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7th April 2006
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Page 14, 7th April 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARi 1.4

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April 9 to April 15

Cardirull C NIurphy-O'Connor (Westminster): Sum Celebrates solemn Mass of Palms. I Dam. Westminster Cailiedr,d 'ay.

I Supper.bpm Westminster Cathedral. Ii I. Office of Reading law, Westminster

: Walk of Witness 12pm VietC/ria Sired, 'eleblatikill of the Lord's Passion 3pm. Westminster Callk.tind: l'ntyer al ale FtliOr Of the Cross lipm„ Westminster Cathedral Sat; Ofticc of Reading Iflum, Womansto Catholial; Cekbrates taster Vigil 8.3(1{1111 VileStminNter Cathedral.

Anithishop V Nichols I llinninghano: Sun: I lam Palm Sunday M,Crukcilml.Tue: 1230 Reception Its New High ShenIT of West Midland%. Wok 1130 ( brism Mass, (lithe Thili 730inir Mass sl the I ord's Supper, Cathedral Fre 3pm &lour' liturgy of die Passion.CalliaJnd.7thit Catechcsis in the 1.'ailleth-4. Sat: Rpm Eisler Vigil . ( WItcdral. Archbishop P KollyIIIVel VON I: Siiii LI aril PII■ces.sints of palms and Solemn Mass of Palm Sunday Men opolitari Cathedral of Christ the King. 1 irenxiol: 3pm Solemn Lvening Prayer Mei. Cath: h lOpm Evening Player for Palm Sunday with Animate Youth Mimary st Mary. Lowe House. Si I Ideas. Mom 12.10poi Celebrates M for the Monday ill Holy Vikek Blessed Sacrament Shrine, 1 iverimil; h.hh)prnt elcbrates M for the Monks in Holy Week, Blessed SalTaTICIII Shane. Liverpool; 3pm 1 diving Sale Hadvarts Group nrtg,licerpool Anixlmeesan ( 'entre for I...sangelisation. 'rue I 2.1 Opm Celebiales M by the Tuesday in lloly Week. BS Shone. Liverp.kil, I .10pm Celebrates M. BS Shrine, I iverponl. Wed: 12.10pm ( Finites M 1355 Liverptml. I , lOpm Celehnites NI BSS Liverpool; 7_10pm (Iirism Mass. Mcnopolitan ( 'athedrul of Christ the King, vcrpoLil . Thu: 10 am. Sung (Slice cif Readings arid Morning Prayer. Meimpolinui ( nthedral of Iluist the King; 7.30pm NI or the I ord's Supper. Met. t %alt. 1m. lOuni Sung ()ike of Readings and Morning Prayer. Met Catli Of Chlist the King. Itverpool; I 1.30 Stations of the Cross. Mel (Atli. 3piii Cdehalloo of the lord's Passion. Met Cath oh Christ the King. Sat: 10iun Sung Office of Readings and Morning Prayer Met Clith. 'Nan Faster Vigil and Hot Mass of tamer. Met Cuth of Chnsi the King. Liverpool. Archbishop K McDonald (Southwark): Sun: Blessing of Pahns. pmcession Mass St George's Cathednd 11.30um.lue: A rchhishup's Council .ArchNshop's House Blum. Interviews with permanent diaconate ordi nands,Arebbishop% }louse Chrism M St Creorge's Calicdod 11.15am: Mass of the foes Supper. St (icorgc% [7athedral 730pm. Hi: Solemn Liturgy tit Cielkl Friday. Si George% Cathedral 3pm. Sat, Vigil NI tor tasta.St Go .-ge's Carhednil 8.10pm.

BLshop D MMGough113'tuun ausil Sale I.-Art.11r.: Of Palm Sturday. Our Lady with St Benedict, Abbey Hutton 1030. Mon. 7_10pin Leads penitential service at St here and English Martyrs. Lowei

Bishop M Evans (last Anglia): Sun: Mass tor Palm Sunday at St John's Crabtxtral Wari, launch of World Youth Day 20013 at St I .ouis Middle School. Bury Si lalinunds 12---tran. Mon. The Christ we Share eshibition event at Forum in Norwich I I uni, Reconciliation Service at St John's l'athedr.d 7.30prn. wed: Chrism Mass ta Catholnd 7_10pm. Thir Niass of the 1 nal% Supper. Cathedral 7.30pm. Irt: (limit-litho Liturgy at Oahe dral 3pur, Feumenioil Service at Norwich Cathedral bon. Sal: Faster Vigil at Cathedral 830pm.

