Page 14, 7th January 1966

7th January 1966
Page 14
Page 14, 7th January 1966 — The following are the unofficial texts of the Pope's Vietnam

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The following are the unofficial texts of the Pope's Vietnam

peace messages to the leaders of the Soviet Union, China, and North and South Vietnam:


A UNION THE memory of the sufferings and sorrows endured by the Russian people in the course of the last world war encourage us to address a respectful and pressing appeal to your Excellency so that you will work to favour a just solution of the Vietnam problem.

The conflict which spills blood on this unhappy country constitutes) a grave menace for the peace of the world.

We are convinced that an intervention of your Government would honour it in the sight of history. It could have great weight in inducing the warring parties to suspend hostilities as a prelude to a definitive pacification permitting the work of reconstructing the country in independence.

Interpreting the anxious aspiration to peace which animates all humanity, we address this appeal to you with confidence at the same time as we formulate, on the threshold of the New Year, fervent wishes for the prosperity of the Russian people who are always so dear to us.


WHILE the development of the Viet nam conflict presents unceasingly an ever graver threat for world peace, we dare to address a respectful and pressing appeal to your Excellency in the hope that in this sad crisis you will work to favour a just solution which safeguards the independence of the country.

The prestige which China enjoys today rightly calls world attention to her.

An intervention on her part would honour her in the eyes of humanity and could permit a hard-tried people to start again in peace on the work of reconstruction made impossible by continuance of the war.

Interpreting the anxious aspirations of peoples for a just and lasting peace, we beg you to accept this appeal along with the fervent good wishes which we make before God for the Chinese people on the threshold of the New Year.


ON the threshold of the New Year, we desire to renew to the dear Vietnam people our heart's wish that a peace in justice and love mark the beginning of a long period of peaceful activity producing good fortune and prosperity.

Our prayer continues to rise to God with confidence while we insist yet again that nothing be neglected to reach the peace so earnestly desired and which will deliver humanity from a terrible threat.

To this end we entreat all those responsible not to commit acts which could lead to a renewal of violent combat and bombings.

With this hope, we express anew to the Vietnam people and to your Excellency our cordial and sincere wishes.


E have greeted with joy the news of an eventual truce and the suspension of bombings on North Vietnam.

These facts give rise to hopes that nothing will be neglected to save sufferings and new sorrows for populations which are particularly dear to us and which have already been so hardly tried by the war.

They permit equally to foresee the possibility of frank and serene negotiations marked by concern for justice and charity to reach an equitable solution of the conflict while safeguarding the independence of the country.

In this hope, we send up to God our fervent prayer and, on the threshold of the New Year, address to you the cordial wishes we formulate for the Vietnam people and its rulers.

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