Page 1, 7th August 1936

7th August 1936
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Locations: Seville


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3sservatore's Indictment

esides the two fighting parties in Spain, es the Osservatore, a third threatens to iy an unhappy triumph.

esides the Madrid Government and the tary dictatorship of Seville, there sims a force that seems frantic and unle like a tide that ebbs and flows on shore but which becomes ever more re of its own action . . .

/hat has happened to Catalonia can pen to the whole of Spain. While the of the liberal or socialist republic is in balance the Communist republic is in )sition to gain the day , . .

The Tremendous Disorder

o-day everywhere behind the facade of :r as ordinarily imagined and portrayed e lies in wait a tremendous disorder :h is on the watch. When its time Les it does not waste a second; it assumes responsibility of disturbing the librium and aggravating the general rder. Spain for the second time gives di example of this truth . . .

The Government after giving up its gaily constituted authority by arming !e masses, confessed the impotence of state, authorised every violence, and we to the insurrectionists the name and anding of " regulars." Having found self in this position the government was Irced to abdicate by itself choosing one I the two extremist parties; in other ords it fudged of a cause which it no .nger had a right to judge and in choos.g one of the sides became itself a fac9n handing over public power to an .med mob.

Roles Inverted

ommunist anarchy appears as arbiter of situation, a fact all the more frightenin that the logic of this chaos has given role opposed to its own conspiritorial rebellious nature making it appear the essor of a rebellion in the name of imnt authority, and enabling its ideal and min to appear as law and order in face he actual confusion of a society that no longer maintain civil order . . . This ety which according to Communism is .dent, disorientated, without cohesive e, is going to be fundamentally constii with neither faith, principles, thought, traditions.

atalonia, the experimental camp of the Will crisis, showed only too well what complete solution may be if divine ,idence does not provide where men

have failed. The relationship between state and mob has been reversed.

This enables us to understand the point of view of those who have revolted in the name of the nation, order, law and government.

" A Gangster Party"

In the second article the Osservatore after referring again to the anarchical element in Spain which is profiting by the present disorder and calling a gangster party and a sort of Ku-Klux-Klan continues: " If mankind goes on arguing about political systems and fighting in terms of the relative merits of reactionary liberty authority and democracy regimes governments and parties, these enemies of mankind with this whole vocabulary of ambiguous words at their beck and call will go on marching within this confusion of labels and all the reality of essential human elements will be lost.

" The first thing of all is to govern purely, simply and without equivocation according to elenzentary humanity. At the crossways we have now reached we are faced with the decision as to whether we are human and can go on as human beings or whether we are simply inhuman.

" If the right decision is not made Europe will continue with a time bomb in its attache case, as Spain has done."

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