Page 2, 7th August 1953

7th August 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 7th August 1953 — Selling Brains or Brawn

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Selling Brains or Brawn

SIR,-in reference to Mr. Paul Derrick's article, "A Challenge to Labour Catholics" (CATHOLIC HERAI 0, June 1), I find rather unconvincing his views concerning goods which the country would be wise to sell.

Mr. Derrick refutes the wisdom of producing commodities "where raw materials form a low proportion of the cost." Surely it is both wise and profitable to concentrate on selling our "know how" (which Mr. Derrick describes prOducts of great complexity), as in exports of the jet aircraft for civil airways, and, incidentally. for which profitable spares would be sold for years to come.

Would not Mr. Derrick agree that it is the sale of brains rather than "brawn" which will keep open the sellers' market, keep us first in the field, and avoid unhealthy competition.

Trying to sell "brawn" has all too frequently proved futile. The most obvious example of this futility is. I suppose, competition with the Japanese, who, I understand, will still work at least 12 hours a day in bad conditions, for a degrading wage.

L. J. Bastock, 23 Milverton Crescent, Leamington Spa.

The Liturgy in other Rites

SIR,-Could any of your readers advise me of churches in this country where the Liturgy is celebrated in the Greek, Armenian or Byzantine Rite?

Richard R. Clayton. 10 Rustat Road,


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