Page 5, 7th December 1973

7th December 1973
Page 5
Page 5, 7th December 1973 — SUNDAY BEST

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Locations: Hereford, Norwich


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Your correspondent Mrs. K. M. Davy asks (November 30) for suggestions for what to do on Sundays. One of the best things is to read some religious book; it passes the time and increases your knowledge of the Catholic Faith, and starts you thinking. Pius X, talking informally to a group of cardinals, asked them what was the greatest need of the Church. Some said this and some that but none had the right answer the Pope wanted. He struck the table with his fist and exclaimed: "An informed laity!"

Flow does the laity become informed? Only through books. Why not devote an hour every Sunday to reading the works of writers like St. Augustine, Lord Acton, Karl Adam, Bellarmine, Belloc, Benson, Athanusius. Chesterton, Cabrol, Christopher Dawson, De Caussade, duardini, Rosemary I laughton, Martindale, Newman, Von Hugel, Gasquet, Christopher Hollis, Lingard, Arnold Lunn, Arendsen, Attwater, Pere Grou, Lacordaire, Julian of Norwich, Ronald Knox, D'Arcy, Thurston, Manning, Archbishop Mathew. St. Bede, Maritain, Meynell, Morton, Ignatius, Thompson, St. Catherine. St Teresa, St. John of the Cross, Mauriac, Rickaby, E. I. Watkin, Philip Hughes, Feneldn, Boussuet, Marmion, Gregory the Great, Thomas Danielou, Montalembert, Vonier, Francis de Sales, Richard Rolle, Thomas Aquinas, Vincent McNabb, Van Zeller, Bishop Iledley, G. M. Hopkins Bernanos, Cecily Hallack, Brorick, Woodruff, Fortescue, Thomas More, Bede, Jarrett, Thomas Merton — to name but a few.

I have thousands of Catholic books, If anyone would like one to start them reading and thinking I would be happy to send them one free and post free.

Michael White

3 Market Street, Hay-on-Wye, Hereford.

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