Page 4, 7th August 1953

7th August 1953
Page 4
Page 4, 7th August 1953 — DOUGLAS HYDE'S COLUMN

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People: Murphy, Lenin
Locations: London


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WHEN I went to Westgate last Sunday it seemed as though all London, attracted by the sunshine, had decided to do the same thing. The road from the capital to the coast was solid with motor vehicles of every type, including ancient vans and still more ancient London taxis, now ending their days as private cars, into which huge Cockney families had packed


The pace was slow, but the journey was very much'worth while for, for the fourth year in succession, I was going to talk to members of the Catholic Action Cells movement, doing their annual course at the Ursuline nuns' lovely boarding school near the sea. The experience was, as always, an exhilarating one. Most of those attending the course were from 18 to 23 years old, I would guess: young. fresh in their approach to every question and tremendously keen. They belong to the age group from which the Communists draw most of their recruits and feel themselves to be in direct competition with them when it comes to sacrificing time and energy for the cause. In fact, they lack nothing which the Communists have in the way of zeal and enthusiasm. And they've got a tremendous amount that the Communists can never have—unless they cease to be Communists.

Evil invitation

T SEE that the Communist daily "paper, leaning over backwards to woo the Irish workers from their Faith, has repeated its dishonest claim that Catholics can Aliso be Communists. One thing it does not mention is that Communists may not become Catholics. If this happens they become, as I know from my own experience, "agents of the Vatican" overnight. According to page 7 of the Communists' own text book Lenin on Religion, "atheism is an integral part of Marxism. Consequently a classconscious Marxist party must carry on propaganda in favour of atheism." Since the Communist Party claims to be both "Marxist" and "class-conscious," it is clear that to be a party member is to be identified with "propaganda in favour of atheism." You cannot he a so-called Catholic Communist without sooner or later having to choose between one and the other.

And, under the Holy Office decree of June 13, 1949, you cannot "profess, defend and spread the materialiss tic and anti-Christian doctrines of the Communists" without. ipso facto,

being excommunicated in other words you may not be a Communist Catholic. You can only be what Vatican Radio last week described as a "Catholic quisling." From what f know of the Irish workers they will not take kindly to the invitation to become quislings.

Broad appeal

A EMBERS of the editorial staff 1v1 of this paper are always conscious of the non-Catholics we number among our readers. But it was interesting to hear the other day from an agnostic who "reads every corner

of the C.H." and that . . if I failed to renew my subscription now. after following you so far, why, I am sure I could not bear to miss it."

It is the paper's appeal to nonCatholics, of course, which makes the work of selling it on the streets so rewarding.

Signing off

"VOR the next three weeks I hope

to be holidaying in a land where they have retained that art of living which we here in crowded, speedcrazy Britain have, alas, lost. Its name? You're right flrst time, Mrs. Murphy.

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