Page 8, 6th November 1981

6th November 1981
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Page 8, 6th November 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Cathedral Chapter, Council of Priests, Church Centre, Justice and Peace Committee, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Council of Clergy, Service of Remembrance, Diocesan Catechcecal Centre of Apostleship of the Sea, More Comprehensive School, Northern Institute, Rosary Church, Roben Ludlam School, Area Pastoral Council Steering Committee, Diocesan Committee for Papal, N1F Committee, Agee Hall Management Committee, Lady's College, Mary's Church, St Marys Primary School, St Mary's Junior School, Remembrance Service, Westminster Ecumenical Commission, Upholland Northern Institute, Lourdes RC Primary School, Diocesan Chapter, LSU College, St Gabriel's Management Committee, Whiston Hospital, Area Senate of Priests, Lnity Commission, St John Southworth School, Tyneside Council of Christians and Jews, ST Antony's Church, European Bishops' Committee, Cleveland Council of Churches, Canterbury Secondary School, St Mary's Church


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of 1Nastmlnetet Friday; Presentation in Petrick Keegan Grosvenor Hotel. Victoria. 7 Saturd•y: Concelebrates Mom for 75th Anniversary of CWL Royal Festival Hall. 10.30. Meets with young people Archbishop's House 6. Thursday: Attends Ministry of Priests Retreat All Saints. London Creme.

Archbishop Sower of Southwark Friday: Lnity Commission Meeting, Archbishoo e House 7.30. Saturday: CWL 75th Anniversary Mass Royal Festival Hall 10 30 Tuesday: Catholic National Memel Lid. Directors' Meeting Guernsey Wednesday: Bishops'Staff meeting. Si John's

e, • . Wonersh It Diocesan Bishads meeting -i' Thursday: Confirmations Blackheath 7.30. Archbishop 1Noriodi of Liverpool Friday: ..•• IC. Patrick Keegan. Grosvenor Hotel.

I • 7 Saturdlay: Concelebrates Mass. 75th .risary CWL. Royal Festival Hell. 10.30. Sueday: Visitation Si Merv's, Little Crosbv Werieeechay/Theraday: Council of Clergy. Loyola la., e ^bill 10.30

Bishop Alexander of Often Satuday: Concelebrates Mass, 75th Anniversary ClAit. Festival Hall. Landon. 10.30, Vialtatiort, St Augusfines Panel,. Matson. p.m. Sunday: Visitation. St Augustine's Parish. Matson: reaches at Masses. I330 am and Rpm Concelebrates Mass and administers Confirmation. 10.30 ans. Tuesday: Diocesan Chapter Meeting. Clifton Cathedral, 11. Concelebrates Mass, Cenfirmation, Si Pius 5th Church. Henan', Bristol 7 30. Wednesday: Concelebrates Mass. Confirmation. ST Antony's Church. Henbury, Bristol. 7 30. Thundey: Concelebrates Mass, Confirmation. Clur Lady of the Rosary Church, Lawrence Weston. eristol. 7.30

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Visits schools and sick. St Hugh Stretford. Sunday: Visitatioe 12 noon; Corfirmation. A. St Hugh of Lincoln. Stretford. Thursday: Secretarial for Catholic Jewish Relations, Harborne Hall, Birmingham 2.

Ellahop Clark of East Anglia Saturdin: Dedrcaeoe of King's Hedges Church Centre. Cambridge Sunday: Visitation, Southwold. Suffolk. Wodoesday/Thursday: Schores and Council meetings Prince and.

B ishop Cleery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: !retortion of Parish Priest, Cannock, psi Sunday: Mass anti Confirmations. Our Lady of Fatima Groton I I 30 Mass and Confirmations. St Rose. Weoielt Carle. 4 Monday: Requiem for St Philids Old Boys. Birmingham Otaterv S Tuesday: Mass and Confirmations St Augustine_ Hendsworth. 7.30. Wednesday: Mass and Confirmetiom. St SteOwns School Handsworth 7 30_ Bishop Emery of Portsmouth Sunday: Confirmation The Immaculate Conception, Lohook. 10 Tuesday: Blessing of School Ertension. Hugh Faringdon Schott]. Reading. 5. Wednewlay: Bishops,Staff meeting. St Johns Seminary. Wonersh, 11 Govemors Meeting. LSU College. Southampton. 2 30: Confirmation, Sacred Heart. Bournemouth. 7 Illehop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Visits sehool and housebound. Cottam parish. 2.30, Saturday: Opens St Bernard's Christmas Fair, Overton, 2.30. Sunday: Requiem Mass for War Dead of all cnureriesr Cathedral, 11. Tuesday: Clergy he Service Course. Uphollend Northern institute Wedrieseby: Mass for Deceased Bishops and Priests Cathedral, 9 arn. Presentation of oozes. St John Southworth School. Preston, 7.40. Thursday: Visits school and housebound. Wigton parish 2.

