Page 3, 6th November 1964

6th November 1964
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Page 3, 6th November 1964 — An early

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An early

rush for places

NEARLY 100 religious congregations have already applied for places at the Vocations Exhibition to be held from June 27 to July 4 at England's biggest exhibition hall—Earls Court, in London. And more applications are still corning in, Fr. Bernard Slevin, organising secretary, told the CATHOLIC *HERALD this week, On Monday the vocations committee, directed by the Council of Major Religious Superiors, sent u m annonceents of the exhibition to 2.000 schools in the Westminster Province. That includes Dioceses of We the Diocstminster, Southwark, Brentwood, Portsmouth and Nottingham. At a "kick-off" meeting with 200 representatives of various ganisations from Catholic orm the Westminster Archdiocese last committee announced that the conounced a that the name "Vocations Exhibition" will he used only as a subtitle this year under a name such as "The Living Church".


The committee is welcoming suggested titles. The final decision will be made by Archbishop Heenan. The Very Rev. Henry Parkix son, C.S,Sp., chairman of the committee, told the meeting: '1'he object of the exhibition is to foster vocations not only to religious orders but to the diocesan priesthood as well, particularly for Westminster Archdiocese, because it will he held here.

"We also hope it will be a portraying th means of e life of the Church. For this we need the help of the laity, especially of organisations who may help by their co-operation and interest. It may set an example to the country and do much good for our nonCatholic friends." Fr. Slevin said it would cost £12.000 to hire Earls Court for the eight exhibition days and for three days beforehand to set up the stalls and one day afterwards to dismantle them. Additional ex

penses will bring the total cost to at least £16,000,

By charging 2s. 6d, admission

for adults and is. for children the exhibition could pay for itself if 90,000 adults and 60,000 children attended. The exhibition he organised in Newcastle upon Tyne last year drew 116.000 people.

VOLUNTEERS Several organisations volun

teered their services at the meeting. The Knights of St. Columba promised to distribute publicity handbills to each parish, to sell

a serve as

and to

a serve as

and to

advance tickets "marshals" at the exhibition.

The Guild of Catholic Artists and Craftsmen volunteered to make decorations expressing the theme of unity (the Feast of Ss. Peter and Paul is on June 29). The Union of Catholic Mothers offered to provide private accomodation for visiting religious and clergy, A force of 90 people a day to

work in three shifts of 30 each will be needed for the stand that will sell religious articles. The officials asked for groups to volunteer help as early as possible.

Other points raised during the meeting included: Publicity: Participants agreed that a group of professional advertising men who are Catholics should he consulted. Choirs and bands will be asked to provide entertainment. A film festival will be held. and entries should be submitted as soon as possible. Confessions will be heard by a group of priests, as in previous years. Fr, Slevin said he had


fond exhibitions a good way to bring back lapsed Catholics, The Mass and Benedictions programme is still to be arranged. Speakers from several organisa tions will talk about theway they promote vocations on various evenings throughout the exhibition. The last Sunday, July 4, will be "family day" with speakers from groups for parents. teachers and handicapped children.

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