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6th November 1953
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Page 2, 6th November 1953 — LETTERS

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Locations: Sheffield, Leeds, London


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An Anglican Reaction

Sin1-1 write as a regular reader of THE CATHOLIC HERALD and AS an Anglo-Catholic priest who deplores the Reformation and its terrible consequences, seen in England at the present day.

The Roman Catholic Church has recently been accused of an "intensification of propaganda" against the Anglican Church, and an increased effort to obtain converts from that body. Fr. Joseph Christie, S.J., replies to this charge by saying "We do

not need to seek converts; they are driven to us by Communist and Modernist Clerics within the Establishment." This is quite true, and the majority of converts come from the Anglo-Catholic section of the Anglican Communion.

I am a little disturbed by Fr. Christie's statement: "We do not need to seek converts." Surely the Holy Roman Church, believing that It is the only Church, should ''seek

converts" everywhere and at all

times. Our Blessed Lord did not say "Receive those who come to you" but into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled" (Acts xiv, 23).

Might I humbly suggest that "lapsed Catholics" are in greater

spiritual need than "Anglo-Catho lics." Thousands of Anglo-Catholics practise a devotional life that can hardly be distinguished from that of the devout Roman Catholic. They use the Sacraments regularly, go to Con fession, hear Mass daily, and receive Holy Communion daily, and obey the Precepts of the Church. They do this in good faith. and receive grace, as a correspondent points out in this week's CATHottc HERALD. These people are in a "state of grace."

How different are the "lapsed Catholics." There are many of them, though their numbers are relatively small when compared with the hosts of lapsed Anglicans. A person who

has been brought up in the Holy

Roman Church and, after years as a practising Catholic, forsakes it, is surely in a worse and more dangerous spiritual state than the devout and practising Anglo-Catholic.

In my humble opinion it is the lapsed Catholics on whom the Church should concentrate her efforts at the present time.

My daily prayer is that England may come back to the Old Faith.

Cyril C. Barclay

17 The Midway, Felpham, Bognor Regis.

Catholic Experience

S1R,-With regard to the charge made by the writers of "Infallible Fallacies," about Catholic proselytising in hospitals, I would like to describe an experience I had while in hospital during the last war.

I was seriously ill, and one day, having begun to think more about religion, asked the Catholic Sister of the ward (not a nun-it was not a Catholic hospital) about the Church. Much to my surprise, however, she was not at all anxious to talk about it, actually remarking that she had known other folk who had "changed their religion and regretted it."

I then spoke to the visiting Catholic chaplain but he was even less communicative and, having asked one or two rather abrupt questions, departed, and I did not see him again.

Transferred soon after to a sanatorium for final treatment and convalescence. I asked to see the Catholic chaplain there. Did he rush to land a potential catch? On the contrary! This one did not appear at all, but sent a message to say that he was leaving the place very shortly and, in any case, advised me to wait until I got home again. Anything less like touting could scarcely be imagined, and yet, one would have thought, after these three attempts I would have been a plum veritably ripe for the picking!

Eanswyth Webb

2 Albert Mansions, • Albert Bridge Road, S.W.I1.

Nurse's Witness •

S1R,-As the daughter of an Anglican clergyman and a recent convert to the Faith I am very surprised to read the attack made on the Catholic Church by fellow Christians with regard to hospital visiting.

As a State Registered Nurse I must say that the eight years I have been nursing in different hospitals in London, Leeds and Sheffield I have never even seen or heard of a Catholic priest proselytising or touting among the very sick for converts.

The Catholic chaplains always ask for names of Catholic sick, and apart from speaking to other people on the way to the bed, which after all is only charitable, no other private conversation takes place.

"State Registered Nurse"


Sta,-Under the heading, "Confusion in the Profession," Mr. J. A. Vase, in your issue of October 30, states that homeopathy "should appeal especially to Catholic members of the profession"-presumably, the medical profession. As a Catholic doctor, I cannot allow that statement to pass unchallenged.

Advances in treatment are made by doctors who, having tried certain methods, publish their results in the medical journals. These give the exact diagnosis, numbers treated and figures for recoveries, deaths) recurrences, etc. If the results are satisfactory, papers follow from other investigators adopting the same methods confirming or rejecting the original results. Without statistics based on these results, claims for any form of medical treatment are quite valueless.

If Mr. Vose will indicate where facts and figures are to be found for a particular disease treated by homeopathy alone, which substantiate the claims he makes, it would be helpful to a scientific enquiry.

"Catholic Doctor"

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