Page 2, 7th August 1953

7th August 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 7th August 1953 — Newspapers and the Church

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Organisations: Catholic Church, Ivy Court
Locations: Bradford, Canterbury, London


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Newspapers and the Church

SIR,-1 was once rung late at night by a great London paper to confirm the spelling of a place-name in the caption of a pictorial photograph. Why does the scrupulous accuracy of detail fail completely when the affairs of the Catholic Church are mentioned in the national Press? Any Catholic office boy could have saved a famous paper from perpetrating the following absurdities: "Canon Boleslaw Martinellis . served Mass to 40 Lithuanians at Bradford. . . . Before taking Mass the Canon said . . .'' What would have happened to a reporter who sent a report beginning "The Archbishop of Canterbury served Coronation to several thousand people in Westminster Abbey.. Before taking Coronation t h e Archbishop said . . ."

After all, the Catholic Church is the largest Christian body in the world, and Catholics in England are not a completely negligible minority. Would our national papers show the same contempt for cricket or football enthusiasts by reporting a match or game in jargon which made utter nonsense of the report?

K. M. Becher,

Ivy Court, Royston, Herts.

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