Page 6, 6th September 1946

6th September 1946
Page 6
Page 6, 6th September 1946 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad


The REV. DANIEL IVANCHO, rector of the Greek Catholic Church, Cleveland, has been named by the Pope to be Titular Bishop of Europus, and Coadjutor, with right of succession, to the Most Rev, Basil Takach, Bishop of Pittsburgh Diocese of the Greek Rite.

EIGHT FORMER MEMBERS of the German Embassy staff at the Vatican, including the Councillor and secretary, have left Vatican City.

Pope Pius XII has sent his apostolic blessing and a message of good wishes to MGR. ALEXANDER CAILLOT, Bishop of Grenoble, France, on the occasion of the fifth national congress of Our Lady of La Salette, to open shortly at Grenoble.

ECUADOR The CiOVERNMENT OF ECUADOR, in a decree signed by the president, has authorised the establishment of non-public institutions of higher learning, which makes possible the foundation of a Catholic university in Ecuador—a project in which a group of widely-known professors have long been interested.

FRANCE CARDINAL SUHARD, Archbishop of Paris, after having presided at the solemnity of St. Jeanne de Chantal, paid a brief visit on pilgrimage to Paray-Ic-Monial. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY pieces of gold plate and othcr jewellery, which were stolen from the Cathedral at Rheims in July, have been recovered. Some children who were walking and playing by the edge of the canal at Rheims saw some brilliant objects at the bottom of the ditch. They went down to investigate and discovered the pieces of historic treasure. but all the precious stones which ornamented the work had been torn out. The death is announced of MGR. LEANDRE LE FLOCH. Bishop of Ajmer. Mgr. Le Floch, who was born at Pontrieua (Cote da Nord), France, tutored the Capuchin Order in 1919 and was appointed to the Ajmer Mission in 1932. He was named Bishop of Ajmer in 1939.

GERMANY CATHOLIC AND PROTESTANT CLERGYMEN in Bavaria are to be given priority in passing through the Nazi-purge tribunals. Findings of various tribunals are to reach the Ministry by September 28, and it is expected that all proceedings against clergymen will be concluded by October.

DR. HAMACHER has resigned from the chairmanship of the Centre Party (the old Catholic Party) to join the Cabinet of the Northern Rhine Westphalian Province. Mr. J. Brockman, head y.of the department for culture in

the Westphalian Provincial Government,

has taken over the leadership of the i DR. HAMACHER has resigned from the chairmanship of the Centre Party (the old Catholic Party) to join the Cabinet of the Northern Rhine Westphalian Province. Mr. J. Brockman, head y.of the department for culture in

the Westphalian Provincial Government,

has taken over the leadership of the i ITALY ONE HUNDRED and sixty-eight Jesuits of 30 different nationalities are expected in Rome for the General Congregation of the Society which was duc to open yesterday, September 5, and whose main task will be the election of a new General of the Order. It is expected that the name of the new General will be announced about September l2. The various consultants of the New General will afterwards be elected. They will number eight, each at the head of one of the geographical areas—Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England, together with Belgium and Canada, Ametica, Slav territories, and Latin America. The BODY OF ST. DOMINIC, which for safety during the war has been kept in a bomb-proof shelter, will to-morrow be returned to its tomb in the Basilica of San Dominico in Bologna. Hundreds of Dominican fathers will attend this ceremony and the public proccssion of the relics which is to take place on September 15. CARDINAL SCHUSTER, Archbishop of Milan, in view of the approaching festival of the Nativity of Our Lady, has addressed an appeal for concord to the people, explaining that all the postulate* a those social rebuses which are to-day desired by all peoples can be found in Catholicism. CATHOLIC ACTION in the Reggio Emilia district has issued a statement in defence of the Bishop, Mgr. Socche, who recently has not only been subject to a virulent Press campaign of defamation, but has also suffered minor

physical annoyances.

of Chicago, chairman of the Board of Trustees of War Relief Services of the N.C.W.C., told over 5,000 persons at an outdoor meeting in Indiana recently, that some substitute for U.N.R.RA. will have to be found to give relief to the millions of starving people throughout the world. ARCHBISHOP CICOGNANI, Apostolic Delegate to the United States, presided on Monday last, September 2, at a three-day celebration held in the stadium of St. Vincent's College, Lathobe, Philadelphia, to mark the centenary of the first Benedictine foundation in the United States. The first Benedictines in the United States were IS, who eeme from St. Michael's

Abbey, Metten. Bavaria, and settled in Western Pennsylvania.

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, who number 615,000, have set themselves the task of informing Americans of the threat to world peace that " is inherent in the Soviet policy of ruthless expansion and government by terrorism." This was the substance of the resolutions passed by the 64th annual Supremo Council meeting recently at Miami Beach.

POLAND Polish Catholics in France took part in many RELIGIOUS MANIFESTATIONS last month. They went in great numbers to Lourdes of Lisieux, but the biggest and most imposing celebration took place on August 25 in Lorette, in northern France.

On the FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION, all Polish dioceses dedicated themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. Enormous crowds took part, for instance, in Pieksry, Upper Silesia, nearly 200,000 people gathered. Bishop Adamski, addressing the faithful, said that the dedications were made already in 1942, during the German occupation, but now Polish Catholics were able to make dedications in the Polish language publicly. The crowning point of these celebrations will be

ber 8

on September Czestochowa, when the Polish Episcopate will dedicate the whole nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



Vicar-Apostolic of Natal, has resigned on account of ill-health and advanced

age. Mgr. Delalle, who is 77, was born at Arracourt in the diocese of Nancy, ce Fran. He was the oldest of the missionary Bishops of South Africa. He was consecrated over 42 years ago.


An international CA TII 01... I C ACTION STUDY CAMP is to be held at Kerns, Switzerland, from September

6 to September 12, under the auspices of the Youth Section of the International Union of Cuban Women's Organisations.

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