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6th October 2006
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Page 14, 6th October 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Organisations: Mary University, Archbishop's Council, L'pool Hope University, Committee for Christian Umity, Justice Forum, Diocesan Committee for Dialogue and Unity, Ministry of Reoder, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Historic Churches Commission, Ushaw College, Aftg-MeetinR Sch-School ES-Ecumenical Service, Bishops' Conference Department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship, L'pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Curial Office, Dialogue and Unity Commission, Bournemouth University, Annual Service for Seafarers St Paul, Bisliop's Council, Department for Dialogue and Unity, Pastoral Centre, St David's College, St Mary's College, RAC Club London, Queen Mary University, Council of Priests Mtg, Street Child Africa Charity, Oakwood Centre, Archbishop's Council L'pool Archdincesan Centre for Evangelisation, Priests Steering Committee, Mission Commission, Diocesan commission, Oscon College, Buckley Parish Centre, Aylesbury Young Offenders' Institution, Catholic Society, Oscott College


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October 8 to October 14

Cardinal C Murphy-O'Connor (W'minster): Mon-Wed: Auends PostSynodal Mtg,Vatican.

Archbishop V Nichols (3' ham): Sun: Choral Evensong Wormtser Cathedral 4pm. The: Oscan Feast Day. Wed: Clergy Ongoing Formation Day. Staffs, Lichfield. Wolverhampton and Dudley Area . Oscon College. Thu: 1030am West Midlands Region Churches forum; 7pm Coventry Deanery opening Mtg, St John Fisher, Coventry. Fri: M of Thanksgiving to mark Golden Jubilee of St John Fisher parish, West Heath. Sat: . youth Event. NIA B'ham. Archbishop P Kelly (L'pool): Sun 3pm M for People with Disabilities Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Upool. Mon-Tue: Visits St Mary's College, Oseou.B'ham. Wed: 10.15 am Archbishop's Council, L'pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation .11u: 12.00 Noon Sep. ice of Blessing: St Paul's Bookshop, rpool; 4pm Catholic Headteachers Conference: Weightington Sat:12pm Celebrates M: Our Lady of the Annunciation, Bishop Eton, Upon!: 7.30 pm '1956' Concert Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, L'pool.

Archbishop K McDonald (S'svark): Sun: M celebrating centenary of WOTCCSter park 1 latn. Mon: Mtg with Deans I lam; Mtg with Cathedral Deans pm. Tuc: Mtg of Department for Dialogue and Unity. Welwyn Garden City 1030am. Wed: headteachers' Conference, Ashford International Hotel.

Bishop K Conry (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: Youthgather. Tue: Opening of New Classroom. The Towers Convent Sch, Lower Beading. Wed: Trustees Meeting. Thu: Visit to Street Child Africa Charity, Molesey. Sat-Sun: Youth Event, B'ham.

Bishop D MeGough (B'hiun Suit: Celebrates 25th anniversary of consecration of St Teresa's, Wolverhampton 3pm. Fur: 7pm Bagley RC Sch. Wed:Clergy Ongoing Formation Day. Staffs, Lichfield, Wolverhampton and Dudley area, Oscott College. Thu: 7pm Combined Schools M, St Gregory's, Longton. Fri: 1230 Ecumenical Mtg, lean. Sall V. Sacred Henn, Hanley.

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxil): Mon: 730pm Lourdes Comminee Mtg, Cathedral. Tue: 12.15 M to celebrate Feast Day. Oseon. Fri: 10am 70th anniversary M, Priory Sch. Edgbaston.

Bishop M Evans (East Anglia): Sun: Parish V to All Souls. Peterborough, Mon: Diocesan commission for evangelisation at Newniarket 730pm.

Tue/Wed: Committee for Christian Umity, Hinsley I tall. Leeds. Thu: Diocesan Social Concern AGM at Wymondham 730pm. Fri: ES of Thanksgiving at St Mary's Walsingham 730pm. Sat: Diocesan Committee for Dialogue and Unity at Poringland 1 I am.

