Page 2, 7th January 1949

7th January 1949
Page 2
Page 2, 7th January 1949 — 1 POINTS FROM LETTERS Protestant Tribute May 1 as a Protestant

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Locations: Vienna, London


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1 POINTS FROM LETTERS Protestant Tribute May 1 as a Protestant

be permitted, through the columns of your paper, to express my profound admiration toward the courageous stand made by Cardinal Mindszenty and others against the flood of Communism at present rising throughout Europe and my belief that through his and similar actions made by other very great men cur century will yet see a world at the threshold of the true meaning of

— R. M. Ives, Hambrough Island, Shepperton, Middlesex.

Why the B.B.C.?

Why should C. L. Kerr blame the B.B.C. for using the title " Roman Catholic ? He should blame the Cetholics in ibis country who supinely acquiesced to its use. If all of us refuse to use it it will soon vanish even from the vocabulary of the B.B.C. The title was invented by those hostile to our religion for the sole purpose to belittle our faith in the eyes of the people We are proud and grateful to His Grace the Archbishop of Southwark, who, when asked recently in Hyde Park if he was a " Roman" Catholic priest, answered " I am a Catholic priest."— (Rev,) A. AKEL, East Cowes.

[We have rarely heard in recent years the use by Catholics of the term" Ronian Catholic." Occasional exceptions were a grim faced industrialist who scented long ago to have lost the joy of life and a very aristocratic-looking lady who talked through her nose. Actually our correspondent's point was that neither Catholic nor Roman Catholic was needed to designate an Archbishop of Vienna, since there is no other.—ED., C.H.

The Mission Campaign I quite agree with Mr. Poynter with regard to our lack of advertising. I have more than once approached the parish priest in the many parishes where T have resided pointing out that although nearly all Protestent churches had a space in the local paper yet I had seldom seen anything even about the time for Mass let alone general activities in connection with the parish.—JmeN R. Cox, Journeys End, Wye, Kent.

Carols in Church I wonder how many Catholics I speak for in saying that I did not sing one carol or seasonal hymn in church over Christmas ? Even at a carol service we were merely listeners to a series of elaborate and unfamiliar choral items.—C. NIGEL CoutNew000, 21, Belsize Road, London, N.W.1.

P.O.W. Assistant* I once more take the opportunity of thanking many anonymous and other friends who help the Prisoners' and Ex-Prisoners' Assistance Society. We have still thousands of P.o.W. families on our lists who need the specific and individual help we give them and we are unfortunately now obliged to close those lists to any newcomers owing to a great decrease in funds and also the personal difficulties of our volunteer workers, but our representation of these men and their families will continue and thele needs be supplied according to ot2r means and opportunity. Friends who would adopt individual cases can greatly lighten our burden and provide themselves with a genuine interesting and personal " good work" which may also lead to a lasting friendship with the family assisted. —Melte B. Foss, Honks, Furzefield Road, East Grinstead.

The Liberal Party

I am surprised that you continue to associate yourself with many of the secular papers in continuing to ignore or belittle the Liberal Party, e.g. in " Questions of the Week," Dec. 10 and 17. It was pointed out by B. Waddell some weeks ago (Sept. 17) that the principles on which this party is built coincide with the principles of Catholic social doctrine. The party specifically declares that government must be based on Christian principles upholds the dignity of the human person and advocates fair distribution of private property and equal opportunities for all. Some Catholics still fear that the Nonconformist element in the Liberal Party would resist any attempt to give justice to Church schools. I have discovered, however, that the great majority of these, realising that the fight is now against paganism and secularism, are at least prepared to give sympathetic consideration to our claims. Although I cannot make an authoritative statement, I feel quite certain there is no agreement with other parties to

resist any amendment to the Education Act.—LEsalE B. MILNE, 17, McIntosh Road, Romford, Essex.

Yugo.Slav Prayer-Book Does anyone possess a Yugo-Slav Prayer-book in Croatian? It would be useful for a girl who I have just reconciled to the Church and remarried. — (Rev.) R. TOLLEMACHE, St. John Evangelist, 39, Duncan Terrace, Islington, N.1.

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