Page 4, 7th January 1955

7th January 1955
Page 4
Page 4, 7th January 1955 — DOUGLAS HYDE'S COLUMN

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Y.011 To A New I_4e*.444

NE night last week I called at St. Anne's Convent. Wimbledon, to wish God speed to the three nuns who were setting off next day for West Africa, where they will run a much-needed hospital.

The community. who run the St. Teresa's iViaternity Hospital. Wimbledon, were watching the departure of their three members with a mitttitre of human apprehension and Christian hope.

Apprehension. because although they believed that they were called to respond in this way to an utgent spared.

Hope. help. the Sisters can ill be

Hope, because they feel that in launching for the lirst time into mission hospital work they are doing what God intends of them, and that others will come forward tu take the place of those who have gone. or to Join them in their work in Africa.

Those mixed feelings must hate been experienced by every order and congregation which in the past has taken a similar step. But what they have done is most certainly in accord with the needs of our day, and I doubt if the nuns will be disappointed in their belief that women and girls with vocations will respond in recognition that this is so, One of the Sisters in the little party which is now on its way to Africa is. incidentally, a niece of Mgr. Thomas Quinlan, famous all over the world as e the hero of the Death March el the Yalu River.She certainly has a family tradition to live up to.

For Scientists

THE recently formed Newman Association Philosophy of Science Group, I learn from its monthly bulletin, has now more than 150 members. That is good news, for it shows that the group is clearly meeting a real need. The list of members includes the names of our best-known scientists, Even to the roost unscientific among us it must be obvious that Caiholic scientists stand to gain much from meeting together and hammering out ideas on problems related to their work or theii religion.

At this moment when those who are generally known as the intellectuals are showing a greater interest in religion than has been the case for years it is clearly valuable for our Catholic scientists to be linked together and in a position to make a distinctively Catholic contribution to the solution of [he problems of our day. The mere act of clarifying your own position can in such circumstances have apostolic consequences.

The editor of the Group's cyclostyled bulletin is Dr. P. E. Hodgson, the young nuclear physicist. who wrote the recently published C.T.S. pamphlet on the Atom Bomb. The bulletin provides a useful forum for members, and its book reviews —which lake on an impressively scientific flavour as a result of the unusual amount of care and thought put into them—are first rate.

Those interested in the work of the group should get in touch with Miss M. Elliott, 31, Charlwood Street, S.W. 1,


NOW that I have given the group the above very sincere boost. 1 am sure that Dr. Hodgson will forgive me for drawing attention to a quite delightful " printer's error" which appeared in the November hulletin.

In a paragraph discussing contributions this sentence appeared: " A suitable amount would be 5/or 101but please send a little more if you cannot afford so much." Between the words "you" and " cannot" someone had laboriously to write in in ink, " can, for many or our members.

Heloing Hand

ONE factor which helped the Communists and their sympathisers to get control of the Labour Move ment in British Guiana was the lack of any real understanding of the role of the trade unions and of ordinaf y democratic procedure within them.

Some of the unions as a consequence, tended to become the play things of those who cared least ebout democracy and who. in the best Leninist tradition, quickly converted them into "conveyor belts for Communism.

Now the British T.U.C. is this month sending a representative, Mr. Andrew Dalgleish, for an extended stay in the territory during. which he will net as advisor to the trade unions there, The December meeting of the General Council also announced that Mr. George Woodcock, the T.U.C.'s Assistant General Secretary, will make a short visit to explain to British Guiana's unions what the T.0 C propose doing to strengthen their movement.

Mr. Woodcock. who is a Catholic, wag a memher or the recent aide! commiesion on British

• Guiana which recommended that the trade unions there should he given the guidance and advice of an experienced British trade unionist.

This is a very good and necessary work and British trade unionists should he proud that they are able to co-operate in this way. But there are some trade union branches I know in this country, too, which could do with a few lessons on the responsibilities of trade union membership and a reminder that those who evade then leave the door wide open for the Communists.

0 (mortar-toy cONGR ATULATIONS to the

young lady who spoke up so well in the B.B.G.'s recent broadcast of the carol singing at Euston Station.

Asked by an interviewer whether she belonged to the local parish she brightly replied: " No. I'm a Catholic. My parish is St. Benediet's. Ealing."

Leakage Problem

Teacher: Which was Our Lord's greatest miracle?

Boy (son of a shepherd): That He found the ninety-nine sheep still there when He got hack from finding the lost one.

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