Page 4, 7th December 1956

7th December 1956
Page 4
Page 4, 7th December 1956 — In a Few Words By Jotter

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Organisations: Labour
Locations: London, Rome


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In a Few Words By Jotter

A Really Good Idea

turned sofa (the seat having been removed by another enforced visitor), and expressing very great optimism about the chances of the Hungarians continuing indefinitely in the present spontaneous resistance. A well-known poet, journalist and broadcaster insisting that Chesterton was never a poet and being persuaded to reread the Ballad of the White Horse, Another Don, who had signed the first letter to The Times in protest against British policy, feeling that the wording of this and the subsequent counter letter was so bad that the same man could have signed both. Last, but not for publication, many views about the succession to Westminster.

Isis idols

IN Oxford 1 heard, too, of the

" Isis" article on Susie Younger, daughter of Kenneth Younger, Labour Minister of State before the Tories got in. This "Isis Idol" who seems to join hands across with the years with the first ever woman Idol," Elizabeth Pakenham, is described as " a prominent figure in the University by virtue of her religion." She has moved from art agnostic background to the excited discovery that the Christian religion is factual and true, opening doors rather than closing them. Italy and the Holy Land gave her " Roman Fever," but actually Anglicanism was her first port of call and against its background she has worked feverishly for Christian Unity and practical Christian causes. " Isis " writes: "The solidarity and uniformity of Rome haunted her till the moment came when she believed that the tension between a dogmatic faith and concern for Christian unity can only be resolved by submission to the Holy See." I understand that the write-up of Miss Younger is quite correct.

Petrol distraction

THE gravest motoring danger now, I find. is keeping one's eyes on roadside petrol stations to guess whether they have petrol, whether it is "for regulars only" or to size up the length of the queue. Luckily the road traffic is Light enough to reduce the chance of disaster caused by this insistent distraction. I am told however that the petrol starvation is largely confined to near London and other big cities, I suppose. In the real country one can proceed by buying a gallon every thirty miles or so, and thus experiencing the sensation of never using any petrol at all, except when one fishes in one's pocket to find no money.


SIDCUP reader has enclosed

the following verse, originally published, it seems, in the Rochester Review. I feel sure that many readers will like to read and keep it.

"I did not think to find You there- Crucifixes, large and small, Sixpence and threepence, on a tray, Among the artificial pearls, Plate rings, tin watches. beads of glass, It seemed so strange to find You there.

Fingered by people coarse and crass, Who had no reverence at all. Yet—What is it that You would say? 'For these I hung upon my Cross, For these the agony and loss, Though heedlessly they pass Me by.'

Dear Lord, forgive such fools as Who thought it strange to find You there, When You are with us everywhere."

'Bethany' thanks

SOME weeks ago I wrote a little

note on the admirable work of "Bethany" in Wimbledon where unwanted hard cases, fitting into no obvious charitable organisation, are coped with, and mentioned the Sale of Work that was being organised. I have now heard that it was a great success and that double the expected money was taken. But "Bethany" received a big response from all over the country in getting articles for sale, and is now deeply worried at not being able to acknowledge a large number of anonymous gifts. Will those who sent such gifts be assured of "Bethany" deep gratit tide,

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