Bishop .1 Rawsthorne (Hallam): Sun: Rainbows Trustees. Ushaw College 3pm. Mm: 10am Rainbows Mtg, Pastoral Centre: 730pm n Ministry of Reoder, St Thomas More, Sheffield. l'ue-Thu: Clergy Conference, Scarborough. Sat: Mtg with religious, pastoral centre; 2.30por Cursillos mtg, Whirlow, Sheffield.

Bishop P O'Donoghue (Lancaster): Sun: Feast of Dedication of Cathedral. 1030am; M with Bishop of Monze, 6.30pm. The: Travellers and Gypsies Conference, I 30pm. Wed: Council of Priests Steering Committee, 1030am: Permanent Diaconate meeting, 3pm. Thu: Meet C group, St Bernadette's, Lancaster, 730pm. Fr): M of Welcome for Franciscan Friars, St Walburge's, Preston 7pm.

Bishop A Roche (Leeds): Sun: 10am V. St Patrick 's. Birgall; 6pm installation as ecumenical canon. Wakefield Cattledoll. Mon-Sat: Clergy in-service and retreat, Palazzolo.

Bishop V Malone (Upool Wed: 10.15 am Archbishop's Council L'pool Archdincesan Centre for Evangelisation. Thu: I .I0pm Celebrates M: L'pool Hope University.

Bishop T Williams (L'pool auxil): Sun-Tue: Visits Isle of Man Pastoral Area. Wed: 10.15 am Archbishop's Council. L'pool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. Thu-Mon: Visit to Isle of Man Pastoral Area continued.

Bishop .1 Crowley (Middlesbrough): Toe: Celebrates M Ott new Sch heads and deputies, Curial Office noon; mts with Permanent Deacons. Bishop's House 4pm. Wed: Mts with hospital chaplains, Curial office 1030am; Celerbates C. St Anne's, Ugthorpe 7pm. Thu: Celebrates C, Thornaby parishes 7pm. I'd: V St Edward's primary sch, Middlesbmugh 9am. Sat: Celebrates M. Regional Teams of Our Lady, Oakwood Centre, Eaglescliffe 530pm.

Bishop P Doyle (Northampton): Sun: Visitation: Guardian Angels, Aylesbury. Mon: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Boars Hill. Tue: 12.15pm Feast Day M. Oscan College. Wed-Thu: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Boars Hill; 6pm M for Baptisms and Confirmations, Aylesbury Young Offenders' Institution. Fri; 730pm C St Joseph's, Aylesbury. Sat: 10,00am Diocesan Pastoral Council, Milton Keynes.

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: KSC Supreme Council Mtg, Glasgow. Mon: Coventry and Warwickshire Churches Together, Holyhead Road URC, Coventry 7.30pm, Wed: Diocesan Sick and Retired Priests Fund Mtg,All Saints, Glossop. Thu: C, St Wilfrid's,

Coulville, 7pm. Sat: National Youth Event, NIA, B 'ham.

Bishop C Budd (Plymouth): Sun: V Our Lady & St Patrick's Parish Teignmouth. Toe: CARITAS, London. Wed: Visit Bournemouth University. Thu: Bisliop's Council, Bishop's House 2.30 pm. Fri: Celebrations of 50 years, Si Peter's Sit, Plymouth 9.15 arn. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council, Buckfust 1 last: pm V St Agatha's Parish, Dawlish.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sure Pastoral V and Celebration of M. St Patrick's, Rochdale 1030am. Mon: Mtg of Churches Criminal Justice Forum, London. Time: Mtg of Caritas Social Action. London 11 am. Reception in aid of YMCA's work with young offenders at Downing Street 630pm. Wed: Department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship Mtg, F.celeston Square. London I lam. Thu: GMCT Presidents' Mtg Ilium. Primary Heads Conference and celebration of M, Bury 4pm. Sat: ASDC Talk and celebration of M, St Winifred's, Heaton Mersey 1.30pni.

Bishop P Hendricks tS'work Sun; Confirmations Kingston 12.30pm. Mon: Mtg with Deans Amigo Hall I am. Tue: Mtg of Dialogue and Unity Commission, Welywn Garden City Main:Confirmations Sutton Green 7pm. Wed: Slip of Dialogue and Unity Commission, Welwyn Garden City 10am. Sul: Knights of St Columba M for Deceased brothers, St George's ('athedral 3pni.

