Page 3, 7th December 1962

7th December 1962
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Page 3, 7th December 1962 — Lab may 'cut years' off cancer research

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Organisations: Manhattan College
Locations: New York


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Lab may 'cut years' off cancer research

A1,A BOR ATORY designed to cut the research time for a cure of cancer is being set up by a team of four scientists at Manhattan College. run by the Christian Brothers in New York.

Dr. Robert Beardsley, director of the Plant. Morphogcncsis Laboratory, said that the proposed investigations of plant and animal growth to be conducted at the laboratory could "cut years, perhaps decades, off the time required to achieve a breakthrough" against cancer.

He said that the scientists will experiment with "inducing the reversal of animal cancer cells to normal cells".

"If our efforts are successful," he said, "there is hope that through further research, cancer control and cure may be achieved in humans by reversal of the cancer state, rather than by the elimination of abnormat growth with such techniques as surgery and radiation therapy."

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