B ishop Gray of Shrewsbury Fridey: Presides at Requiem Mass for Fr Charles McKinney. St Monica's. Stockton Heath, 11.30 Semidry: Attends Liturgy Commission Day. Holy Cross. Birkenhead 1.30 am to 4 30 pm Sunday: Parish Visitation and will preach .al all Masses. St Widrid's. Northwich Monday: Condones Visitation at St Wilfrid's. 111lednesday: Meets members of Diocesan Catechcecal Centre of Apostleship of the Sea. Birkenhead11 Thursday: Mass for vocations. Our Lady's College. Wallasey.

Bishop Herds of Middlesbrough Sunday: ()Mir aeons at Arnpleforth Abbey, 10 am. Tuesdiy: Attends Clergy Day of Recollection. Ampleforth. I I are to 4 30. Meeting of Cleveland Council of

Churches, 7 30. Wednewlay: Concelebrates Mass of Consecration, St Andrew's. Tertsville. 7,

B ishop Hervey, Bishop in North London Saturday: Mass and annual Covenant Meeting. Archbishnn's House. 3. Sunday: Ordination to Diaconate. St Mary Magdalen. Whetstone. 10 am. M aaaaa : Meeting. Education Commission EneeldrHaringey Branch. 7,45. Tuesday: Meeting. CMAC 4 30: Foundation Mass. Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary Schools Finchley. 8.15 pm Wednesday: CDA Archbishops House. 10 fen. Then/day: Hospital Chaplains Conference, Harrogate B ishop Henderaon, Auditory of Southwark Friday: Kent Sponsoring Body Meeting Chislehurst, 11 to 3pria Satureley: 75th Annlywan of CWL. Royal Festival Hell. London, 10.30 am Ecumenical Study Day. Bekteyheath, Dm. Sunday: Confirmation St David's. Thamesinead. 1/ Confirmation St Pare's Centre. Tharnesmead. 3 Monday: N1F Committee Meeting. Church House. Westminster 10.30. Consecration of Christchurch, Elrham. 7 30 Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation, Mottinghern 7 30 Wedninday: Bishop/Stair mortion St John's Seminary. Wonersh. 11. Thursday: South East end South West Sponsoring Borhos meeting I 1 am to 3orn.

Bishop Mitcham, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Mass for Bellefiye Convent, Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel pm Saturday: Ecumenical Day. Upholland Northern Institute. Sunday: Visitation, Sacred Heart, Wigan, Tuesday: Visitation cominved. Sacred Heart. Wigan. Confirmation preparation. St Peter's. rim Thircl World Group. Formbv. 8.15 poi. Wednesday: Council of Clergy. Loyola Han, Rainhill, 10.30_ Confirmation. St Matthew's, Clubmoor. 7.30. Thursday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall, Rainhill, 10.30

B ishop Holland of Salford Friday: Requiem Mass for Canon J. Fairctough, St Peter, Middleton, 11 Receives HE the Ambassador of Portugal. Wardley Hall 4 Sunday: Visitation. 11: Confirmation, 3. St Teresa's. Little Lever. Tuesday: Deanery Conference, Stretford, 10.30. Speaks to Confirmands. St Thornae, Higher Broughton. 2.45. Wednesday: St Gabriel's Management Committee.

Victoria Park, 3. Agee Hall Management Committee. Fallow-field 4.40 Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday/Saturday: Official visitation to West Melling parish Sunday: Meeting with ordained Deacons, West Mailing Tuesday: Visit ro St Edmund of Canterbury Secondary School. Talk on "The Eucharist.' at Crayford, 8 pre Wednesday: Bishop's meeting at Wonersh. 11

B ishop lionstant, Bishop in Central London Satundsy/Sunday: Visits Stephendale Road Parish Monday: Visits Allen Hall, Chelsea 6 Wednesday: CDA meeting, Archbishop's House, 10 B ishop Gotham of Hexhani and Newcastle Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Oswald's. South Shields, 3_30 Wednesday: Finance Committee meeting. Bishop's House, Newcastle. 2_30. Thursday: Council of Priests. Marie Reparatrice Convent, Newcastle. Attends annual meeting of Tyneside Council of Christians and Jews

