Page 3, 6th November 1959

6th November 1959
Page 3
Page 3, 6th November 1959 — CHI L

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Keywords: The Good Master, G

DUN'S television and

the Saturday morning theatre cater for the taste of the young and just as surely they accustom them to the medium. Books for the young are equally. if not more important, in effecting an agreeable introduction.

In this respect, two volumes in the Splendour Break Series will certainly whet literary appetites. Shirley Goulden retells both the "FABLES OF AESOP AND LA FONTAINE" and "CHINESE FAIRY TALES.'

The first is illustrated by Cremonini, and the second by Maraga (W. H. Allen, 12s. 6d. each). Not only are the stories fascinating, but their production is so lavish and the illustrations so tasteful and truly splendid that comparison with the price of adult novels is invidious. From the ages of five to ten these hooks are to be highly recommended.

PING PONG is the name of the gardener in " THE JAPANESE GARDEN," by Molly Brett (Warne, 7s. 6d.). This happy choice of name sets the note of a bright, simple and colourful story, suitable for the very young, who are able to read or to be read to.

"THE CHRISTMAS ROCKET" (Constable. 7s. 6d.) is a story of Italy and will appeal to readers a little older than the previous volumes. Anne Molloy's writing will particularly charm those between

six and nine.

VOIR older children. "THE


(Blackie, 10s. 6d.) provides the excitement of the East African hush and the dream of limitless riches. The story of John Williamson, a Canadian engineer, destined to become one of the richeat men in the world, has the ingredients of a successful adventure yarn.


" and Nelson Juniors have paperbacks intended for the older child. The idea of paperbacks for young readers will doubtless prove as much a success with them as it has with adults and will save heavy financial outlay for the eager bookworm. For 2s. 6d. each, Nelson offer choice of "VISITORS FROM ENGLAND," by Elisabeth Kyle, "CURLEW JOHN," by Maribel Edwin. "GUIDE T(1 THE STARS," by Hector MacPherson, "LET'S CO RIDING" by B. B. Kearly.

"AE!" by A. Rut


gers van der Loeff (26. 64.)


Seredy (3s.) are two unusually interesting Penguin story books. whilst from the same 'publishers "BIRD WATCHING FOR BEGINNERS" is a title to satisfy even the most inquisitive new ornithologists.

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