Page 10, 7th December 1984

7th December 1984
Page 10
Page 10, 7th December 1984 — OPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Lancaster University, TVS Religious Advisory Panel, Convent School, Archbishop's Council, Vietnamese Pastoral Centre, Council of Diocesan Affairs, Annual Christmas Carol Service, Civic Centre, Xmas Party, Board of Administration, Diocesan Primary Schools Carol Service, SS Alban & Stephen Church, Youth Commission, Schools Commission, Salvation Army Civic Carol Service, St Richard's High School, Carol Service, Fdday7 Eitham Council of Churches Ecumenical Study, St John's FitS1 Es Middle School, Cathrdio Children's Society Wales, Westmirster Central Council, M. St Mary's School, St Charles Church, Deaf School, Humberside Council, Diocesan Schools Association, pm. Senior Citizens Chdstrnas Party, French Church, V Si John Almond School, Catholic Teachers Association, H. SI Anthony's Church, Rye St Anthony School, St Ann's Church, PA &Id C. Bishop Challoner School, Alt:burin Deanery Council, Father Hudson Society, Gwen Mary College Carol Service, Birmin, Committee on Chaplaincy


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Keywords: Religion / Belief

0 = Ordination, M Mass, C Confirmation, V p Visitation.

Cardinal Home. Archetshent of Westminster Sunday: C Buntingford 10 am, M Hatfield 6 pm, Monday Gwen Mary College Carol Service 1.30 gm. Tuesday Meeting of &Sheet. Archbishop's House 5 pm, Wednesday Council of Diocesan Affairs 10 am, M lor CENACLE 7 30 pm Archbishop Bowen ca Saunterer* Sunday: Conseeration of the altar, St Teresa's, Morden 3 pm, Monday: Diocesan BishopS' meeting, Archbishop's House 11 am, Meeting with Diocelen Youth Oiticers. Arcnbisnop's House 2.30 pm. Wednesday: Consecration of Corpus Christi Cnurch, Brixton 7.30 pm. Thursday, South London Church Leaders' meeting. Kingsion.upon-Tharnes 11 am Archbishop Couve de Murville of Birmingham Sunday V & C St Joseph. Rugeloy, Tuesday: Meeting Pt VIcars Generai, Archbishop's HOPSe, 11 am, Dedication of Manor Hospital Chapel, Walsall 2.30 pm. Awards Certiticates of Adult Religious Education 7 30 pm, Wednesday-. M Crackle y Convent School, Kenilworth, 11 am, Thursdey to Saturday Visits Basta College, Rome. Sunday, Confers Ministry of Reader at Bede College ern. ArchWshop Startle! Cardiff -Sunday V Our Lady Lourdes, Cabana, Cardiff. Mender. Takes up residence at Archbishop's House, 41.43 Cathedral Piped. Cardiff CFI PhD. Friday: Presentation Of Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards, Civic Centre. Newport 7 36 pm Archbishop Warlock el Liverpool Sunday V and C St Thomas More. Aigburth, Monday South Liverpooi Deanery Clergy Meeting Archbishop's House 12.30 pm. Tuesday M with Chapter, Metropolitan Cathedral 11 am, Meeting ol Priests, Upholiand Northern institute 4 pro. Wednesday: Meeting of priests continued, Vahan and Northern institute am. Merseyside Church Leaders' Group, Archbishop's House 6 pm. Thursday, Christian Aid Meeting, Fdenda Meeting Hause 12.30 pre Meeting of Alt:burin Deanery Council, St Clare's, Liverpool B pre Friday: Meeting of Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House 11 are M for 10Ih Anniversary of Survive_ Metropolitan Cathedral 730 pm Blehop Alexander of Clifton Sunday C at Si Petera. Gloucester 3.30 pm. V. preaches at all Masses, Tuesday: Sr Mary O'Dowors Farewell Presentation at St John's School Hall, Bath 7.30 pm, Wednesday, Newly Ordained Priests at St Ambrose, Leigh Woods 11 am, The Kennel & Avon Handbell Ringers Xmas Charily Concert, Clifton Cathedral 7 d5 per, Thursday; South West Church Leaders Meeting at Bishop of Bristol's residence. Xmas entertainment at St Augustine's School. Downend 7 30 pm, Friday: Attends uem Xmas Party at Newman Hail. Westbury. orsTryrn, Bristol 8.00 pm, Saturday: V Holy Redeemer, Salisbury. Preacnes at all M Sishop Burke, Auxiliary ter Salterd Sunday: 11 15 am and C, Sr Winifred's. Heaton Mersey 3.00 pm, Tuesday: Deanery Conference, Wednesday: Board of Administration 19 30am, Thursday: Annual Christmas Carol Service, St Ann's Church. St Ann's. Manchester 5.30 pm. Bishop Clam of East Anglia -Sunday: V of Burnham Market Parish, Saturday, Begins V. St Felix Pansh, Fedxstowe, Bishop Cleary Auxillery for Birmingham Sunday, C000e*bree5 Ara or FestIval Meet,y ci SVP Cannock 3 pin. Tuesday: Meeting at Vicars General, Archbishop's House 11.00 am.

