Page 2, 6th November 1953

6th November 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 6th November 1953 — POINTS FROM LETTERS

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Fr. Ignatius Spencer, C.P.

A good introduction to Father Ignatius Spencer, C.P., is to read the excellent C.T.S. pamphlet on his life, by Fr. Urban Young. Fr. Spencer, who had a great love for England, was the originator, with Ambrose Phillips de Lisle, of a "Crusade of Prayers" for our country's conversion.-PETER LAVERSUCH, 71 Warwick Way, Victoria, S.W.1.

Papers to Korea

Although our news from Korea is all of people returning, let us not forpt the many thousands who remain both there and in Japan, nor their needs. I have just received an appeal from my cousin, who says that there is a very great need for upto-date Catholic newspapers which can do so much to help the men in the practice of their faith and help them resist the low moral standard which prevails.

If any of your readers could send a Catholic paper regularly by air mail, their charity would be much appreciated. It would cost about a shilling a week.

The address of the present chaplain for both Korea and Japan is: Rev. S. Lescher, Headquarters, British Commonwealth Forces, Korea, B.A.P.O. 5.-(Miss) P. T. LAWES, 52 Bernbridge Crescent, Southsea, Hants.

Litany of Loretto

Regarding the pleasant custom of singing the Litany of Loretto at Benediction there is no need to "punish the non-singers with a long drawn out and incompletely sung Litany," neither is there any reason why the indulgence should not be gained.

All that is needed are two reasonably good cantors (or even one) to sing, at a fairly brisk but reverent pace, the Versicics, the choir leading the congregation in the responses "Ora pro nobis" etc. There are plenty of good singable Litanies, plainsong or solid traditional ones, without being "cheap or sentimental."

May I end with a request? If any of your readers should have any spare copies of Dons Gregory Ould's splendid fourfold Litany, number 44 "Cantioncs Saerae." now no longer obtainable, I would be most grateful if they would kindly send them to me.-B. J. HUTCHINGS, Sacred Heart College, Droitwich.

Prayer for persecuted

After reading the paragraph entitled "Protest to Premier" in the edition of October 30, I thought it would be an excellent practice if the recitation of the Memorare, for the "Church Silent and Suffering under Communist Persecution," at each Benediction could be extended beyond the limits of the Brentwood Diocese,-PATRICIA A. SHANAHAN, Thomas Hall, Cowley Road, Exeter.

Catholic nuptials

The sole occasion upon which many non-Catholics enter a Catholic church and witness our Catholic ceremonial occurs when they either attend the nuptials of a friend or relation, or else their obsequies.

Supply them with the Ordinary of

the Mass and they' are usually completely lost before the Gospel. Give them a small booklet on the lines of a running commentary (such as have heard given over the radio whilst Mass is being celebrated), and I am convinced far fewer would come away from our services wondering what the whole "mumbo jumbo" was all about. As one puzzled nonCatholic recently remarked to me after attending the wedding of a near relation, "Why preach only to the converted?"-PAuL W. JARVis, 91 North Walsham Road, Old Catton, Norwich.

II is to be hoped that the time is now not far distant when baptism, marriage and other sacraments may he celebrated in the tongue of the people.-Editor, CA1HOLIC HERALD.

Mayor of Walsall

It is to be regretted that the Mayor of Walsall was absent from the civic welcome to the Bishop of Lichfield on the grounds that his presence would be embarrassing.

There was no embarrassment felt when the Catholic Earl Marshal received the Temporal Head of the Church of England at the Abbey on Coronation Day!-L. J. QUINN, 91 Chobham Gardens, Inner Park Road, Wimbledon, S.W.19.

Let others see them

May I appeal to your readers that, whenever possible, they will pass on their copy, by leaving it in the train or bus. Such a method of dispersal (not of newspapers only, but also of any suitable Catholic literature) seems to me to be so easy a form of apostleship. Results may not be assessable here and now, but if we plant, we can leave the rest to God. -THOMAS W. KIRWIN, 11 The Green, East Acton, London, W.3.

Hospital visiting

The letter of K. M. Murphy re hospital visiting in last week's edition Of THE CATHOLIC HERALD, prompts me to write that at !east one hospital governor realises the value of being visited while ill, and to this end efforts are being made to bring together men and women to undertake this work in central London.

If any of your readers are willing to co-operate and would contact me, I will gladly make the necessary arrangements.

In conclusion, may I say that in certain cases patients will be permitted to be taken for rides by car, or to cinemas. etc.-A. WELLS, 59 Gower Street, London, W.C.1.

The Authorised Version SIR. Your reviewer, Daniel Counihan, after conjecturing that the basis of a book he noticed was "The Authorised Version," adds surprisingly, "Pity their source robs them of 1st and 2nd Maccabees." He should certainly have known that it has always included all the deuterocanonical books of Holy Scripture, and therefore, of course, lit and 2nd Maccabees. This alone is the complete Authorised Version, used in all English churches. The abbreviated Bibles, issued by the Bible Society and widely used by Protestants. do not represent the full Authorised Version,

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