Bishop JI Rawsihonne tHalliant Sun I 03(kini M Cathedral: 12prn Service i111)1111d the Cnsss Shelfickl -lean Hall; 3pri I Youth (..elebrtaiuti.Catherical lire: 11 30 (*athedial. Wert f'hrism Mass I mit ails:drat 1 Spin Mass of the Lord's Supper. istilastial. hi: tilani Morning Prayo.Cuthedral . 11.45 lammenicul Good Friday Walk Rotherham. ipm Commemoration of the Passion.Cade deal. Sul: I Oran Morning Prayer. 9pra The laster vial.Cathdtral.

Bishop P OVorloghue (lane:on-01 Sun: I lam Blessing of palms ,City squire. proves sion to Holy Unity Claud :I reds. Tire: Attends pro-life presentation by Miss Ghana ieSNL11 at ItedsCisic I tall. Wed: 730pm Chrism Mass. St WincIndc's. 7.30poi M of the Lord's Slipper. 1 loly trinity Church. Leeds, Eh: 3prn ( ehetrrnti,iior the Lord's Passion. Fledy Trinity Church. Leeds. Say R3Opm Eager' Vigil. Holy 'Hirai) Chunit. Leeds.

Bishop V Malone:It:Not ausil I; Mon: 3pm Leaving Safe Harbours Group Mtg. I iser. pool Atclidiocesan ['entre tor 1-Atingelisation. Wed: Chrism Muss. Met (11111 7 30pni thir 5.34 Ipni Mass rat the jaunts Supper.< 't•IS'elll Of Notre I hime. Wisslron Fri: lont ('elebratioo nt the tools Passam,Convent of Moue W(X)111111. Sal gprit.The Faster Vigil and first of Easier, ( Onvent of Notre Dame.

Bishopi Williams it :viol auxil I: Sun: V Our Lady Immaculate. Brit Motu I lam Book launch: Holy Cross Re Villainy School. Liverpool. Wed. Chrism M 7.30pni, Meinspolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Tint. M ol the Lord's Supper, St Berhen

Botak..1pni. Sat: 'The Easter Vigil and lost NI of Laster, St Robed Bellartninc. Booth' 830pm. Bishop Patrick O'Donnghtte t lancatsterr Wed: Return fatal Ireland. I

Cathedral I I .31.tam: Xishisp's Conrail Mtg. 2pni; Mass ol the I mkt's Supper,Lathednil 730p01. Fri! (Mod Friday liturgy Cathodal! lpitt: (irks' Friday 1-.eurnennal Service. lancaster npm. Sat: Easter Vigil Mass, Cada: dral 9pin.

Ihshopi 7nto ley Micklleshrough I. Sun. (fetch:ales l'alm Sunda). Liturgy, elithednd Matti Mon I eaten Mak*: M. Suensl t lean Middlesbnwgh 73l1wm. Tile: ['Misfit M. Cathednil 12 noon. Wed: Bishop's ( outcil Bishop's House 10.31kaw, Service of' Ryon, ciliation f lithedral 7pm. Thu: M oflast Supper. (Ahead 7pm. ()Rice of Cori, Frickry Cattaxleal I Oatm Good Friday I aurgy 3pm: Reflation in Song and Panel ;Good Friday Meditation) Cathednd 7inn. Sat. Office of linty Satundm Cathcart] 10aur, Liturgy of Easter Vigil 8pm. Bishop P Doyle (Northanipumg Sun: Sunday Mass 1030run.1 ue. Nth,. Rosars arld E.sp Ninon for tbe Rosary lank. St John ()pits ie.C.'orhy 7piroWol. Mtg. it Ohs pilgrimage to Walsirigham,13islap's I i I lam: 12 noon interviews Bishop's Ih iliac Chrism Mass, Cathedral I hum: Mass the Lord's Supper, Cathedral spin. I-n: Ecumenical procession of witness. Northampton Town ['entre, 3pm (Amnioi,. ration ot die [AMES Passion. Cathedral Sat

er Vigil. Cathedral 9ima.

Bishop rPortmtnnith): Sun: MI Sr John's Catt.siml Portsmouth ltkun. ['tic 'hnsIll Slon, St John's Cathedral I Bishop's House. Flishrip's Council Mtg. 31E1, I hit: Mass of the [Aar, Supper, Si Cathedral 7.1(1pm. 1-n: S()Irann LAW:: Jiatill'S Cathedral 3pm. Sat Easter Vi 8.30pni. train's L'athedral.

liishopT Brain (Salford 1: Suit Blessing fa gams and celebration of the Mass of Palm Siintkry. Si John's Cathedral, Salford I lam. Pn.....essiiin of World Youth day ['ross. St Michael's Whitctield to St itenuultne's. Whitefield 3poi. Tue. Bishop's Council. Waniley Hall] 1.311antlhu: Mass of the Sacred Chrism, St John's Calluxhul, S,nl : I 03(him Mass of the I sushi Supper. •-•: John's (•atlicdrul. Salient 8pni. R.., (-lunettes 'Fogel her Service 12rumn; I Cle1+1,1 lion of the l'assion. St John's Catherinil. Salford 3pm. Sat! Easter Vigil of the LAmt, Resurrection. St John's (-admiral. Salfcinl 8.30pni.

