Page 7, 7th January 1955

7th January 1955
Page 7
Page 7, 7th January 1955 — PENNY STAMPS TO HELP CATHEDRAL

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Southwark Knights New Plans

A large army of sellers will be setting out this month to launch a great new posterstamp campaign organised by the Knights of St. Columba for the Southwark Cathedral Reconstruction Fund.

A set of six stamps spede"y designed for the purpose illustrates the original St. George's if a century ago, the founder, Provost Doyle, and the architect, Pugin.

For the modern period the stamps show the ruined cathedral after the bombing, the late Archbishop Amigo, and the new cathedral, on which work is now going ahead.

The stamps in sets of six will he produced in five different colours. so that 30 stamps will be needed for a set They will dell for Id. each and will be issued in hooks of 30 for 2s. 6d.

For months past the Knights of Southwark province have worked making plans for the most effective distribution. They hope to produce a very subatantial sum of money to give to Bishop Cowderov for the cathedral fund and then, bv the widespread use of the stamps. to advertise the need for funds

Reproduced in the January issue of the Southwark Record is the stamp showing Archbishop Arnim:. Printed across the top is "St. George's Cathedral. Southwark. London. England" Any knight in the diocese will see that any enquirer is supplied with stamps. He will also take the money collected. Enquiries may he addressed to: Posterstamps. St. George's Cathedral House. Westminster Bridge Road Southwark. London. S.E.1

£200 For New Chapel A sum of £200 out of £250 raised at a Christmas bazaar held at Banbury is to be reserved towards the new chapel to be built for the Ruscote area of Banbury.

Fr. Herbert Furlong, 0.F.M,

Fr, Herbert Furlong, 0.F.M,, for 27 years a member of the Franciscan community at South Ascot, Bcrks, has died in his 76th year.

Fr. Herbert was a definitor of the English Israncisan Province and Guardian of the Garton. Manchester, and South Ascot Friaries. He also served as a military chaplain in the first World War, and was at the time of his death a golden jubilarian in the priesthood as well as in the Franciscan Order.

The Provincial Fr. Justin McLoughlin, 0.F.M . celebrated thc Solemn Requiem Mass at St. krancis's Church, South Ascot.

Fr. John Brady, S.J.

Er, John Brady, SO., of the Church of the Seared Hearts. Blackpool, died suddenly on New Year's Day, aged 64.

Ile was born in Glasgow, educated at St. Aloysius' College in that city, and was at claimed in 1.922.

Fr. Brady seised at St. Joseph's, Glasgow. St, Austin's, Wakefield, St. Mary's, Bristol and St. Widbinge's, Preston. In 1935 he returned to his old school in Glasgow as prefect general and remained there until 1940, when he was appointed Superior of the Sacred Heart Church, Edinburgh, where he remained two years.

lie then became Rector of Mount St. Mary's College.

In 1948 Tr. Brady vent again to St. Aluysius' College. this tone as Rector. He moved to Blackpool an 1952.

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