Page 15, 7th December 1962

7th December 1962
Page 15
Page 15, 7th December 1962 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS

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with Bishop Bright, auxiliary, and Pt_ with Bishop Bright, auxiliary, and Pt_ William O'Brien, secretary. 1 unclay; Pontifical Requiem Mass (Archbishop Masterson annisersary), Cathedral, Birmingham. 11 a.m. Wednesday: Attends Governors' Meeting, Cotton College, North Staffs., 11.30 a.m.; Blesses new church. Abbey Holton, Stoke-ors-Trent, 4 p.m. ertday (December 14): Confirmation and Pontifical Benediction, St. Margaret Mary. Perry COI-Limon, Birmingham, 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (December 15, 16): Attend% Centenary celebrations of St. Joseph's, Moasley. Ashton-lindersissine, with reception and parochial dbsiunrtny.ermlaali.t.y3.70s plomie aSarnturodanys. Sunday. Pontifical Maas at Archbishop King. Bishop of PorIsmouth. -Tomorrow (Saturday': Solemn Pontifical Mass at the Training College, of the Immaculate Concernion, Southampton; Sun. day. .DeFe.nb,1,6,n: 0 ridoi ndastctr sNeawt


Westminster. Masa will be said this

Sunday at Ilse Annunciation, Stansttad Abbots, 8.30 A.M.; at 1 he Cabin, Curtsey, 10.15 a In .; and at St. George's Hall. Ashwell, 5.30 p.m,


Dam Benedict Adams O.S.B.

Dom Benedict Adams, 03.13., who died laat Sunday at Belmont Abbey, Hereford, f011owinis a heart attack, was 79, and had been a monk lot 45 years. Born in Birmingham. he became a Catholic in 189k. and pained the Belmont community in 19t6. He studied ln Rome, where he was ordained by Cardinal Ponusili in 1921. For much of his life he was Professor of Doamatie and Moral Theology co the monastic students at Belmont and to secular students of the Cardin Archdiocese, who did their studies at Belmont until 1948. I3etween 1925 and 1940 he did chaplain and parish work, and was parish priest at Hindley and Avon Ditssett.. In 1940 he became Prior and Novice Master, and resumed the teaching of theology. After a time as Chartaln to Kilgraston Convent, near Perth. he agaln resumed Isis post as prior, but he had been its poor health sinFc'oer19t5h2en sinFc'oer19t5h2en , last two years Bete had be chaptain to the Verona Sisters at ElandHackie! Wells, and had Just taken up a new post at St. Michael's Convent, Crielthowell. He was a gifted ors:anis'. and Musician. For many years an offieral Censor of Books, he was an examiner tor new Confessors, and a encentier of the monastery's Council of Seniors.

Fr. C. Ferguson, S.J.

St. Ignatius Church, Stamford Bin. London.

supplying and giving retreats. died last week

g(Tethyurdsdaaisi)L., heagCe'dhurn ofHtehebSaadarer"""sIY Blackpool. Educated at Stonyhttrdert:enanild, Ordained priest in 1926, he was on the mall sal St. Aidan's College, Grahamstowa, S. Africa, 1927-29. Later. he served m Southern Rhodesia at Biltua. Chisbwalha and GWelo, until ill-health compelled him to return to

England iii 0)53.

Canon Herbert O'Neill Canon Herbert O'Neill a retired rriest of the Liverpool Archdiocese, died last weekend. Hued 79. Born on Merseyside, he studied at St. Edward's College and lipHolland, where he was ordained in 1911, During World War I lie served as chaplain in France. Returning to the archdiocese he was appOinied a curate at St. James's, Bootle. In i926 he fnunded and became rite first parish priest of the neighbouring parish of St. Joan. Bootle. There he built a temporary church close to the north docks: it survived the war hm was destroyed by fire iit 1958; the nearby school enmpleted in 1952 escaped damage. Fr. O'Neill retired in 1958 and was made an honorary' canon last year to celebrate his golden jubilee, Mother Margaret Mary Lawder Mother Margaret Maly Lawrier. laundress and first Mother General of the Congregation of Our Lady of Pity, died on Saturday at the Mother House of her CongtvaallOs its Kiln Green, iwyrord. Bucks. She Was is her 62nd year, She had founded her congregation out of a small community of Servile Tertiaries in de 1936, undertaking ail kinds 1936, undertaking ail kinds

of charitable works and teaching catechism


vows, her Sisters took,a fourth vow of service

received approbation from the Holy See as a Diocesan Congregation (Portsmouth) in 1948, Calm. Peter MacHugh Coun. Peter MacHugh, a Member of Wimbledon Council (Con.) since 1955, died last week (Wednesday), aged 77. Hr. WaS a Past Preaident of Wimbledon Laitenian Cirelc and had for many SWIM beer President and Vice-President of the St. Vincent de Paul Society at Wimbledon.

Keenly interested in social wellare work, he served for many years. on doe exectitite committee of the Wimbledon Guild of Social Welfare and Wimbledon Conatnunity Association. and was on she Health, Finance and Library Committees of Wimbledon Council. He Was also a member of Surrey County Council, From 1947 to 19511 he was Principal H.M. Treasury.

Braniss -m

ood..-ass be said his Sanday at the British Legion Club, Tiptree. 5.10 a..: "Eastliffe". Laver Breton. 10 am.; "themEight Bells", Rites, 9 ; British Legion Club, Boated, 10.10 a.m. Next Sunday the Mission will visit Hullbodge, Rettendon, Tollesbury and Goldhanger. Menevia.-This weekend Fr, Riordan, C.SS.R.. will visit Pembroke Dock parish'. Fr. Maram, C SS.R., will visit Houghton and Letterston; Fr. Stevens, css.R.. will visit Lianfaircacreinion. Liansantifraid and Llanymynech. Norlhasupton.Mass will be said thia Sunday at 9, Coivilie Road, Newton, Ptr. Wisbech, Cambs.. 9; and at the Old School. Earnack, NOrthants, 5 p.m. Nottinghain.Mass will be said this Sunday at Kilbourn. 9.10 a.m.; Ambergate, 11 a.m.; Burton Joyce. 5.30 p.m. During the week Fr. Nicholson. S,C.J..

w ill visit Bottesford. Buckminsier and Barkston.

Plymouth.Fr. Sean Maarin, M.S.F.S... will say Mass this Sunday at Hartland (Women's Institute Hail). 10 a.m.; High Bicklagion (Little Silver), at a time to be announced locally; and Beanaester (Tindal Hall). 6.10 p.m. Fr. Mason's address Is: St. Clare's Warts Rd,. Tavistock, 8.30 a.m.; Harem (Y.C.Y. Hall), 1.0.15

m een

a.; Orally Gr (Villae g Hall), 8.30

m een

Devon, TAV 2645),

Sunday at Sandhurst (The Old House).

Southwark. Mass will be said this IL) the poor, sick and ignorant. The Sistrs


Fr. Charles Ferguson, S.1 who served at BishopBrunner of mtddiestorough• Monday; Returns Irons attending ValiCas COLMCII in Rome. Archbishop Orlinshaw of Birmingham.-Sunday Returns from Vatican Council

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