Bishop B Nut*: Shiest:shiny): Site l'alm Sunday Eucharist. Cathedral ltlittant. Wed. Chrism Mast..ttur Lady and the Apostles. Stockimrt 7pm. Thu: Mass of the Lord's Supper, Calls:steal 7.30pm. Fri: celehnition of the Lord's Passion. Cathedral Jpnt. Sat: Easter-vigil leading tu First Mass of Faster SUIraty. Cathedral 9pm.

Ilkshop Pilendritiss tSwrtk Amid) Sari \ it Lrntih Celebratilill.Ayleshxd I lam. Mtsi DrOeeliall Finance MIg,Flitance Office I lam Amigo 1-lall Project Committee. Finance (Hfice 2prn. Colincil. Aidthishop'S House I (km . Thu: Chnsm Mass, St Georges CAtilludiul I LI511111 Bishop J 'line (S'wark Auxil Sun; ( elc!rates M at Si Law-reuse Church. Eeksibri■ILL, 10.30oni. Tue Archbishop's Council Meet • ing.Southwark ultra. Ilia: Minds Chrisin Mai:, at St (ieorge's Cathedral .Southwark I lam. Fri: Solcnin Alto-awn I away at St Francis. Maidstone 1pm. Sat: Faster Vigil al St Augustine of Canierbury,Parkwocd and Wigmore 8.30pm.

Bishop P Lynch (S'wark Tue: An-11 hishop's Council Archbishop's !louse I Dam.Thui Mass St Crossk-',. ilttd 11.1.5ani. Fri: Solvay Good Fricke, I iturgy,( hit lady ol Cirace.(laulttni 3pin Bishop A Hopes (Yr" niinster Ansi' Sim Main Solemn Mass for Palm Sunday.. Immaculate Heart of Mary and St 1)ominic. liomcrton. Mon: Engagemeni, Archbishop% How. Tire: 12 mxth Chrism Mass. Cathedral; pro ertgagenicor.. Archbishop's House Thu: 8pm Solemn Mass of the lords Supper. 011t i :sly ot Grace arid St Edward, Chiswick. I .3pol Solemn Liturgy. of the PIISSi071. SI 1110111ii, or l'untetbory. Fulham. Sat: Xpm 1-aster Vigil and the first sellenin Mass tif Sacred tleart. Ruislip.

Bishop Ft I ongky INV minster Amor) Ihidy Week V to St Allkin's College, Valladolid. Mott Retum front Valladolid.

9tati Finance thstid.Anithishop's Ilmice: 12 noon (trism M, Westminster Cathedral. Wish Mutt. V ir Si Anna's College. Valladolid cont.

Bishop G Sun* arear Tar 12pm Chrism Mass. Westminster Cathednil. ,I3Ortni Attorsl% Archbishop's C'ouncil, Sae_ 7.30pni, Vigil St Luke's.

WA I .1 IS

Archbishop P Smith (Canal-Lk Thu: Llirisin Mass in St I /av id's Catheilral.Cartlilf I I ot the l.aird's Supper, 7.30pm. Fri: Solemn Liturgy in SI Travid%Cathedisd. (*midi lon. Sat: I:Aster Vigil M, St Lkoids 8_10pm.

Bishop M JahallItMeneviau Sun: In..t0 St (*atilt:drat; Youth F.s•ent Liao aludno 1 7 '3014 Mini -Sreelillg 'ornniinee Slip. I Joniksi. I tincheon tor retinal cheig. Bishop's I hats, (brisni 141.7pn1 (*iiilicdral, 'rho 730prii 1st of the I rad% Supper. Cathedral Fri: lpm Celebration of tine I onrs Plosion. Cathedral. Sat: Flisto Vigil M.R 30pni Cathedral.

Key: M-Mass. C-Conlirmation. O-Ordinatirin, Mtg-Meeting. Scb Schrsol I s feamenical Service.

We regret ,se t...-innot guarantee the inclusioi, of hishops' engagements IiieCIVIA litni 111,1 midday cm the Monday prior to publi:• .

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