B ishop McCord., Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday, Catholic Women's League Reception. London. SaMrday: Mass. CW1. Jubilee Celebration, Festival Hali. London. 10 ant Sunday: Mess and Confirmations. Holy Cross. Lichfield. 10 am. Mess and Confirmations. English Martyrs, Hillmorton. 3. Wednesday, Blessing of Fatty House Project, Moseley. 3.30. Presentation of Papal Award. All Souls, Acocks Green. 7.30. Thuraday: Visitation, school and parish, Atherstone, 10.30. Meeting of Provincial Cornmette for Papat Visit. 3.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Friday: Centenary of Parish, Mass. Measharn 7. Sunday Service of Remembrance, Memorial, Victoria Embankment Nottingham. Monday: Visit to St Marys Primary School, Marple Bridge. Visitation and Confirmation. St Mary's Church. 7. Tuesday: Visit to St Mary's Junior School. Glossop. Visitation and confirmations. Chapel en le • Frith. 7. Wedneaday: Cathedral Chapter Meeting, and Mass. Nottingham. Thursday: Speech Day end Prizegiving. Blessed Huge More Comprehensive School, Grantham.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood SaturdaY, Concelebrates Mass for OWL, Festival Halt, London 10,30. Sunday: Mass, War Memorial, Slack Concelebrates Requiem Mess for (SC. Cathedral, 3. Tuesday: Celebrates Mass, Stock, 8 pm Wednesday: Meeting of Bishops and Staff. St John's Seminary. VVonersh. t030. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Teresa's, Newbury Park, Bishop Mehon, Bishop In West London Frklay: Confirmation. Northfields, 7.30. Saturday: CWL 75th Anniversary Mess Royal Festival Hall, 10.30 Sunday: Confirmation. Heston. 3.30: Justice and Peace Committee Meeting, Whitehall Gardens, 6. Monday: Area Pastoral Council Steering Committee Meeting, 6. Tuesday: Area Senate of Priests. 10.30, Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, Archbishop's House.

Bishop Movariey of Hallam-Saturday: CWL Anniversary colebtations London Sunday: Confirmations. Brinsworth 11. Remembrance Sunday Mass. Denaby Main, 6.30. Monday: AGM of Friends of Si Joseph's Homier,. Sheffield. 7. Tuesday: Mass for Sheffield CIF and AGM at Sacred Heart. 7_ Wed aaaaa y: Visitation to Worksop, Roben Ludlam School and St Joseph's parish. Thursday: Mass and presentation of Papal Awards. Oronfield. 7.30.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Study Din for "Cere of Dying". Whiston Hospital. 9 arm Confirmation. St Oswale's, Ashton in Make dield. 7.30 Sunday: Remembrance Service, Cenotaph. Liverpoot 11. Presentation of Papal Awards. St Matthew's. Liverpool. 6.30. Monday: Visitation continued, St Sebastian's, Liverpool. 9.30 me Confirmation. St Teresa's. Penwortharn, 7. Wednesday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall, Rainer. 10.30. Confirrnation, St Oswald's, Liverpool. 7.30. Thursday: Council of Clergy. Rainhill. 10.30, Governor's Meeting. Notre Dame. Wootton, 4.30 Meeting at St Sebastian's. Liverpool 8

B ights, Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel end BrightonFriday: Attends Presentation to Patrick Keegan London Saturday: Meeting of European

Bishops' Committee, Brussels Sunday: Visits Hampden Park Parise arn Attends rneeeng of Diocesan Committee for Papal visit, Storringmn pm Wednesday: BishopoStaff meeting St Jobe s Seminary, Wonersh, Thursday: Memmo ACo.,eco Priests, Storrington Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire Monday: Methodist/Catholic Cremate°. 12.3C Westminster Ecumenical Commission, Archbishop's House. 5.30. Tuesday: St Alban's Priests Deanery Maryland Convent. 11.30 Justice and Peace Carr mines Meeting. Archbishop's House. 5 30 Wa„scines.n.dayday: OpAo,m,geid,tii,gno CA:rdhitenlashenop,,e,„Hoottssceh..`1,0

Broahourne. 770

B ishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria Sabaday; Bishop s Anneal Lakelarol Sponsored Walk Sunday: Confirmation Dalton 3 30 Thursday: ViSITS ,rorrfirrrrrticn class. St Sermon's School Preston B ishop thortiestur of Plymouth Sunday: Visitation Mass and Conternatioo. St Bride, Church, Crediton 11 Tuesday: Clergy Requiem Cat herfrel Plymouth_ 17 floor.

iliohop Serindleiwrst Auxiliary of Hexham and Newoutle Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation Sr Cuthbert's Hartlepool Wednesday: Finance Committee meeting. Bishop s House Newcastle. 2.30 Thursday: Council of Priests. Marie Reparatrce Convent. Newcastle. 12 noon Sabot, Tripp, Ataxia:ay of Southwark Friday to Monday: visitation, Roeha repro. Saturday: 75th Anniversary Rally of CWL. Royal Festival Hall, Monday: Legion of Mary North Surrey Area meeting Roehamoton, 8 Tuesday: AGM of NACHO. Strand Palace Hotel. 5 Meeting of Commis, sine for International Justice and Peace. Arc. hbishoo s House 7.30.

Bishop Ward of Mineola Saturday ani-: Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Bangor Monday: Confirmation, Reel 7. Tuaeday: Meeting or Chapter. 11. Celebrate Mass for Doceaseo Bishops and Canons Wednesday: ..t Bishop's Hoe, are

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