Page 11, 7th April 2006

7th April 2006
Page 11
Page 11, 7th April 2006 — From Miss Julia Ross Williamson

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From Miss Julia Ross Williamson

SIR Having read Quentin de la Bedoyere's Charterhouse article in which he likened our journey on earth to a Ladder of Perfection, I was surprised by the force of Fr Joseph McManus's attack in last week's letters.

When I read Count de la Bedoyere's article I received the message that the importance is to be facing the right way, towards God, and that even if we are on a lowly rung, provided we are doing our best to climb upwards, even in small steps, then we will climb nearer to heaven ( via purgatory, no doubt).

By implication, if we are facing the wrong way we will descend away from God and towards hell, as Fr McManus reminds us. But this was implicit in Count de la Becloyere's article, so why, 1 wonder, the stinging criticism?

Yours faithfully, JULIA ROSS WILLIAMSON London SW6

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