Page 7, 7th December 1956

7th December 1956
Page 7
Page 7, 7th December 1956 — The opportunity of that Sunday 'peak'

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The opportunity of that Sunday 'peak'

" Catholic Herald ' reporter

FROM Somewhere in Scotland. the 90-year-old widow of a Protestant minister writes regular fan letters beginning " My Dear Gordon " and ending " Yours affectionately. High

land Grannie."

For four years she has kept her correspondent supplied with

knitted socks.

"Gordon " is not a crooner or a film star. He is Fr. Gordon Albion, the historian and broadcaster.

He told the audience at the Westminster Catholic Evidence Guild's annual meeting in the Cathedral Hall on Friday about his " Highland Grannie," as an example of the personal contacts which can be built up through the radio apostolate. The greatest opportunity, said Fr. Albion, is provided by the " People's Service," at the peak listening hour on Sunday mornings.

In his address, " On Talking to the Great Unchurched," Fr, Albion said that certain words, including "Infallibility," "Transubstantiation " and " Incarnation ' make the average non-churchgoer switch off immediately. Nevertheless. such a one can be induced to listen to doctrine if it is prevented attractively. And the broadcaster has gone fat if he merely breaks down prejudices. There is a great need for an apostolate of prayer in support of Catholic broadcasting, Fr. Albion concluded.

Mr. Hugh Ross Williamson, who spoke on " The Gospel and the Outsider," said the presentation of the Gospel has been allowed to become a long string of ethical cliches, whereas it is still unparalleled news.

Mr. A. W. Barr, Master of the Guild, appealed for new speakers and associate members.

Bishop Craven. Vicar Capitular of Westminster, who presided, said the title " Catholic Evidence Guild" is one which the Apostles could themselves have fittingly used. No work ie nearer to the heart of Our Lord.

Speakers, said the Bishop. can do great good by their sufferings and disappointments. It was possible that these had won for Mr. Ross Williamson-once a minister at an Anglican church near Marble Arch, and the Catholic Evidence Guild platform-the Faith which he has today.

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