Bishop Emefgy of Portsmouth-Sunday Si Thomas More. Bournemouth Parish V. Tuesday, St John's FitS1 Es Middle School, Portsmouth. Christmas Concert 7 Dm, Wednesday: Southampton LinWereity Chaplaincy, Southampton. Carol Service orn Bishop Fraley el Lancaster Sunday: Commissions Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. Sacred Heart. Preston 11 90 are klierlder Presents Papal Awerd at Lourdes Association Christmas gathering, Preston 7.30 pm, Tuesday: M, Boarbank Convent, Grange 2 30 pm. Wednesday, M. Hyning Monastery 2 00 pm. Senior Citizens Chdstrnas Party. Cathedral 4.30 pm, Thorsday Lays Foundation Stone. English Martyrs, Hardhorn 2,Cel pm. Friday: Diamond Jubilee ot St Gregory's, Preston, M of Thanksgiving 7.30 pm, Saturday: Lancaster University Coon 1030 am, M for Srs ot Cross 6. Passion. Lytham 2 30 ern Bishop Hannigan of Menevia Tuesday Nativity Play by St Mary's Schoolchildren in Tne Cathedral. Wrexham 7.30 pro. Wednesday: School Pantomime. Brigidine Convent, Denbigh 7 15 pm. Thursday: Cathrdio Children's Society Wales. Meeting, Cardiff 7.30 per Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Sunday V. English Martyrs Church_ York M 11.00 am, Wednesday Meeting rif Chairmen of Advisory Councils BBC, London Bishop Harvey, &urinary ler Westminster Sunday: Councli Meeting. Guild el Catholic Ocelots 10.30 ant. M. SVP (Westmirster Central Council' Sr Margaret Ciitherow, Grahame Park 3 pm, Monday M. St Mary's School, Ponders End 9.30 am. Turnery, Meeting, London Churches Group 10 am, Bishops' Meeling 5 pm, Wednesday: CDA 10 ruin. M, Westminster Cathedral 7,30 prn. Friday: Irish Chaplaincy Conference 10 30 am &shop Henderson. Aoxiliwy for Southward, Sunday: Commences Pastoral V. Norbury 8 30 • 5 30 pm. Monday: Diocesan Bishops Meeting Continuation of pastoral V. Norbury 1 9.313 pm. Wednesday Presides at Diocesan Primary Schools Carol Service, St George's Cathedra pm, Thurseley: South London Area Leaders Ecumenical Meeting, Kingston 11 • 4 pm. 0 to the Ministry of deader and Acolyte, St George's Cathedral 7.30 pin, Fdday7 Eitham Council of Churches Ecumenical Study e per Bishop Kitchen. Auxiliary of Linwood -• Sunday: V Continued St. Francis of Assisi. Liverpool, Tuesday: V Conttnued St. Francis. ot Assisr Liverpool, C Holy Rosary, Old Roan 7•30 pm, Wednesday: V Si John Almond School, Merseyside Church Loaders Meeting, Archbishop's House. 6 pm. Thursday: V Holy Trinity Schools. Final Algburth Deanery Meeting. Friday: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Archbishop's House, Meeting with the Wing Fellowship Trust, 3 tarn Bishop's Lodge, C Holy Rosary, Old Roan 7.30 pm Bins* Jokers Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday v to Dover parish Tuesday: C St. Augustine's. Ramsgate 7.30 pm, Wednascisy: House of Hospitality Meeting. Holy Cross Priory. Hriathtiald, Susaex, Thursday: TVS Panel of deligious Advisers' Meeting Cr Stornngton 10.30 am. Frideysesturday: V to Sittingbourne parish Bishop Kelly at Ssiford Sunday: V and C, St Mary. Heaton Norris. Tuesday: Jomi Deanery Confererence, St John's Chodton. Wed . Eicerd of AdminiStration 1.0.30 am, Thursday: Youth Commission 11 DO am, FridayiSaturday7 V and C, St Joseph's. Reddish, Mange Konstant. Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday M, French Church 10.00 are, Wednesday: CPA meeting. Archbishop's House, 10 00 am, Friday: Church Leaders meeting. St Charles Square 10 30 am. M. St Charles Square 7.00 pm Bishop aleCartie, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sender, M and C, Si Ambrose Barlow. nail Green, Monday: Meeting of Catholic Teachers Association, Coventry 7.30 pm, Tuesday: Meeting of Vicars General, Archbishop's HouSe 11.00 am, PA &Id C. Bishop Challoner School, Birmingham 730 per Wednesday: hi and C Rye St Anthony School, Oxford 3.1:10 dm. 110,4mn Prinsts consultative committee