Page 5, 7th February 1947

7th February 1947
Page 5
Page 5, 7th February 1947 — NEWS OF THE EASTERN CHURCH

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By Donald Attwater

The Indian Catholics of Ens Syrian rite, in Malabar, have

made great strides since indigenous bishops were restored to them fifty years ago. Their metropolitan and three episcopa dioceses now comprise some 848,000 souls, an increase of over 300,000 in fifteen years. Tin.. religious life fin the technical sense is strong among them, though owing to the peculiar history of the Malabarese it takes a notably western form, that of friars affiliated to the Third Order Regular of the

Carmelites. Almost alone amons Eastern Catholics, the Malabarese (with their neighbours of the Wes Syrian rite, the Malankarese), are so situated that they are able to do missionary work among the heathen


Little has been heard for years of the small group of Catholics of Byzantine rite in Bulgaria. We now learn that during the war their episcopal exarch, Mgr. John Garuvalov, lost part of his house and church in Sofia by bombing, and that more recently the parish priest and several lay people of the village of Bogdanzi, in Macedonia, were treacherously killed by a party of Yugoslays. Most of the few Catholics in Bulgaria are of Latin rite and foreign


Ukrainians in the United States have celebrated the silver jubilee of the Sisters of St. Basil in the New World and the golden jubilee of the superiuress of their mother house there, Mother MaCTIMI. She was born in the Bukovina and joined the order in Galicia, working in the diocese of Peremysl, from whence she was called to the U.S.A., and established the Mount St. Macrina convent at Uniontown, Pa. Under her direction the order spread and prospered and its members now conduct schools, care for orphans, and do many other good works for SlavByzantine Catholics in America.


On January 8 the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago solemnly blessed Dom Ambrose Ondrak as Abbot of St. Procopius's, Lisle, Illinois. Abbot Ambrose succeeds the aged and revered Abbot Procopius Neuzil, who began the group of Benedictine monks of Slav-Byzantine rite now in formation at Lisle Abbey.


The persecution of Ukrainians in formerly Polish Galicia has caused it to be overlooked that the small, long-established colony of Catholics of Armenian rite in Lvov is being similarly treated. After the death of their archbishop, Joseph Teodorovich, they were put in charge of a capitular vicar, Fr. Kajetanovich. It is now learned that so long ago as last March Fr. Kajelanovich and two other leading clergy were sentenced to long terms of compulsory labour (i.e., penal servitude, but worse), on charges of collaboration with the Germans during their occupation of Lvov.

French Stop "Return P.O.W." Petition Persecution in the form of reprisals has been started against the Church in the diocese of Speyer, located in the French Zone of occupied Germany, according to reports from trustworthy sources which have reached Switzerland, states N.C.W.C.

Before Christmas. Mgr. Joseph Wendel, Bishop of Speyer, had authorised the circulation of a petition in the parishes of his diocese, requesting from the French Government the early release of German war prisoners. The French military authorities were ordered by Paris to have the petitioning stopped. They brought the demand to the Bishop. He refused to accede to it in the name of human decency, Christian charity, and recognised principles of democracy.

REPRISALS TAKEN Reprisals are now taken against parish priests and religious. Interzonal passes for travel outside of the French Zone have been withdrawn. Stocks of paper for the religious Press were confiscated, and further allocations of paper disallowed. What is worse, the rationed allowance of gasoline to priests has been denied. Other reprisals are threatened.

Comment is bitter. "We are subjected once more to Nazi methods," a pastor said, " and this from a nation that boasts of its democracy with its profession of freedom of speech and of the Press."

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