Page 6, 6th November 1964

6th November 1964
Page 6
Page 6, 6th November 1964 — Ammunition for birth control advocates

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Ammunition for birth control advocates

BIRTH CONTROL AND CATHOLICS, by M g r. George A. Kelly. (Robert Hale, 18s.).

THE tone of this book is clearly set in the first chapter in which the family with many children is described as possessing the virtues

of "selflessness, consideration, and concern for the welfare of others" whereas the only child "can make himself the centre of attention and can manipulate his parents into doing what he wishes".

In order to maintain this tone the author's quotations are selective. The statement of Pope Pius XII that "Among the blessings of marriage the child holds the first place" is quoted, while his statement that "This mutual interior formation of husband and wife . . . may in a true sense be called, as the Roman Catechism calls it. the primary cause and reason of matrimony" is ignored. St, Augustine's well-known condemnation of contraception is mentioned. but the fact that Si. Augustine believed intercourse for any reason ether than the procreation of children was sinful is not mentioned.

The contraceptive movement is labelled as having begun with "agnostics and socialists whose hatred of religion and family life are well known", while the modern advocates are described as representing "political extremism".

As can be seen even from these brief exerpts this book is written in the traditional polemical style. It does not reflect the immense stirrings which are at present taking place in the Church.

The new understandings of the nature of sexuality, the place of love, the relationship between the ends of marriage, the vocation of responsible parenthood and the real nature of marital chastity are ignored, is



io be feared that the bookwill only serve to provide the advocates of the "new morality" with ammunition for their attacks upon the Church and will not help Catholics and others to a deeper understanding of Christian mar

riage. J.M.

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