Page 2, 6th November 1981

6th November 1981
Page 2
Page 2, 6th November 1981 — NEWS IN BRIEF

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Organisations: US Federal Reserve
Locations: Radom, Dublin, Belfast


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Fr Gleb move

IMPRISONED Russian Orthodox priest Fr Cleb Vakunin, who went on hunger

strike on September 16, has been transferred from strict regime camp No 37 to the hospital in camp No 35. Fr Cleb went on hunger strike to protest against the confiscation of his religious literature by camp authorities. .1"here is no reliable information about the present state of Fr Cleb's health. keston College points out hovvever that if the camp authorities have decided that Fr Web is to be fed intravenously, this would be more easily accomplished under medical supervision in camp No 35 than in camp No 37.

Parish protest

CATHOLICS in the Czechoslovak village of Radom draped their church with black banners in protest when their parish priest was gaoled for two years for continuing to minister after his permit had been revoked on the grounds that parishioners neglected the harvest to go to \lass. They refused to accept a substitute priest.

Kidnap appeal

• I'HE P01°F condemned Italian kidnappers when he addressed a crowd of 50,000 in St Peter's about the kidnapping of an 80 year old businessman, whose captors killed him and kept his body. in a freezer. The Pope appealed to gangs to release their victims.

Secret bishop

THE VATICAN has disclosed that Mgr Konrad kernvveisz, who died recently in Romania, had secretly served there as a substitute bishop in the Timisoara diocese since 1954, when Bishop .Agostino Paella vvas imprisoned.

Angola attacks

‘IISSIONARY sisters from Belfast and Dublin, working in the Cunene region of Angola, say that South African air attacks there are preventing the needy from collecting food and medicine, because crowds arouse military suspicion.

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