri CO,ifirrnation. Hoiv Ghoet. Basingstoke.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Sunday: Visitation end Confirmation, St John Southworth, Cleveleys, Monday Meeting Diocesan Ecumenical Commission. HCJ Convent Lancaster. 6 pm Tuesday: Visits St John Southworth parish, 2 30 pM. Wednesday: Mess, Leighton MIN, 12 neon. Deanery Station mass, St Kentlgerne 7.30 pm. Thursday: Church Leaders Consultellon. Scargili. Yorks/era.

B ishop Grant of Northampton: Friday/Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Wellnghorough. Tuesday: CAFOO and Bishops Review Committee.

B ishop Grey, of Shrewsbury: Friday: St Edward's, -Runcorn. 2 pm. 5durday: Visits 'Youth Leadership weekend, Runcorn. Sunday. Mass, Holy Family Convent, Rockferry, Prixegiving, St Ansi:erns Birkenhead, 3 pm, Tuesday: Chapter Man and meatiree Cathedral. Wednesday: Schoos commission Executive meeting, Crewe_ Opens extension. St Thomas More High School. Crewe. 2 pm, Attend* Catenian Canner. Ellesmere Port_ Thursday/Friday Church Leaders' Consultation. Scarrall.

▪ Elluaseelli, Bishop In Earl London:

Friday: Laity Commission meeting. 0.30 Pm. "Foretaste" Talk on Prayer. St Paul's Crypt, I t ern. Seturday: Laity Commission meeting, 9 am. Tueeday: Meeting with Heads of primary and secondary schools. Bishop Chelloner school. 5 pm. VVedneaday: Meeting with heads of primary and secondary schools. St Wiliam, al 'York School. 5 pm. Thursday: Senate of Priests lOarn. Meeting with heads of primary end secondary schools. Our Lady and St Joseph's School. Kingsland. 5 pm.

Bishop H•rrie of Middlesbrough: Friday/Saturday: Sociel Welfare Commission. London Thursday: Ecumenical CoaeultatIon, Scargill.

BI•hop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Fridiry/Strturday: Meeting of Stacie Welfare Commission. la pm. Seturday: Ministry of Readers. Allen Halt, 6 prin. Sunday: Meeting. Guild of Catholic DoCtore. 9.45 am. SVP Mass. St Agnes, Cricklewood. 3 pro Commissioning of Ministers, St Alban. N. Finchlay, 6.30 pm. Tuesdary Haringey Deanery meeting, 11 am, Meeting of Executive committee. CMAC, 4_30 pm. Thee/Weer Senate of Priests. 10am Biehou Henderson Auxiliary of !toothiest*: Friday Bexley Deanery Lenten Stations Mass. Ertel, 8 Dm. Saturday: Catholic CoMMiasiOn for Racial Justice. t Amwell Street, EC1, I 'V rn to 4 pm

Sunday: Mass end Cortfirmation. West Norwood. 3 pm. Monday: Presides at Diocesan Finance meriting, 11 am. Chisletturel Deanery Lenten Stations Mess. St Patrick's. West Chisleleurso B pm. Wednewbry: Senate of Clergy. 11 ern. Mass with Presentation of Pagel Award. Bromley Common. 7.30 pm. Thursday: South Eastern Area Justice end Peace Group, Perk House. Blackheath. 6.30 pm to 8.30 prn.

lballep Holland of Salford: Friday: Vises Rochdale. 3 30 pm. Sunday: Visitation, 11 am. Coniemation. 3 pm. Sr Joseph, Reddish Tuesday: Clergy Senate, Stella Maria Cob, Seford, 10.45 em, Wesbweday: Lenten Station. Si Herbert, Chaddemon, A prn Thursday: Lenten Station Holy name, Manchester 9 Ono B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday/Sundry: Parish visitation to Park Wood. Monthayi Chairs Deans' Meeting, West Mailing. Tuesday: Mass. YCW Headquarters. Clapham, 11 art' Wednesday: Attends Serve meeting.

B ishop Remount, Blahop in Carmel London: Friday, Meeting at VVREC for heads and chaplains. 2_30 prn Saturday: Day of recollection for Brentwood Teachers, Chigwall. Monday: Our Lady's Schooi. Arnhurst Park_ 7 pm. Tuseday/VVedneadayi St John's School for the Dead Boston Spa. Thunder Senate of Priests meeting. Archbishop's House, 10 am.

B ishop hIcCartia, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Visitation, Staved Neerr parish and Sr Teresa. Coe:Islet Mass and confirmation, All Souls. Caventry. 7.30 per. Serharday: Catholie cornmerelon for Racial Juetice. London I I am. Sunday: Confirmation, Sacred Heart, arid St Teresa. Coleshill. 10.45 am. Monday: Visitation schools and parish. 5t Francis, Bectwoteh_ Tuesday: Visitation. Dur Lady DI the Rosary. Seeley. Meeting of schools chaplains. 5.15 pm. Wednesday/Thursday: Conference UCM At Swenwick.

