Page 13, 6th May 1938

6th May 1938
Page 13
Page 13, 6th May 1938 — CATHOLICS FORCE AN ISSUE

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People: M. Van Zeeland
Locations: ANTWERP


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Government Must Revise or Resign

From Our Own Correspondent


The Belgian Catholic Bloc held an important extraordinary congress last week. It had to decide on behalf of the Catholics of Belgium whether to support the Government or not.

Despite opposition, the Bloc secured a majority in favour of supporting the present Tripartite Government. I must stress, however, that this majority vote was given more out of a spirit of Catholic discipline and submission to the ruling of the Catholic Bloc. than out of conviction.

Further, the Catholic Party is to declare in the House and Senate that the taxation scheme of the Government is unacceptable, and that the budget must be balanced.

.Give Way or Resign It should be remembered that five of the fifteen Cabinet Ministers are Catholics.

The Socialist Finance Minister and the Government will therefore have to give way or resign.

Catholic speakers and the Catholic Press have led the public outcry against the orgy of spending inaugurated under the economic theories of M. Van Zeeland, and the recent Socialist Finance Minister, M. de Man.

Both M. Van Zeeland and M. de Man no longer attend Parliament.

Many think that the present Government will soon fall,

Le Peuple, the Socialist newspaper, thinks that, if a new Government is to be formed. it would only be possible if backed by a Right majority. No other majority grouping is possible.

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