Page 7, 7th December 1956

7th December 1956
Page 7
Page 7, 7th December 1956 — Where should the altar be ?

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Organisations: Liturgical
Locations: Rome


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Where should the altar be ?

BISHOP PARKER of Northamp ton tells his priests and people that when he goes to Rome next year he will seek the guidance of the Sacred Congregation of Rites about the placing of the high altar in the new sanctuary of his cathedral.

The Bishop earlier in his letter speaks about the Liturgical movement, "which aims at bringing our people to a deeper understanding of the Mass and the sacraments. to a fuller share in the public worship of the Church," and remarks that some people think that the laity should be able to watch more closely what the priest does at the altar.

Later on he says that "there is a growing feeling that the main attar in a church should not be too far away from the people," and that it has been suggested that his cathedral altar should be nearer the rail where Communion is distributed, with the choir behind.

" Many of the pre-Reformation cathedrals have the altar fax back from the congregation," says the Bishop, but this, he eeplains, " was because there was a choir of monks. The people had a 'Jesus altar' in front of the choir screen."

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