Page 9, 6th September 2002

6th September 2002
Page 9
Page 9, 6th September 2002 — The power struggle over the liturgy

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The power struggle over the liturgy

From Mr Michael J Cowie Sir, I find, in Father John Fitzsimmons' blistering attack upon the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Liturgiam Authenticam, further proof that such action as Rome has taken on behalf of all Catholics was urgently needed. Thank God that steps are being taken to restore a sense of reverence and worship of God (rather than the gratification of man?) to the Mass. If, as Fr Fitzsimmons seems to say, ICEL has done such a wonderful job; if they have produced translations that make the Mass more "relevant" or "meaningful" etc. to many obviously ignorant laity then why, since so many of these "innovations" were introduced, have so many, .especially of our young people, left the Church?

Yes, I believe there is certainly a power struggle but it is not Rome seeking, as so often conveniently accused, to gain some imagined subservience from God's people; it is rather, in my opinion, the dissidents who would (and often do) lead faithful Catholics astray, who constantly seek to wrest control from those to whom Christ, for our temporal and eternal good, gave it, namely the Apostles and their successors. If the CDW appeared to be "...incompetent..." was it, in fact that all its good work was being blocked at every turn by the "progressives"? Their "smokescreen" hid the truth and promoted, instead, their agenda.

I pray that the CDW will continue to have the courage and, this time, overcome the opposition terated, what ICEL has the duty to give to us. Perhaps those who have felt driven away by what they perceived as trivialisation of the liturgy and a destruction of the sense of the sacred will be encouraged to return.

Yours faithfully MICHAEL J. COWIE London SW16.

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