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Gaturdm: Commiesions special Ministers of Me Eucharist. Cathedral, 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Measham, Monday: Visits. iSwadtiecote Station mess. Alvaston. Derby

Tuesday: Blesses new extensions, Sit John Fisher science South Wigston, 2 pm. Station mass. South Walston. Wednesday Station Mass. Spilsbv• Thursday: Attends CWL Conferenee Swanwick. Stilton mass, Eastwood_ B ishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Oesmery Lenten STEIVOI Mase, Hely Family. Dagenham, 8 pm. Saturday: Visitation and Mass. Great Bentley 6 pm, Sunday: Visitation. St Sabina's. Brigiatlingsea. am. Meeting at Nalkinat Pastoral Congress Delegates Convent of Mercy. Brentwood, 3.30 pm. Tuesday: Conducts Clergy Day of Recollection. Chigwell Convent 10.30 ern. Deanery Lenten Masa, Sr Teresa's, Leaden, 5 pro Wednesday: Meeting of Senate of priests. Ursuirne Convent Brentwood, 10.30 an Deanery Lenten Mass, Our Lady of Fatima, Harlow. 6 ProThunder Artemis meeting of Essex Churches Consultative Council. Chelmsford, am Deanery Lenten Mass, Holy Name. Chetrnsford. B pro *Whop Moveday of Harlem: Saturday: Mass. Si Meryl, Worksop, 6 pm. Monday: Visitation at Sr Wilfrid's, Sheffield. Sheffield OM or it of Churches meetlng. 5,30 prn. Tuesday: Visitation. Doncaster Deanery. Wednesday: Governors meeting at Oehler', 11 am Meeting of Governor, of Catherine McAuley School Doncaster Thursday: Northern Church leaders' Ccnference. Sol:tripe Bishop O'Connor, AwdUary of Liverpool: Saturday: Attends Eastern Europe Day, Metropolitan Cathedral. Crypt. Sunday: Day for Justice and peace Commission. Barn House, Crosby. Monday: Confirmation. St William's. Inc,. hr Wtgan. 7.30 pm, Tuesday: Meeting, Notre Dame School, Wootton. 3 15 pm. Wadnerodey: Justice and Peace Commission meeting. St Katherine's College. 7.30 pm Thursday: Confirmation. Sacred Heart, Hirelley Green, Nr. VVigen. 7.30 pm.

B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel. and Brighton: Friday: Lally Commisaion meeting, London. Saturday: Attends Open Day Prior Park College. Beth. Visitation of the Sacred Heart parish, Cobham Tuesday: Visits Crawley Deanery Conference. Thursday: Visits Weybridge Deanery Con(erence Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordehire: Friday: Confirmation at St Alban and Stephan, St Albans, 8 tem. Sunday: Visitation. St Peters. Hat-flake_ Monday: St Vincent's, Potters Bar, 8 prn, Terensdey: CAFOD Committee meeting, 12 noon. Lecture King's Collage, London. 5.30 pm. Thursday: Westminster Dioteeen Priest's Senate. 10.30 an,. Westminster Ecumenical Commission. Archleshep's Hausa, 2 pm.

B ishop Pearson, Bishop in Cu: -le: Friday: Conducts Holy Hour, Ourran nia Convent, Cadiste. Sundary: Mass Catholic Community Shale Village Lenten Station Mass. Berrow

in F

Visalita"uPeon aRndegtIM7srhtoofly PlYimuthFamily Cer:urc-h.SHuonndaVitor; 10.30 am. Confirmation. 3 pm. Tuesday: Dorset Deanery conference Wednesday: Mass. Sr Mary's school, Poole, 10.45, Blahs* Swindlehurst, Auxiliary of Kexham and NOVICOSIAV Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation St Joseph's. Durham Wednesday: Governors Standing Committee Meeting, Ushow College. Thursday/Friday: Church Leaders' Conference. Scargill. Yorks alahrip Tripp, Auxiliery of gotormums, Friday/Soden:lay: Visitation, Wondsworth East Sunday: Commission of Special ministers. Ayineford. Tuesday, Mass and AGM Diocesan Handicapped Children s Ferinwship St Georpe s Cethedral. 7.30 prn.

Bishop VValmeley, Bishop of the Forces: Sunday: Blesses new chapel RAF Cottesmore.

B ishop Ward, of Meneria: Sunday: Visitation end confirmation Denbigh. Tuesday: Chapter Maas_ Wrexham. Wednesday Priests' Council meeting, Wrexham, ern. Lenten Mass, Rh':, 7 pm.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Attends Dewsbury Deanery Sunday: Visitation sod confio median. Verose_ Monday: AGM University Chaplaincy Fund. Tuesday: Halifax Deanery, Wednesday: St Francis de Sates Deanery_ Brat:gout Thurethry Church leaders meeting. Scars:1111

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