Schools Commission, 'Birmingham It 00 On Meeting ol Trustees of Father Hudson Society, Birmingham 0.30 pm Friday: Vietnamese Pastoral Centre 2.00 pm, Lourdes Reunion Dinner, Birmingham 8.00 pee alehell McGuinness at Welingham Sunday: V, The Assumption, hallow, Tuesday: Meeting cf Esser Churches Consulative Council, Chelmsford 10.30 am Friday; Recital by Amplelorth College. Our Lady ol Mount Carmel, Stock U pm Bishop Mahon. Auxiliary tor Westesinster Tuesday: Pnesis Deanery meeting 10.30 am, Young Peoples Prayer Group, 34 Whitehall Gardens 6 pro, Wednesday:Council of Diocesan Affairs. Archbishop's House 10 am, Ministry to Priests Meeting, iver pris Thursday: Ministry to Priest Meeting. Ivor,Friday: Meeting ol Church Leaders, St Charles Square 10 30 am B ishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton &toddy: Continues V. St Peter's, Hove, Wednesday. Weybridge Deanery Clergy meeting am. Thursday: AllendS Meeting ol TVS Religious Advisory Panel, Storrington am. Friday: Meeting ol Commission ior Christian Unity, London pm, Saturday: Meeting of Commission Or Christian Unity. London am. B ishop O'Brien, Ausillary tor Westminster Sunder V and 0 a! Gadebridge and Warners End. Monday: Deans' meeting at Farm Cottage 11 am, Tuesday: Meeting of Stevenage Priests' deanery Si am. Wednesday: GOA at Archbishop's House 10 am, Friday, J and P Committee meeting at Archbishop's ,House 5 30 pre Saturday; C at SS Alban & Stephen Church. S1 Albans 7 pm B ishop K. O'Brien. Auxiliary in Middlesbrough Sunday. M for the Youth at St Charles Church 3 pm. Monday: Meeting attoul Evangelism with the Humberside Council ol Churches, Wednesday Hun Catholic Women's Luncheon Club Annual Christmas Ozni e7r.30stptmhe Hull, Friday: Preach ai the Hospice Corot Scarce at the Methodist Central Hall, 131010p O'Connor of Liserpool Sunday M for Si Mary's 0.13. SS. Peter & Paul. Crosby 7 prn, Wednesday; Archbishop's House B pet, Frklay: Archbishop's Council Meeting, Archbishop's House. South Liverpool Deanery meeting, Our Lady of Mount Cannel 3 pm, Ivl and Berle Merentl Award St John Fisher, Widnes 6 pm. Bishop RMIYMIXIMIL Auxiliary for Liverpool Monday: 0, Meeting with parents, Skelmersdate 8 pro Tuesday: C Meeting with young people St Thomas and St Richard's High School. Skeimersclate 11 am Committee on Chaplaincy lurt him education mauling 5 pm, C. Meeting with parents, Skeimersdele it pm Wednesday: Schools Cornmissibn Meeting 10.15 am. Merseyside Church Leaders meeting, Archbishop's House 5.30 • 10 pm. Friday; Archbishop's Council Meeting, Archbishop's House 11 am, &murder Day of Recollection. Upholland, Bishop Restiesus ot Plymouth Sunday: V and H. SI Anthony's Church, Broadstane 19 30 ant, C 3 pm, Tuesday M with Plymouth Diocesan Coupler, Cathedral, Plymouth 11 ant. Attend Diocesan Schools Association Meeting. Cathedral House 2.30 pre. Wadneaday: M and Blesses addllions to Margaret Clitherow House, Si. Marschurch, Torquay 10.30 urn. Friday: IM and attends conference et Diocesan Prison Chaplain's, Sacred bleart Church, Exeter Bishop Swindiahurst. *winery at Hansom rind Pr ewe/tulle Sunday: M Durham Prison, MendaylTuesday: Governors' Meeting Upholland, Maeda?: M St. Patrick's, Sunderland. Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary bar Saufinverk Sunday V and C at East Sheen 10.39 am. Tuesday: Meeting 01 London Churches Group 10 are V to Colliers Wood 1 pm, Thum:ley: Meeting oi South London Church Leaders 11 am, FridayiSaturday Attends *CSC Committee Meeting Bishop Wheeler at Leeds Sunday: V 0 1.1, Oueensbury, Salvation Army Civic Carol Service, Town Hall, Leeds 030 pm, Tuesday-. Ecumenical Meeting, Boston Spa 10.30 am. Wednesday: Carol Service, Huddersf leld Polytechnic, Friday, MeetingLeeds Sponsonng Body, Boston Spa, Deaf School 7.30 pm, Saturday, Eltotts.

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