Bishop J Hine (S'wkal Auxin: Sun: Maidstone Deanery C lit St Peter's 'Reneged 3pm. Mon: Mtg of all Southwark Deans at Archbishop's House 1 lam-1pm. Tan; Attends 1 leadteachers' Conference Ashford 9am-6pin; Dartford St Anselm's C 730pm. Wed: Bishops' Corn' Depart. Mtg for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship, Eceleston Square I lam-3pm. Sat: M for Mothers' Prayers at Westminster Cathedral 12 noon.

Bishop P Lynch (S'wark Auxil): Sun: 25th Anniversary M of the Church at Holy Innocents, Orpington I lam. Mon: Mtg of Deans, Archbishop's House 1 lam. Mtg of Deans of SouthEast area, Cathedral House 2.I5pm. Tue/Wed: Headteachets' Conference. Fri: Overseas Mission Commission, 23 Eceleston Square I I am. Sat: induction of Fr Casmir Dike. MSP. as Parish Priest of Ss Philip and James, Herne Hill 6pm.

Bishop .11 Arnold (W'minster Auxil): Fri: 930am Archbishop's Council Mtg.

Bishop 13 Langley (Wrninster Auxil): Sun: Celebrates Freshers M at Gower Street 1030am; Celebrates Love seminar at South Hampstead High Sch, Maresfield Gardens 4pm. Tue: 1 lam Tower Hamlets Deanery. Mtg at Underwood Road; 3pm Marylebone Deanery Mtg at Haverstock Hill. Wed: I lam Bishops' Conference Department for Christian Responsibility and Citizenship at Eccleston Sq; 630pm Order of Merit of the Italian Republic to Giuseppe Mascolo at 4 Gmsvenor Square. WI. Thu: 2.30pm V to St Anne's Sch, Underwood; 5pm V the Catholic Society. . Queen Mary University, Mile End. Fri: 930am Archbishop's Council; 2pm Celebrates M at st Edward's Sch. Marylehone; 5pm Thanksgiving M Celebrating the Life of the Venerable Man Talbot. Warwick Street. Sat: parish V to Underwood Road parish.

Bishop G Stack (W'minster area): Wed: Ilion Catholic Parmership North Hems Mtg, Stevenage Deanery. Thu: Ilarn Chairs Historic Churches Commission. Fri: 930arn Archbishop's Council.

Bishop T Burns (Forces): Wed: Annual Service for Seafarers St Paul's Cathedral. Thu: pm reception, Farnborough.


Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff); Sun: M at St Jelin's, Whitchurch, Cardiff Yarn. Tue: Annual M for Sch staff in St David's College, Cardiff 730pm. Wed: Dept Mtg Eecleston Sq 11 am. Thu: Council of Priests Mtg in the pastoral centre, Cardiff Ilam-2pm; Fundraising Dinner in the RAC Club London 7pm. Fri: Clergy Employment Mtg, Eccleston Sq 1030am-2pm. Sat: Diocesan Pastoral Council 10.30am-pm.

Bishop M Jabale (Menevia): Sun:

II .0(k.un Brecon Parish. C; 3pm M of thanksgiving for the Year of Office of the Lord Mayor of Swansea. Mon: am Engagements at Curial Office. Wed: am Engagements at Curial Office. Thu: 930ain Harvest Sch M at St. Joseph's Primary Sch, Clydach. Fri; 7pm Our Lady of Margam Parish, C. Sat:Youth Event, B'ham,

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: Visitation St Asaph. Mon: 10.00am Diocesan Education Team Mtg, Bishop's House . The: NBRIA Executive, London. Thu; North East Wales Regional Cytun Mtg. 1030am Buckley Parish Centre. Sat: National Youth Gathering, Wham

Key: M-Alass C-Confirnwhon. 14sitarian 0-arlination, Aftg-MeetinR Sch-School ES-Ecumenical Service.

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