Page 5, 7th August 1998

7th August 1998
Page 5
Page 5, 7th August 1998 — Papal disagreement

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Papal disagreement

From Mr Mike Miller Sir, I seem to remember that Galileo once said the earth was round and a Pope said it wasn't: Galileo, of course, had to tell a lie to remain in the Church.

The present output of the Vatican is reminiscent of such medievalism, and I am frankly appalled that after so many people gave their lives to fight against the intellectual oppression and abuse of human rights and human dignity by Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, the Establishment of the Catholic Church should now be engaged in emulating them. Burning books? Trying to stifle free debate of issues? "Excommunication" being bandied about? Let's face it: the issues are not even central to our basic faith, and they fall into the category of "flavour of the month"., to do with church organisation and practice. What next? The setting up of the Inquisition and the burning of "heretics'?

Do they really believe that in the 1990s people will allow their hearts and minds to be imprisoned? Where is love? Where are the Easter People? Where is Christ in all this? Don't we trust in his presence among us any more?

Yours faithfully, MIKE MILLER Luton

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